Limbo. Where the Magic happens.

Flying Through Water!

Flying Through Water


Last week I wrote about losing my Zen and the support and understanding was insane. I thought about it a lot before writing it and of course after. The truth is, I’ve been living in limbo for the better part of 2 years. It’s been something I’ve struggled with. It’s something I’ve thought about A LOT and in a very negative way. And then the other night I had what I’ll call an epiphany.

So what do I mean by ‘Living in limbo?’

I mean that for me personally I wasn’t clear on my future. My wants, goals, value…and such. That’s the kind of limbo I’m talking about here.

Now my readers tend to be some of the most compassionate, kind and supportive people on WordPress so let me preference what I’m about to say….I am NOT beating myself up. I am NOT on a downward spiral. But to get…

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The Reblog of the day is… Sara In LaLaLand!!

The Reblog of the day is…Sara In LaLaLand!!

Sara in LaLaLand

For those of us on the pursuit to happiness, we have to come to the realisation that we have to move on from certain things in our past. If we let them linger, then those things can hold us back and if they can and we let them, they will. Whether that be an ex partner, an old friend, or a bad habit, something that has been around for a long enough period of time that we feel a pang of guilt at the thought of cutting ties.

The thing is, even as difficult as even the thought is, sometimes it is what needs to be done to free you  from being  held back from being truly happy. If you are honest with yourself, that aspect of your life, no matter what or who it is, they are making your life less than desirable. You might be so used to…

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Why Take Action When You Can Just Complain?


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Why Now Is the Only Time For You To Begin!


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It’s Going Down The Toilet!

This is The Courage To Shift!!



Although it was a vicious cycle for many years, I’ve finally learned to stop making financial decisions based on emotions, which only represented heartache down the line for me regardless of how earth shattering it felt in the moment. As I carefully weighed the pro’s and cons of the options considered for what to do with my refund (spend it all on a birthday gift for me, get a new garage door which I will need in the near future, spend it all on a birthday gift for me, get two new water efficient toilets for the home which will help save on the water bill and bring more value to my home long-term, spend it all on a birthday gift for me, make an extra payment on the mortgage to help pay my home off faster which speeds up the time frame of all other goals, or spend…

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Today’s Reblog winner is…Miss Cassiopeia!

Today’s Reblog winner is…Miss Cassiopeia!

Miss Cassiopeia


I’m looking for A Life of Meaning.

I believe everything happens for a reason and we all have our own role to play. I know what’s mine.

I wanted to become a psychologist. I’ve been studying and reading about them in our encyclopedia and my mother’s college textbooks since high school.

Back in 2004 my Aunt was lying on the double deck and I was sitting beside her. She asked me what I wanted to do, so I told her I wanted to become a psychologist and she told me she didn’t want me to take care of mentally ill patients. So I’ve done as she said. Thinking about that memory now, makes me feel mad. I shouldn’t have listened to her.

I went to my next plan which is to become a doctor.

I took up nursing as a pre-medical course to become a doctor . But it never…

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Weekly Vlog: The Absolute Best Way To Challenge Yourself

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Daily Post

This is The Courage To Shift!



When I finally stopped and drilled down to the source of feeling like something was missing from my life, I realized I had to do something different. I had two major wounds that weren’t healing, and they had become a cancer in my soul turning me into a person I didn’t want to become.  I needed to address a failing marriage and a dead-end career. Both would challenge my financial situation and while it would be hard, I knew I would be better off in the long run. I mentally prepared for the beatings I was about to take and set off on my life altering journey.


While I worked three jobs after leaving my marriage (two the entire time of my marriage) to complete the critical goal of becoming debt free, I knew my body couldn’t sustain that long-term. My full-time job required a 4am start and I worked…

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Weekly Vlog: Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People

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Grab the Reigns

Barring tragedies out of your control, you determine the course of your life.  Challenging yourself, expecting more, working hard and setting lofty goals can help you reach higher heights than will sitting around settling and justifying a mediocre existence.  When you realize this and grab the reigns you will instantly swing the odds in your favor.