I Will be so Happy and Proud of Myself When I Finish Writing My Memoir (Daily Word Prompt is Chuckle)

My Loud Bipolar Whispers!

My Loud Bipolar Whispers... hope

I sometimes wonder what people truly think when I tell them I am writing a book, a memoir about my life.

People that know me and know part of my story think it is a great idea. Other people who do not know me well or know my story at all sometimes act like they are impressed, but are they really? Some people do not say anything at all.

I believe some people chuckle a little to themselves in disbelief when I tell them I am writing my memoir, thinking it is a stupid idea and that I will never get a book written or published.

When I see negative reactions or non-reactions, I become even more determined to finish writing my memoir and memoirs. I will show them.

When my dreams come true and my memoir is finished, published and being sold, I will be so proud of myself.

I can do it. I must finish…

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Are You a Jack of all Trades but Master of None?

I have a challenge for everyone.  I want you to make a list of all the topics of which you are an unequivocal expert.  No ifs ands or buts…expert as in, could testify in court as an expert witness.

For me it would only be golf.  I could testify in court as an expert witness about the game of golf.  I know the rules and have served as a tournament rules official having been trained by the USGA to do so.  I am a certified, card carrying member of the PGA.  I have given over 5,000 golf lessons in my career and conducted over 500 corporate and private golf outings and clinics.

I have taught women, men, seniors, children, politicians, celebrities, etc.  I played professionally (although not very well. lol) for many years and competed in over 300 professional tournaments over a 20 year career.

quote-to-know-is-to-know-that-you-know-nothing-that-is-the-meaning-of-true-knowledge-socrates-174070I have also managed public, private and resort golf course properties, handling a staff numbering in the hundreds, formulating and executing budgets and managing crisis situations.

This is the only topic on the planet that I could testify in court as an expert.

I try to remain quiet around people that have specialized knowledge in other fields so that I can learn.  I don’t jabber on about politics because I am at best an amateur.  I don’t talk about healthcare because at best I am an amateur.  I don’t pretend to understand the U.S. economy because I am an amateur.


The sooner you realize you don’t know as much as you think you know the sooner your life will turn for the better.  

p.s. by the way, if your list I mentioned above has more than 1 (in rare instances, 2) item, you are delusional.  When you speak you are repeating what you already know.  When you are silent you may learn something new.  D. Lama