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overwhelmedOn Monday I wrote a post called overwhelmed. I asked for bloggers to give me some feedback as to how to organize my time in connecting with and responding to those who follow me and those who I follow. I received some very good and profound statements. They are below. I have also included the original blog post for those who did not see it. If you have words of wisdom, I would love to hear them. I will repost this again if needed. I would like to thank everyone who responded. It’s wonderful to see that we all struggle with the same thing and have developed good time management strategies.

I have to be honest, I am getting overwhelmed by the blogosphere. I have 310 followers here at WordPress, I’ve written 256 posts, I’ve had 7125 views, 2478 visitors and my best day ever was 201 views. And then…

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Hang On

Two Are Better Than One!

Two Are Better Than One

Good morning, beautiful people!  I trust that you had a great weekend and reveled in the resurrection of our Lord yesterday. What a wonderful revelation to know that Jesus overcame the grave. Not even death could hold him down. Let that truth settle into your soul as you think about where you are today and the vision it takes to fully walk in your purpose.

Are you looking at your situation and thinking that there’s no way out of the rut you’ve found yourself in or the pit you can’t climb out of? I ask you to imagine the abundant life that God has planned for you and to connect to the only one who can do all things but fail–almighty God, our rescuer and deliver.

Today as I reflect on the countless times he has rescued me, I’m also reminded of the woman with the blood issue in the…

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Benefits of Unpacking

Two Are Better Than One!

Two Are Better Than One

Good morning, beautiful people! I trust that you had a wonderful weekend and woke up well-rested. I certainly did. I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my closest girlfriend on this side of heaven. We laughed, talked, and reminisced all weekend — reliving some amazing times from the past, but being careful to leave those moments where they belong.

There’s something powerful about unpacking your bags and relieving your mind of its clutter. It’s so liberating! If you missed my Sunrise Sermon from yesterday, check it out here. I shared the importance of freeing yourself from things that weigh you down — something that we need to do regularly to insure that we are completely unencumbered.

Sometimes we hold onto things much longer than we should, and they have the power to tether us to the past, like a dog tied to a post. He can only…

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I cannot Measure the Love I Treasure

My Loud Bipolar Whispets!

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

I cannot measure

the love I treasure…

I love my three children beyond measure and much more

than there are words to express and convey the deep love I feel for them,

but that is who I am.

When I do things and how I do them is usually too much,

going beyond what I need to do,

but that is who I am.

When I speak it is usually too much,

using more words than I needed to use to express what I needed to say,

but that is who I am.

When I speak it is usually too fast,

putting my words together very quickly matching my rapid thoughts inside my mind,

but that is who I am.

When I feel emotions, I feel them much deeper and much more.

When I feel love, I feel love much deeper and much more.

When I feel happiness, I feel abundant euphoria and much more.

When I feel sadness, I feel sorrow much deeper…

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The Reason For Obedience

Kingdom Living!

Kingdom Living

“This day the Lord thy God hath commanded thee to do these statutes and judgments: thou shalt therefore keep and do them with all thine heart, and with all thy soul…” (Deut. 26:16).

Why does God ask for obedience from us? It is easy to answer this question by simply saying that because that is a part of the covenant agreement between God and humanity. But the true answer lies much deeper than this.

As we read God’s Word and as we begin to prayerfully meditate upon it, we learn that God seeks obedience from His people for one main reason: to help demonstrate, bring about, and maintain a good world whose character is compatible with the character of God Himself. God revealed Himself to us through His Word, and then, through His Son, Jesus the Christ. He continues to reveal Himself to the world by living through us.


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my armor

Take A Walk!

take a walk

We have this tendency to think we are invincible- untouchable to the point of disregard for consequences or outcomes. I’ve heard it many times, angry parents, frustrated teachers, misunderstood friends, all wondering why someone they love acts as though nothing can touch them. Sometimes bad things seem impossible to those that are out of reach. Naivety, is a common title for this mindset.

But then I was asked this question: “What does it feel like, to believe in God?”

I thought about this concept of convincing ourselves we are invulnerable in times nothing is wrong. Then, I thought about that same question, and why I asked it before I found my faith.

Believing and knowing God, means having an enduring armor- everlasting. It means I have a strong defense always, protecting my heart from the fear and grief that is so tempting to fall into it. It feels like I…

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Message to my Ego

Aria-Bella Rises!

Aria-Bella Rises


I have realised I have been quite a meanie to my Ego. Blaming her for most bad things and whenever I have a human moment. I bag her in my blog and then expect her to treat me nicely, which let’s face it, would you be nice if blamed and shamed all the time?

My panic has been bad this week and it was only when Super J pointed out just how mean I have been to her that I realised Ego was putting on a show because of my hateful words.

So this is a blog to my Ego, a nice blog!

I want to take the time to Thank my Ego for being there all of my life. For protecting me from things she deemed unsafe and for putting me on the right path when I could have gone many other unsavoury ways. She has always been a…

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Positive Quote 09.04

Blog of a Mad Black Woman!

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.

D. Elton Trueblood (1900-1994)

Have a blessed day all. ❤

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From My Heart to Yours

Two Are Better Than One!

Two Are Better Than One

It’s been a while since I’ve written a letter — not an e-mail or a few words scribbled on a card. I mean an old school letter using a pen, stationery, an envelope, and a stamp. The kind of message that requires that you wait for its response in the mail — hoping that the recipient of your letter read it and immediately began to pen a response to you. Now, all you have to do is wait patiently.

Old school letter writing is like our relationship with God. He sends us messages that are perfectly crafted for each of us. When we hear these messages, we don’t always respond in a timely manner. That’s what he longs for I believe, but we don’t always give him what he deserves.

We give him what we can spare until there’s nothing left to spare. He won’t give up on us though…

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Daily Dose of Goodness – 4/7 – Success

Flying Through Water!

Flying Through Water


Well…this is chock-full of goodness today. Grab a tissue.

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