The 3-P’s of Success

I will preach for the remainder of my life that if one finds their passion, the rest of life falls into place.

6 Steps to Develop a Can Do Attitude

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This is a great article.  I know most of you do not read these articles, but the first step here is very important.  When I competed in golf the most valuable tool was positive self-speak.  Talking to yourself in the same manner that you would coach your child; with patience and understanding.

When Life Has You On the Mat

I like the idea behind this post. Pick one thing, regardless of perceived significance, and take action immediately. Fits perfect with our theme today! Enjoy…

Yes I Can Pep Talks

Sometimes Life can knock us for a loop. We’re flat on the mat and down for the count. It looks like it’s the end of us because the count is edging toward 6, then 7, then 8…

This is the time to dig deep, reach way down inside yourself, and find the grit to do one teesy tiny, itsy bitsy thing that will move you a micron closer to your dream.

Doing one little thing–no matter how small or how seemingly insignificant–is profoundly powerful.

It sends a mighty message to Life that you will not be beaten. And you send an eloquent message to yourself that you can and you will figure out how to save yourself.

Your homework is to take the next teensy tiny bit of a step toward your dreams. Dig deep. Find the grit–you have it, it’s there for you. Then take that itsy…

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Freedom Riders (2010)

Here is a link to the Freedom Riders (2010).

Camden Civil Rights Project

Award winning PBS documentary which tells the story of a courageous band of civil rights activists calling themselves Freedom Riders, who challenged racial segregation in the American South in 1961.

The film can be viewed FREE online at:

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Mrs. Ida turns 153

Another perspective. Know your history or resign yourself to repeating it.

The Spirit Flower


Her passionate words still ring true today. We have to stop cherry picking our American history. Otherwise, we’re damned to repeat it time and time again. Without rain, there would be no rainbows. To deny the harsh, ugly realities of our past is to deny the beauty of resiliency, perseverance, and real progress for all who made 2015 America possible.

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We kids of 90s and young working consumers of 2010s..

Changing times from the perspective of a 20 something…

Misha Singhal tries..

We, kids born in late eighties, were lucky to be born in an era where the economic independence was ushering in and hence we have seen the likes of McDonald’s, Dominoz coming into our lives when we kids used to bargain eating there with our parents.
More importantly we have luckily lived our lives before mobile phones and internet became irreplaceable items in our lives. We valued our family times,festivals, meals,gully cricket, once in a year visit to restaurant and movie theatre.
Summer vacation was about visiting our maternal grandparents home.

We were kids who are now in late 20s and hence growing into the main force of work as well as consumer force.
Our parents have been mostly govt officials and we have spent our lives with limited resources and small houses with verandah, gardens mostly govt quarter.

We have seen the struggle yet we were decently provided for…

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Change Your Life In 100 Days

I was scanning StumbleUpon today and came across this article.  It has great tips on changing your life in 100 days.  Although many of these we have covered ad nauseam I believe you will find the list interesting.  You should live your life in a constant struggle against complacency; always improving in at least one area.  Contemplate life every day and refuse to accept the norm.

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