Bell Let’s Talk Day


Being Lydia!

Today, January 31, 2018, is the Annual “Bell Let’s Talk” Day to bring awareness to Mental Health issues.

Bell Canada, a major communications company in our country started this event to bring awareness and raise money for a cause that is very dear to my heart – Mental Illness. They pay 5 cents for every time their official video (below) is viewed, tweeted, texted, or shared on Facebook. Their website contains stories, tips and encouragement to keep the conversation going.

Last year I devoted the 10 days leading up to and including the actual event day, writing my experiences and several guest posts. However, this year there just seemed to be too much going on and before I knew it time had flown by.

If you have followed my blog for anything length of time you will know two things about me.

  1. I am very open and honest about how…

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“I Can Do This!” 2018 Focus


Energy2018.26220263_10211499242305700_8872204564251266058_nGraphic made at ~Explanation below~

You may have guessed (or already know) that my keyword for this year is “Energy.”  I have many goals, and I am at a point in my life where I need to make them happen.  I don’t want to wait for a better time.  Even if it takes years to reach a goal, the time to start is now.

My morning mantra will be- “Let me get moving.”  That’s a great start for energy.  Of course, I’ve charted out some things I have to do.  Stretches to get limber and not feel old or sore all day.  I intend that to become like second nature to me.  Then the list goes on.

I’ve done this because I read somewhere that a resolution is nothing without a plan.  This is so true!  Working a full-time job can tire a person out.  Yet, I want to…

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Cancer Journey: Part 6

The Pink Herald's Blog

This is not the easiest post and it doesn’t have anything to do with the status of my diagnosis.

The last couple weeks have been tough.  I had to change my insurance plan, at work, and elected the “gold” versus the “silver” plan, in order to get rid of the annual deductible and bring down the usage fees when I see the doctor or get labs.  It also raised my weekly contribution costs, but it had to be done.

Unfortunately, with this plan change, came with a carrier change.  I joined the Sutter Health network and am sad to report they choose to charge patients a 20% copay for chemo medication, where other plans cover it 100% or charge a max of $50/prescription.  Hopefully, one day they realize how punitive this is and begin to cover oral chemotherapy pills as effectively as they do IV chemotherapy.

I left a plan…

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I’m a Bit Behind So Please Forgive the Number of Reblogs You Will See Today.

likes-reblogsI am 2 weeks behind on my reblogs as the requests are coming across faster than I can keep up.  I don’t want to create the lists as they don’t seem as personal and I want each blogger to get their own “advertisement” for their page; I want it to be specific to them so they get the notoriety.

So today I am going to reblogging a bunch in order to catch up.  I really hope this doesn’t piss someone off, but ultimately I guess they can choose to ignore them.  I think the good that is done outweighs the aggravation in others.

2017 Malone Zone Rewind

2 R Better Than 1

Good morning friends,

I have a short audio message for you today as well as a post from the past. I hope it speaks to you and is relevant. Don’t forget to click the link to It’s All Small Stuff. Have a wonderful week!

It’s All Small Stuff

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Be Still

2 R Better Than 1

Good Monday morning, friends! Take a few seconds to look at this short clip. Did it make you smile a little? Which one are you — the alert pup or the sleepy one? I bet you already know which one I am.

In our house, I’m the first one up every day. By the time my husband wakes up, I’ve been up for a couple hours talking to the Lord, writing, drinking coffee, hydrating, and eating breakfast. The second I hear him moving around upstairs, I have to contain my excitement. Part of me wants to dart upstairs to share everything that I’ve been thinking about while he slept, but I know that wouldn’t be fair. All he can muster in the wee hours are a hug and a kiss. I’ll take that though, but it’s so hard to be still.

Our prayer life can be like this, too. For…

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My Sci Fi Mystery Screenplay ‘Space Drifter’ Wins 2017 Logline of the Year


926db6df-0337-4ea6-a24c-15bd8661782f (1).jpg

With all the excitement this year, writing novels, short stories, games and articles, I had forgotten that I had submitted a Logline for my sci fi screenplay ‘The Space Drifter‘ to the Wild Sound Festival site. As a gentle reminder, my screenplay had been recommended by the judges of the 2015 Cinequest Screenwriting Festival. I had registered the script with the Writers Guild of South Africa, but did not pursue getting it produced with everything I had on my plate this year.

It is therefore with much surprise that I received a communication this morning that the logline for Space Drifter had won an award for 2017 Logline of the Year for the CRIME/MYSTERY Festival. And so you don’t have to search among the others that also received awards, here’s a screenshot from the site:


If I ever wanted any motivation to getting back into…

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Meet Better Twogether!!

Better Twogether

It doesn’t take much to motivate some folks. They are intrinsically excited to move forward with passion. Their vision is clear, and they remain focused on achieving their goals. There are others, however, who have the vision and the passion, but their fears outnumber the reasons why they should keep moving forward. They lack the courage to keep going because they don’t know where…

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Aria-Bella Rises

clear yes

The last couple of days have been big, tough ones but also very cleansing as well.

I finally, after almost four months, cleared up all of my pooches stuff – the stuff I couldn’t bear to put away from his last couple of days with us.

It was hard, gut-wrenching and full of tears but I also knew deep down where it was no longer staying quiet that in order to move on, I needed to do this. Didn’t make it any easier and even a day later, my eyes still drift to where those things were and they are no longer there and tears want to come.

But I was holding myself back, caught up in the storm of horror that the last 48 hours of his life had become. It was taking me back there every single time I caught a glimpse of them, which being in the…

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