What I’d tell to my younger self if I could

What I’d tell to my younger self if I could on Multiple experienceS | Yesterday I read a post by MerBear over at knocked over by a…

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How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People: 5 Tips

Today we are discussing the dangers of comparing yourself to others.  There are times when we all do it, but it really is a terrible and unproductive and destructive habit.  My post this morning discussed this point and expressed my experience with looking outward in an attempt to find fulfillment.  Spoiler alert: I failed!

This article on the Positivity Blog helps us better understand how to stop this destructive behavior:

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


Big Dreamer

‘THAT’ person

Be aware that you cannot be that other person so you better get busy being the best you that you can be!!


Ever looked at that really awesome person, you know, the one who looks good, feels good, is always surrounded by many people and an invisible aura of coolness.
Of course you have. We all have. And you say to yourself ,”Why can’t I be like that person?”
Well, you can’t. He’s a completely different person altogether. How can we even measure two human beings? It’s like measuring apples and oranges. Completely irrelevant.
But all you people out there who want that aura of coolness, I’ll tell you the secret. Just LOVE yourself. Before saying ‘I love you’ to someone else, say it to yourself. If you don’t like yourself, how the hell else is someone gonna like you?!
Just be YOU. Honestly,you are a unique mixture of awesomeness or U.M.A. Be proud of yourself! For eg. You just completed a very intense workout, and you see this delicious piece of…

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Pretty pictures don’t tell the whole story

This is a great post about comparing oneself to others. The picture on Facebook probably doesn’t tell the entire story!

Silo & Sage

A few weeks ago, I was having a day. You know the kind, when your two-year-old has smeared poop all over himself and the crib, your house is an epic disaster, the dishwasher isn’t working, the kids are acting likebedtime is a newly invented phenomenon, and your husband is out of town. A long, exhausting kind of day.

And on that same day, an acquaintance posted a picture of her kids, smiling and adorable, in their perfectly decorated living room, on their sofa that has no rips or stains, holding their adorable handmade crafts that they just whipped up on the spur of the moment. Bless.

That’s when it happens… the comparison. Clearly, she has it all together. She obviously didn’t spend an hour cleaning up poop. I’m sure her kitchen is sparkling and her kids were all in bed by 8pm.She’s a modern day homemaking miracle, and for…

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