Great Jobs for Virtual Talent Advisor – Work from Home

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20 Job Openings for Virtual Talent Advisor – Work from Home

Job Type: Full-time

Job Summary for Virtual Talent Advisor – Work from Home

Virtual Talent Advisors are responsible for creating, screening and submitting qualified candidates to open Relode jobs. They also get the luxury of screening candidates who were directly referred by our large crowdsourced network.

Virtual Talent Advisors have unlimited earning potential with uncapped commission. Relode strongly believes that it’s important to offer health insurance to our employees who encompass our Virtual Talent Advisor team.

office-freelancer-computer-business-38604.jpegQualifications for Virtual Talent Advisor – Work from Home

Recruiters with at least 5 years of relevant experience with healthcare recruiting, locums tenens, or healthcare IT.

Someone who is motivated and driven to succeed.

Excellent communication skills.

Someone who is able to work independently.

College degree preferred.

***This role is 100% commission ***

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Product Review: Omega Alpha’s Tetda


Biasini came in with several scratches on his right hind leg. It looks like he may have rolled and got his leg stuck under the fence.  He’s sound and there are no deep cuts. When will we be seeing you?”   This was the text I received  on December 27, 2017, the first day of the 2,500 kilometer journey from Ontario to Palm City Florida.  We still had two days of travel to go. I phoned Lindsay, ( Lou Denizard’s assistant )who was looking after Biasini until we arrived. It was not too serious but ….. as a horse owner you always worry.

Two days later I was able to see for myself what Biasini had done. He had a number of  scratches, going in various directions on the inside front of his hock and the outside of his right hind leg.  The hair had been scraped off but the…

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Cadavre exquis – Take 2; Team 2

Cyranny's Cove

Due to the number of people who wanted to play along for this second edition of Cadavre Exquis, and not wanting to restrain writers’ inspiration, I divided the group in three teams. This is the work of Team #2. I hope you’ll enjoy the writing exercise! 

Cadavre Exquis is a writing game in which each player only gets the last sentence of the writer before him/her. Here is the result of putting all the puzzle pieces together… 

I put down the pen, at long last.

The sun was starting to peek over the horizon, and I brushed my hand softly on the paper. There was so much in this long missive… So much love, so much pain. My whole heart folded in between two sheets, all my hopes and dreams ready to be delivered.

I stood up, my whole body soar from sitting in my Adirondack chair all night. The…

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RIP, Stephen Hawking 1942 – 2018

Lucky Otters Haven

Like many others, I was deeply saddened by the loss of Stephen Hawking at the age of 76.

This is a man who was given two years to live in 1963, when he was first diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.   He proved his doctors wrong.

Hawking was living proof that no matter what obstacles or challenges you have, you can still reach for the stars.   He did in a big way.    Stephen Hawking’s body may have been a terrible burden to him, but he was blessed with a beautiful mind that allowed him to open doors to the universe and let the rest of us through.

I just saw this picture and had to share it because I was so moved.  I have no idea who the artist is, sorry.


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Getting Wiggy


You may think that wigs cost a ton of money but if you buying them with thought, they don’t. I just bought 5 wigs for under $200 but it took me 20 minutes to decide! 1 wig usually costs $300 or more by itself. You can achieve the same look the celebrities have for less. I buy both human and synthetic hair wigs from everyday beauty supply and hair stores. A reasonable price for me is $50-60 for human hair wigs. For synthetic wigs, $25-40 is the general price range. I love color so factor that into your decision making as well if you love color like me. Also, most places will give you 10% off the wig if you buy it off the mannequin head. Keep all of this in mind while you are shopping.

First things first PATTERNS!




-loose wave


-Tight curl

-Lose curl

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Stephen Hawking Was a Man Way Ahead of His Time

Image result for stephen hawking young

Some of you may not know this, but my early life intentions were to be a mathematician.  In college I worked my way through the ranks and was actually pretty good.  I was accepted to one of the top mathematics programs in the country (at that time) and did so with honors.  During my time studying higher mathematics I became hypnotized by space and time and anything to do with the origins of life and life in the universe.

I read 2 books which would shape and change my life forever: On the Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin and A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking died today at the age of 76.  I find incredible inspiration in the fact that he never allowed himself to makes excuses even though he was confined to a chair due to the effects of ALS.  The man continued to push the boundaries and push to understand more about our world.

When I look at the pictures of Hawking confined to that chair it makes me realize that I allow myself to make tons of excuses.

As I transitioned my studies from math and science and added philosophy and religious history I met a professor, Dr. James Tabor, who expressed to me he had one goal: “to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.”

Stephen Hawking did that for me with his writings.

RIP Stephen Hawking


The dance

Unoriginal (love) noteS

In the reflection of social mist,

The shadows dancing tango –

They sway, they spin, they twist.

Glide in an erotic tangle.

The eye is trained to catch,

The play of rusty morals.

The love, the hate – a match

Burns out and ends in quarrels.

The shadows dancing still,

Unfazed by outer musings.

The drive is here one’s will,

See past the bitter losing.

The shadows do not care,

For rumours hastily cooked.

They voice, they laugh, they share-

They are eternally hooked.

The eye may get upset,

And ill from bites of asp.

But shadows do not fret,

They live beyond eye’s grasp

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Today I’ll Be Catching Up On Reblogs

DannyIf you are a fan of finding new blogs to follow then today is your day.  I am way behind on sharing from my Reblog list so today I am going to fire up the reblog machine and get to it.

If reblogs are not your favorite, then you might want to pass over some of these posts and look for my original post tomorrow morning.

I only feel it fair to warn everyone that there will be a bunch of reblogs today; even more than normal.


Failing Toward Success


I was standing in the Show Office at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival and the show secretary was looking for my Intermediare 1 Adult Amateur division test results. There was a glass jar with with sweets and wrapped chocolates. I picked out a chocolate and had just popped it into my mouth when the secretary  handed me my test sheet and …… a blue ribbon. FIRST PLACE!!  I nearly choked on the chocolate , coughing and spluttering.  “Are you ok?” the show secretary asked. “Yes,” I croaked. “I’m just so surprised to have placed first!”

C.S. Lewis once said “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.”  This past weekend I rode the Inter 1 test on two days.  The first day’s test was a mix of good–not good–good–not good.  So on the second day I knew where I was going to have to…

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My Week 181: 50 Shades of Ewwwww


Have you ever had one of those weeks that seems to be theme-based? Apparently, my theme this week is “50 Shades of Grey”. Now before you all start thinking that I’m a very lucky, and also naughty, girl, let me assure you that it’s nothing quite so salacious. It’s just that the topic of either that particular novel/film or the subject of ‘adult’ fiction have both been coming up fairly regularly lately. It all started last week, when I was at the Page to Screen conference because I’d been invited to attend the cocktail reception by my publisher. He’s been my publisher for about 2 years now, but this was the first time I’d ever spoken to him, let alone met him—all our communication has been via email. Anyway, he invited me to go, because he was pitching my novel to producers in this kind of speed-dating style format, with…

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