Some People Enjoy Conflict, But I Do Not

images (10)Conflict is never easy.  And the fact that no person is perfect means we all will deal with conflict at some point in our lives.  When conflict is brought to our doorstep by another it can be easier to deal with than when we are the cause of the conflict.  It bothers me incredibly when I know I have caused someone I love pain or disappointment, but it is part of life and we must accept responsibility, apologize and move forward; attempting to do our best to not repeat the offense.

Some people enjoy conflict, but I do not.  I don’t like anything about it.  I don’t like to argue.  I find drama to be deplorable.  I do not thrive on conflict.

Oh no! I can’t fit into my dress!!

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I am SO MAD at myself right now! It’s been 6 weeks since major surgery and I am still not allowed to do anything. Seriously, nothing. At least until my physician gives me the green light. And with 6 weeks of minimal movement & the food that accompanies, I’ve gained at a rate of 1 kg (about 2 lbs) per week. 6 kg’s total. I cannot fit into my dress. My beautiful dress.

I spent almost a year last year, fighting to slim down and fit nicely in my swimsuit. Which I finally did, thanks to David. (who is going to be sooooo disappointed). If I could exercise, this would go away, I know it. But what does a person do when they are unable to run, lift, stretch, squat – and the like? I don’t want to go all eating disorder diet, but that…

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First few steps to fight depression

Before anyone freaks out in the comment section…the point of this post is not to say that snow globes cure depression. It is to say that when you are experiencing depression, you must take action to put more inspiring activities in your life. Lying around and watching television deepens the problem. Get outside and walk, talk with a friend, exercise, etc. Do something positive.


Are you depressed?

Give us a chance to talk to you..

No more quotes, no more long advices.

You are having a problem , yes we respect that. Your problem is unique. We will not judge you.

It is your problem that is eating you. No outer world can see that. They can laugh it off but we understand that perhaps it is the biggest hurdle in your life. No other day you can imagine to live with it. We hope to provide you simple sentences and one easy thing to do. It’s your pick which is most suitable to you.

If it doesn’t we know the problem is bigger to overcome. We can still come up with a solution or reach solution step by step.

We know it is the darkest hour of your life

Please be calm

Just sit down.

We know no tears , no power in…

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The Dream Big Channel on YouTube: Why It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Your Problems

I wanted to sneak in this post about the Dream Big Channel on YouTube.  I will not be posting a video today, but will return on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week with a post at 12:30 p.m. est.  Yesterday’s video was an extension of my blog post on Why It Is Time to Stop Ignoring Your Problems and I wanted to repost for those that didn’t get a chance to view.

The 4 Types of Denial Holding Us Back and How to Use Them to Reach the Truth

This is an awesome post on denial: short, sweet and to the point! And 4 great points they are!!

Soft Soap and Wishful Thinking

We are all in denial of something. Whether it’s about something trivial like how witty you think you are (you’re probably not), or something more meaningful like how communicative you are as a partner (again, probably not as much as you think), we all battle that familiar acridness of denial.

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5 Reasons to Stop Ignoring Your Mental Health

4This is a great article about the benefits associated with not ignoring your mental health:

The reality of denial

We are all in denial about something, right?! I love the analogy at the beginning of this post.

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Similar to how we adjust the mirrors in our car to capture the specific line of sight for safety, we adjust our point of view to find a safe haven.

As we age, the reflection in the mirror changes and somehow we manage to adjust our perspective to digest this inevitable reality. Some opt for expensive treatments or products. For others, it’s a matter of adopting a different take on it. I don’t look my age…It’s just the lighting. No matter how you slice it, it’s denial. I came to this conclusion after some recent photos of myself. The camera is truth. Only after much practice at the art of editing – iPhone’s most prized feature in my opinion – do I upload and send.

A friend forwarded me one of those comic emails, which was a story about a woman who ran into an old classmate and couldn’t believe how old he…

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