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I’ve had a hard time of late getting all fired up for one political party or the other.  One of the good things about being an independent is I can vote for whomever I think is the best candidate versus voting the party line.  One has to be flexible in Minnesota.  And before anyone asks, “NO” I did not vote for El Presidente nor did I vote for Hillary.  I voted Green Party much to some consternation of some people.  “You wasted your vote!” is what they told me.  I can’t tell you my retort because one never knows if lil’ old blue haired ladies, little kids, priests and nuns are around WP.  Nah, they wouldn’t like the words that I used.  Especially the nuns.

But I am wondering who is going to get my vote this coming mid-term election.  Neither party is inspiring any kind of confidence…

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Never give up your green belt for anyone!


Methinks I doth protest too much.

But quite honestly it has to be done.
In the 37 years (is it really so long!?) since I moved to this little slice of heaven we have had to campaign against the Western Orbital Route, a quarry and an extension to our local airport.
Yes you can call me a NIMBY but I ain’t been on the losing side yet and if you’re so concerned you are quite welcome to put any of them in your backyard and see how you like it.


So bring on the next.
Yes it’s another quarry.
Except it’s not really.

Let me explain.
Once upon a time someone wanted to build houses on a strip of land on the edge the village, between the canal and the brook.
But it was designated green belt.

So that’s the end of that then.
All’s well that ends…

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Danny’s World: Why I Don’t Care About Politics

Danny's iphone 022On occasion I will have someone read my page and then ask me about my political or religious views; 2 things I do not openly discuss.  The usual question revolves around my feelings about the current Trump presidency or some policy or issue the media is cramming down our throats.  Here’s my political statement: I don’t care.

Now before you freak out let me explain.  I don’t care because I am not able to determine the truth.  The liberal media lies.  The conservative media lies.  The politicians lie.  Facebook is a lie.  Facts are not truth and fake news is the norm.  And because of all these factors I have completely disconnected from it all.

I know there are some who read my page who are deeply rooted in politics and I respect that fact.  It just isn’t for me.  I read pages whose authors are knee-deep in arguments against Trump and I don’t see any fruit in their life except frustration.   “You’d sing a different tune if Trump affected you more!”  Well to be honest the immigration laws affect Evelina and I on serious levels seeing that she is not currently a citizen.  The U.S. can deport her at their discretion.

The truth is I don’t discuss my political views because people are crazy.  Social media has created a group of people who want to argue simply to argue.  And I have noticed the more liberal a person’s world-view, the less open-minded they actually become-which means more arguing.  The conservative political agenda is to protect commerce and the liberal agenda is to argue against anyone who disagrees.  Both are liars.

All politicians lie.  The media lies.  Therefore why would I spend 2 seconds of my energy participating in a world of liars?

No thank you is my answer.

A Missed Opportunity

Being Lydia!


Today was a first for me. It was the first time since I turned 18 that I didn’t vote in an election, whether National, Provincial or Municipal.

I don’t think of myself as political in any way; however, I have always believed that it is our right and our duty to educate ourselves and cast our ballots for those whom we think can best lead us. For me NOT to vote is not something I feel good about, but at the same time, I need to look after myself.

Today, May 9th, 2017 is the British Columbia Provincial election to decide which party and leader will be in office for the next four years.

It is really my own fault that I was not able to get my vote in. Last Wednesday I got a call that my hernia surgery for that Friday (May 5th) which had been canceled 10 days…

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I hate to mention it, but there’s another vote coming up…

Misty Books!


Hello again.
Nice to see you.
Oh sorry – I really didn’t mean to do that in a Bruce Forsyth voice.
I’m not good at impressions.
You’d noticed.
Anyway, how are things with you?
Oh dear.
They’re protruding by how much!?
Surely you can get some cream for that?
I should ask the chemist.
How am I?
Well funny you should ask.

It’s like this, remember the…

What did you say?
Look, I know you were only asking out of politeness and didn’t really want an answer, but I thought that seeing as you brought it up…

Remember the play wot I wrote…

No, now you mention it, I know I can’t ‘do‘ Ernie Wise either, but this play thing…

Not the one I did for the radio, no. It turns out that the BBC don’t posterknow a good thing when it’s staring them…

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