Do You Have Mini-Overreactions?

Have you ever thought about how it is that you allow yourself to react to events in your life?  I’m mostly referring to your responses; especially to small things.  For instance, I find myself overreacting to simple things like dropping something and having to bend over to pick it up.  I give a sigh and will internally say “Good gracious” as if it were such a big deal.  I will miss a green light in traffic and respond as if it is the most important thing.  I’ll come downstairs at home and have a small internal complaint about dishes being in the sink.

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The funny thing is bending down to pick up that pen cost me 3 seconds of time and the loading of the dishwasher takes up around 10 seconds.  But you would think it was the end of the world by my reactions.

Do you have mini-overreactions?   Do you think these mini-overreactions add up of the course of time?  I think they add up over time to create unnecessary stress.  And because of this belief I also think it is important to recognize these moments and learn to control your reactions, even in the small things.

I’ll be curious to read your comments.

4 Tips to Help You Become a Person of Action


We all procrastinate sometimes and there are times when procrastination is okay.  But, there are times when delaying action can become very costly.   I learned or retrained myself to be a man of immediate action instead of a fearful procrastinator.   You can too!

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