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same or similar?

I would like to introduce Survivor Road to everyone!! Take a moment and give him a follow as I am sure it would be greatly appreciated. Quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers.

survivor road

you’re not me
i’m not you
we’re unique individuals
our problems
they’re unique too

our symptoms
are kinda alike
a lot of patterns
of our issues
look the same

but my road isn’t your road
and your speed-bumps aren’t mine

our roads may go
the same direction
for now
we can hold hands
to help support
and call out encouragement
to one another

but i can’t carry you
and you can’t carry me

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5 Things I’ve Learned From 5 Years Of Blogging

As I often say, “don’t try to reinvent the blogging wheel.” Doing what successful bloggers do is a great strategy. 101 Books has over 50,000 followers so pay close attention to his page when he offers any advice.

(as always please be mindful to leave comments here and with the orig. blogger. They will appreciate the gesture!

101 Books

I don’t know how long the average blog lasts—maybe a few months? 101 Books has been around for five years and, as blogs go, that’s pretty ancient. It’s like the Bush, Clinton, Kennedy families in politics—whether you like it or not, we never go away!

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things. Most of them by accident. When I started the blog, I just wanted to start a reading blog—more specifically, a reading blog that follows this little reading journey with the Time Magazine list.

I’ve screwed up a lot, but I’ve had a few wins too. And, today, I want to tell you a little about both. Here’s 5 things I’ve learned in my 5 years of blogging at 101 Books.

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Why Do I Blog the Way I Blog: The Method to My Madness

I thought it would be nice to provide a little information structure for those that are new to DBDO as we have added hundreds of new followers and readers to the blog in the last couple of weeks.

I focus our conversations around 4 basic topics, all of which have to do with personal development: living a healthy lifestyle, living an organized/goal oriented life, living debt-free and living a life of charity.  I call these the 4 Pillars of Successful Living.  I not only espouse these, I live them.

I focused on these 4 because my research revealed that these are the 4 basic areas that were common among people who considered themselves unsuccessful or under-achieving.

Along with these 4 topics I believe in and use a 6-step formula for helping me to achieve any goal:

  1. determine what it is that you want and state it
  2. determine what you are willing to sacrifice to get what you want,
  3. develop a persistent attitude,
  4. have faith,
  5. develop organized planning and
  6. execute.

Because of this formula I will often discuss desire, developing persistence, having faith (which happens to be yesterday’s TOTD) developing a plan or executing the plan.

My posting schedule works as follows: a Dream Big Original at 6am est followed by Reblogs from other writers that support the TOTD and provide IMG_7127Article Shares at 12:30 pm est and 6:30pm est.

After 6:30 pm I conduct an Open Blog Night for reblogging which allows me to share random reblogs I have enjoyed reading during my early morning networking session. Each morning I read 100 blogs from those that follow me and note which ones caught my eye and then reblog them at night.  Not only does this provide me fun reblog material, but it also allows me to keep in contact with all of the bloggers that follow me throughout the month.  I wish I could get to everyone more often but I simply cannot.

Also, on the 2nd and 4th weekend of every month I conduct a Meet and Greet which allows all bloggers the opportunity to leave a link on my page and meet and find new followers.  This is a great way for others to gain exposure for their page.

I hope this helps some of the new folks to understand my blogging strategy.  I believe every blogger needs to have some type of formula that works for them other than “build it and they will come.”


Being Militant Regarding The Issues

This morning I read an article posted on Psych Central by A Journey With You. Here is the post and link to that article. It is an eye-opening article on mental illness. Do yourself a favor and give it a quick read.

A Journey With You

Some of you probably think I am militant in the way I address issues regarding the mentally ill. I often write about the use of discriminatory language, the inappropriate use of words, and jokes. I frequently address issues of treatment that I think are deplorable like prisons and the streets.

If you are wondering if I have a sense of humor, I do. I laugh every day. I just don’t laugh at the expense of others, their conditions, or their pain.

I am not as serious as I may appear here though. I think tough things need to be hit hard, and hit often for people to want to change them. Change is never easy, it is a slow process, and people who are passionate about the issues keep putting pressure on those issues over time.

I write about the slow but necessary route of change on my blog at…

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4 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog!

Introducing Michael’s Origins!

Michael Rios

We all want to increase our follow count and see the traffic views explode, I will get to that in a moment. But, first!

I was left with a lovely comment from Noorain that I want to share with everyone, and what better way to thank her for her kind words then to put her in the spotlight. Thank you Noorain I appreciate your heartfelt kind words of encouragement!


I would like you to read KatieB comment that was left for me. I do hope that she gets the follow back from everyone that she followed. I applaud you.  Katie! 🙂


This is working!


I really have to hand it to Haylee, she keeps me informed on how well this is working for her. Thank you for the comments Haylee!

Please Leave me comments on your success!

Gain more followersOn your right side of the screen, I added a clickable image that is…

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Free yourself…

Introducing It’s Me Saraa!!

It's Me Saraa

“If you give your fear legs, it will run away with your dreams

I’ve read this beautiful quote a while ago.. and it keeps on running round in my head.

It is deeper than You and I think.

I mean.. re-read it.

How many times have you gave up on what you wanted cause you were AFRAID?

In my situation, countless times.

WE let fear take control over us. And dear friends, it is SO damn wrong.

You’ll stay where you are if you don’t take control of your life and get over your fears. You’ll be missing on life’s opportunities and chances. Take risks. You’ve got nothing to lose, as much as you’ll gain if you try !

Of course, we all get a little scared sometimes. I know I do.

But if I let my fears take over me, and don’t try or do what I want…

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