Remember in September Post #29 – God Saves From Suicide

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

How God Saves From Suicide

God saved my life. God saves and heals.

I am living proof of that. ~Susan Walz

Please don’t give up. Suicidal thoughts can end. There is hope. Recovery is possible and it happens. I am living proof of that.

The next video is another beautiful testimony about how God saves people’s lives. The christian rapper/hip hop artist, Sevin, is another example of that.

On the following video Sevin says:

I always had suicidal thoughts as a kid… I fell into an abyss and started self medicating. Anything to numb myself.

I walked into my room and put my gun to my head. In the moment I had the gun to my head, the holy spirit fell on me. I felt an overwhelming peace and acceptance. It literally went through my body and it changed me.

God came off the pages and jumped into my real life…

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Apperception. (tanka)

Rusted Honey

photo of green data matrix

Any given world,
self-aware super structures
claim God’s sweetened breath;
hubris, just zeros and ones
programmed for simulations.

© Nancy Botta, 2018

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A Reflected Haiku #2


trees crowned with glory

still pond, the jealous lover,

reflects autumn’s dance


Words and Photography ©2018 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

Entry posted in haiku & poetry.

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The dark side of me.


I keep writing
As if I’ll share my words with you
Then keep denying them
I hold them dearly inside
But I don’t keep secrets
I opened my book long ago
Reading from it waiting for a reaction
Satisfaction in, a me too
Then I closed my eyes waiting for grief to pass
To move beyond
But I never did
Stop searching for the social connections I lack
And that has driven me mad
Maybe manic
So I type, write, tell stories
Save Lives
In pages
Places I’ve created
And wonder how many other flashes from the past can I pick up
Bring them to life
Change the endings
By creating a beginning
That never was
As I recoil in the darkness
While they say, use


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Colors (haiku)


Far away from you
Is to be blue my dearest
I wait; purple heart .


Stunning photos of my garden back home; they have survived the current storm.

In response to CalmKate’s Friday Foto Fun:

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[188] Edge of The Circle

Smoke words every day.

Lumps inside my chest
My tongue slips when it talks
Scared of my reflection
Even if its in the dark
Mind is convoluted
My heart ran away
I talk in riddles so
its hard to admit what i feel
So its hard to see what i feel

She ran away for a better music
That plays a smile in her eyes
That stops when she realises
The reality with me that lies
I want a confrontation but
I fear the consequences
I don’t lie but i stay silent
And start a tale so tragic
That loops in circle
Every time i feel i’ve reached its edge

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Stressful Day | Sunday Sonnet

Written Word

A world of shattered dreams,
That comes to sit upon my head;
I’m busy tearing at the seams,
Instead of sleeping sound in bed.

I’ve too much time to waste on you;
I’ve got my bills to pay.
I’ve got to find some pleasure too,
To end my stressful day.

Instead of sitting still, I’m lying down,
But do not count me out.
When you expect me least around,
You’ll drown in all your little doubt.

I cannot fear; Don’t waste my time.
I’ll beat you back with fist and rhyme.

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I Stole Time

Poetry and Prose

I stole time,

Slowly quietly tiptoed,

I grabbed it forever,

No more time will pass by.

Witnesses to my crime,

Are the shadows,

And the echoes,

Of the love we made.

I won’t let it go,

And if you want to know,

Time is kept caged,

Safe inside my heart.

And if you go searching,

You will never find,

Where I have hidden the keys.

Time is now ineluctable.

Time will never escape us again.

Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels

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