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You Put A Spell On Me

Dream Desire Achieve

You put a spell on me,
Like one in a trance,
Eyes burrow into my thoughts,
Words burn within,
Spellbound- unfathomable love!
In a daze I open my life,
In a jiffy You dethrone my old heart-
Waterworks, in buckets,
Droplets of joy, ruined mascara…
Lies and lustful manipulations,
All gone!
Good riddance! Bad rubbish!
Divine metamorphosis!
Absolute transformation!
A new heart! A new life!
Saved… Changed… I am!

Daily Prompt: Trance

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

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Unmoored, To Set Sail

Dream Desire Achieve

My ship I have unmoored
My valise I have packed
My old life I have left behind
My old ways I have bid farewell
Into a new life I have set sail
Into a new life with my Captain

Disentangled from the entanglements
Disconnected from the connections
That hinder my journey
I hear the sound of the wind
As it beckons and calls, “Liberty!!”

Liberty to follow my heart
Liberty to live for Christ
Liberty to follow His leading
Liberty to live, not licence

Per adventure a tempest should arise
The Master of earth, oceans and skies
He is the Captain of my ship
He is my blessed assurance

My compass?
Lord, I have none
You are my only Compass
You are my only Guide
I have no other alternative
I seek none other either

Daily Prompt: Unmoored

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

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Today’s Featured Blog is…Poetic Artist!

Poetic Artist!

Poetic Artist

Walking through this reality feeling forsaken without cause
With all the time in the world I ask myself which flaws

Were enough to push people away; to make people stay
in the shadows of my presence.

I'm Not sure what's coming next;
My sudden demise through means complex.
They all scream good riddance

I’d like to believe theres hope for a failure like me
For a sad man walking through thick sufficating reality

In my solomn hour
The mood feels desire

For in my life bad things transpire
Inhalation of smoke keeps me flying higher.

Trying to be like the clouds because inside I’m dark and sometimes cry
down upon the world my problems seem to drown

Bleeding out. My solemn Hour.

1st attempt at 100 writing prompts! Check out the content by click the YouTube Channel link on the left side of the site.

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Cyranny’s Cove!

Cyranny's Cove

via Daily Prompt: Later

Writing now

about later seems wrong.

Shouldn’t I

enjoy now, and

not care too much,

or at least not

worry about later

for now?

Now, will die

soon enough

becoming then,

and thens will add

up, and be the past…

And later is

so uncertain…

Take yesterday.

Yesterday, I believed

later would be as

sweet as then was.

But tables turned

and now is leaving

a bitter aftertaste

in my mouth

before turning into

the past…

If only it

had been true,

when you smiled

and waved as you said,


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Today’s Featured Reblog… That New Crunchy Mom!!

That New Crunchy Mom!


The Mirror DoorWe are not who we are meant to be

Tattered clothes hang on me

And your ripped garments are plain to see

About as royal as a serving boy and girl can be
Offset by rich tapestry

But until we pay our fee

Chains remain on you and me

Who is the one that holds the key?

I see you and you see me

But that’s not how it is supposed to be

Our reflection is not reality

We serve a master cruel and mean

Our fate remaining to be seen

A curtain torn and ripped apart

Could cure the lowly sinners heart

An awful crash pierces the sky

Our new Master comes from on high

Shattered glass lies on the floor

Of the mirror door that was there before

No longer is anyone keeping score

Because of the curtain that tore

We are free forever more

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Tranquility III

It doesn’t matter my mood, when I visit Jemverse I always leave feeling a bit more centered and much more soothed!



There are the special places
each of us must find
where we can go to be alone
find peace and just unwind
The places of tranquility
where we can simply breathe
watch quietly as the world goes by
before it’s time to leave

I have several such places
and it’s important that I do
Each of them are precious
as I’d imagine yours are too
Sometimes there’ll be music
but mostly there’s just me
Sitting quietly with a smile
in a place I love to be


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