Halloween TV Havoc!: Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett does “THE MONSTER MASH” on American Bandstand (1964)

What would Halloween be like without the Monster Mash??!!

cracked rear viewer

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without listening to “The Monster Mash”! Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett hit the charts multiple times with his novelty song tribute to Frankenstein, Dracula, and all things monster! From 1964, here’s Bobby (and AB host Dick Clark) with THE MONSTER MASH:

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what the Halloween Candy you give out says about you – Infographic…

Pumpkin Season

Today has been fun reading all the posts about pumpkins, festivals and sweaters!


Fashion is not the only thing I love about fall; pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread and pumpkin carvings are some of the other things I enjoy in the chilly fall season.

Fall is the beginning of the holiday season; Halloween, Thanksgiving , and the count down to Christmas begins(74 more days)!

I love the fall scented candles, the color changes in the leaves, the rise of the holiday spirit….I could go on and on about my love for fall (lol).

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Chunky Sweaters, Scarves & Peppermint Mocha

What is it about the fall season that churns my nostalgia, memories and emotions?  I’m not sure what it is, but I know something is in the air!

Source: Chunky Sweaters, Scarves & Peppermint Mocha


What is your favorite part of fall? I will leave comments open today to read what you guys like about this time of year.

Fantastic Em

Welcome October! My favorite month out of the year. The leaves are changing, humidity has dissipated, and it is prime time for cider mills. I absolutely love going to the cider mill, and in Michigan there is no shortage of amazing ones to check out! Our all time favorite is Westview Orchards, located in Romeo, MI. I remember we discovered it when I was about 11 years old, before it became super popular 🙂

Unfortunately, we may not get to do our annual cider mill day this year. things have been tight financially, we have something going on every weekend this month, and I am about to start my job which I am VERY excited for!

So, if we don’t make it, here are a few photos showing why we love Westview and all of the goodies they have to offer 🙂 (2012)




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A Spoonful of Autumn – mini cinnamon apple crumbles

Today is about all things Autumn and this recipe looks scrumptious!

Heather Isobel Photography

Autumn is here and I am excited. Like, in a constant state of excitement. I just love Autumn! The colours, the cooling temperatures, the snuggly knitwear, the comfort food recipes, the crunchy leaves… and don’t even get me started on Halloween. That’s a whole other blogpost. So, when my friend’s mum had spare apples going I jumped at the chance to bake something that would make me feel truly Autumnal.

© Heather Isobel Photography

There weren’t vast amounts of apples and I wasn’t sure my friend would want any as she doesn’t like cinnamon (how?!!), so I decided to make use of the mini ramekins we have and go for individual sized crumbles so I wasn’t committing to filling a big oven dish. Plus they’re adorable. I used a combination of following bits of recipes I found in a quick Google search and making it up as I went along based on…

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