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I’ve had a goal of reaching 2000 followers on my “newish” blog for a few months, and I reached it today! Yiiiha!!! THANK YOU!!
The whole purpose with my blog is to inspire, and get inspired by fellow photographers around the world. Feel free to get inspired, and share your wisdom. It’s free and will always be.

The photo above is a rescued mountain lion, residing at Animal Ark, Reno (NV.) Mountain Lion, predator common in North America’s wilderness areas. Also known as cougar, puma, panther, and catamount.

My daughter and I visited the park when they opened for the season, this past weekend. If you’re in Reno, it’s well worth the 30 min drive out to Animal Ark to see, and support the rescued wild animals they care for. The park is very well maintained, and the experience is unforgettable. They currently have a 7 months old tiger cub, (photos…

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What is it about Big Bend?

Ann Cavitt Fisher!

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Ann Cavitt Fisher

“According to Apache legend, after creating the universe, the Great Spirit tossed a large pile of leftover boulders and debris on the Big Bend.”

“Oh, so you’ve been to Big Bend . . .”

Yes. I’ve been so many times that I have lost count. I was married in Marathon, Texas, about 70 miles north of the ranger station. When I die, it is where I want my ashes spread.

Poster by Doug Leen and Brian Maebius done in the style of the WPA posters of the 1930's. Poster by Doug Leen and Brian Maebius done in the style of the WPA posters of the 1930’s. Available through the Big Bend Natural History Association.

What is it about the Big Bend?

The park’s name comes from the 100 mile long big bend in the Rio Grande river that forms the Texas-Chihuahua-Coahuila border. At over 1,250 square miles, Big Bend is approximately the size of Rhode Island. It’s so remote that it remains the least visited of the National Parks in…

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Dreams Should Be Lived #MyFirstPostRevisited

Cool challenge on Maria Jansson Photography!

Who am I? I’m a Swedish girl with an obsession of horses, residing in Nevada (USA.) I spend as much time as I possibly can outdoors; hiking, camping, looking at wild horses, or playing with my mustang. I LOVE taking road trips. I’m a dreamer, the kind that goes after her dreams.

My grandmother gave me my first camera when I was five years old, and I’ve been taking photos ever since; different cameras, different people, different countries, but it’s highly unusual to see me without my camera.

I only have a couple addictions that I don’t want to live without; strong coffee in the morning, wide open spaces, the joy of hearing my daughters laugh, country music, the pleasure of being around a brave horse, and ending each day in peace.

I recently moved to Reno (NV,) and I am in the process of taking my photography business to…

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Absolute Power Corrupts

Welcome to Th3 Platform!

Th3 Platform

Today, Wikileaks revealed a massive revelation of the CIA’s hacking program and extensive overreach. This becomes more relevant today because of the increasing political motivations of intelligence officials. It can be referred to as the “Deep State.” This post will be updated as more revelations are uncovered from the large quantity of documents released. As I must remind you, this organization has never been proven wrong in its 10 year history of exposing corruption.  There are three key points made in the initial statement from Wikileaks that show serious threats we face from the CIA’s unbridled power.

When Julian Assange was interviewed by Sean Hannity in London, He clearly said that Russia was not responsible for the hacking of the DNC. The man has no reason to lie about this I might add. We have just seen that the CIA department UMBRAGE has possession of Russia hacking malware that can…

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Today’s Reblog winner: Glimmer Of Happiness!!

Today’s winner…Glimmer Of Happiness!!

glimmer of happiness 🙂

February 24th. We started our day with a breakfast at Mang Inasal. I ordered grilled chicken. Andy ordered grilled chicken too but with a side of palabok and lumpia. I don’t usually eat palabok, I don’t know why, but I gave it a try again and it was good! I’ll order the next time. I always have a full tummy every time I leave Mang Inasal.

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Macro Moments Challenge–Week 32: Clovers

This is Second Wind Leisure Perspectives!

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Clover Close-up

I’m excited to submit this macro photo of these clovers  for Musin’ with Susan’s Macro Moments Challenge.

This photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. I cropped, added contrast and HDR, framed, and watermarked with PicMonkey premium.

Wild clovers grow in my backyard. Right now, due to all the rain, my backyard is mostly mud, but these plucky little clovers will be popping up soon!

This is also submitted to coincide with Jennifer Nicole Wells’ Color Your World–Shamrock.

Photography challenges are fun, interesting, and potentially bring more viewers to your blog. Give it a try!


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Words To Live By – Unknown

This is Flying Through Water!!

Flying Through Water


These are words we all need to read. So many of us stand on the cusp of greatness and don’t move.  We look out at all the things we want. We worry, we plan, we think… much thinking….but we

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This is The Courage To Shift!



Sharing some of my favorite quotes with the word Arid. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This first called to me instantly because I believe in the power of prayer and the last line especially resonates with my decision to start over in several key areas of my life that I was drowning in, simply because I settled!  Those days are long gone now that I know what I am worth. It was a journey getting there!




Next is:


And then there’s:


Last but not least is:


Feel  free to share your favorite and why!

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