Ten Requirements

What would be on your list of qualities of a partner. What are you looking for?

the anonymous cowgirl

My friend Andi said that when she was at this same weird crossroads in her life, she made herself a list. Ten things that were requirements in a prospective man. Ten things that he would absolutely have to measure up to in order for her to even consider being in a long term relationship. I made a list; it’s stuffed in a drawer in my jewelry cabinet. Lets see if I can recall the ten attributes…cropped-sunset.jpg

1) Kind. He must be kind hearted. Not only to me and my children, but to his mother, to strangers, to little children and old men, to three legged, one-eyed, mangy, stray dogs.
2) Smart. I can’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t challenge me at least a little, mentally. A slow witted person will have no grasp of my sarcasm and won’t make me think. I have to think

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Attractive Qualities

This post lists the qualities that would make someone attractive in the eyes of another. I thought it would be interesting to seek other other’s lists and compare to my Vetruvian man or woman list. See any similarities? Differences?

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10 Qualities of a Great Mentor

IMG_7127By now you should understand the value of having a mentor in your life.  And when you begin the search for a mentor there are certain qualities you should seek out.  I found this list which I believe represents the basics qualities any good mentor should possess.