Exploring Northern Sumatra ~ Day 3 : When dance, ritual and spirit associate ..


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Visit to Simanindo was the part of my trip in Samosir island.  Enjoying the natural beauty of a place only is not enough for me. I love to learn and see the culture…

How To Get Away With Christmas

I just love YadaDarcyYada!! One of my favorite posts from her yet!


1christmas89Christmas is a time of cheer…right?

Yet during the
holiday season
we’re bombarded
with images of
social wealth.

Everything from: Family dinners, parties, drinks with friends, hugging, skating in pairs, walking together looking at lights, Secret Santa and gift exchanges, spontaneous snowballs fights, eating roasted chestnuts, and of course, people running into the arms of loved ones at airports…

But what if those things aren’t in your life?
The social media holiday barrage, Christmas FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), anticipointment, Facebook, Instagram, TV, Google+, Twitter, MySpace (kidding, just wanted to see if you were paying attention) – all bursting with shiny images of happy people enjoying the holidays together. It can be overwhelming yet it’s only a day, like any other.


So if you find yourself less-than-surrounded by family and friends during the holidays,try to:

1. Marathon your way through the season, which apparently now begins in…

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Here’s lookin at ya!

Introducing Picture This By Frank!

Picture This by Frank

gator Gator – Lake Apopka – September 2015

Thanks to all the folks who take a moment to view my pictures!! It is much appreciated.

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Fruit As Art

I never thought fruit could look so good in a portrait!!

All images © Spiral Light Photography

In my never-ending search for self-improvement when it comes to photography, I am once again immersed in another online course. The latest Photoshop technique I’ve been playing with is the blending mode. Here are some “portraits” I’ve created using fruit. You might recognize some of the background images from previous posts!

Strawberry Yellow Damask

Red Pears

Grapes and Petals

strawberries with daisy

Apple Petals

Orange and Blossom

framed strawberries

Tattooed Blueberry

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