Something Huge Has Happened and How It Could Benefit You!

Something huge has happened!!  Did humankind develop a cure for the common cold? NO!  Has someone finally found an efficient way to organize pots and pans in the cupboard?  NO!

My Twitter page broke 9,000 followers!  And to celebrate I am going to feature one lucky person on my page by writing a post with links to that person’s blog page!

9000TwitterHere is how you can get featured:

  1. Follow me on Twitter.  Not on Twitter??  It’s easy and free so register now!
  2. Like and retweet my latest vlog pinned at the top of my page titled “Why Take Action When You Can Just Complain?”
  3. Then leave a comment and link to your Twitter page in the thread on this post explaining to me why you think your blog would be a good feature.

I will then randomly select one lucky blogger to receive a full-length feature on my page to be published on Friday morning!  It’s that easy, but you MUST do all 3 above.  Good luck!

The Dream Big Channel on YouTube: Why It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Your Problems

I wanted to sneak in this post about the Dream Big Channel on YouTube.  I will not be posting a video today, but will return on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week with a post at 12:30 p.m. est.  Yesterday’s video was an extension of my blog post on Why It Is Time to Stop Ignoring Your Problems and I wanted to repost for those that didn’t get a chance to view.

Reblogging As a Way to Promote Others

IMG_7128Reblogging is a great way to share an interesting article or post with your readers.  I have had a few people comment that they wished the reblog button was removed from WP as it is simply a way for lazy bloggers to “steal” or “borrow” content to promote their page.

I guess that is one view point and everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I do not hold this opinion.  I have seen a few pages that only reblog other’s material, but very few in relation to the 60+ million bloggers on WP.

I use the reblog button to help others in the same way the reblog button was used to help me.  I share to promote others; plain and simple.  If you would like me to promote your page via the reblog button then click the link below and leave your post in the comments: