I Cannot Get This One Vision Out of My Head…


I Cannot Get This One Vision Out of My Head…

The 9/11 remembrance ceremonies always make me cry.   I always feel those same emotions I felt back on that Tuesday morning way back when.

There is this thought that has always stuck with me and it is the idea that the first responders were running up the stairs of that building while citizens were running as fast as they could away from the danger.  I that moment when they should have been following their survival instinct they did the exact opposite and ran to help.

And most of them were climbing the stairs to their inevitable death.  They didn’t know they were going to die, but I suspect many of them sensed this event was different and the level of danger must have felt different.

As they climbed the stairs, many on the floors above the impact zone were jumping to their deaths.  Many took one last deep breath of smoke to commit suicide instead of burning alive.  All the while they climbed.  Step after step, floor after floor, they climbed.

They didn’t know what they would encounter when they arrived on those floors.  They didn’t know how many people were already dead.  They didn’t even know if there was anything they could actually do to help, yet they climbed.

The thought that these men and women climbed those stairs passing people who were trying to escape haunts me.  I can feel those emotions and I hate it.

Each year I remind myself of those men and women who climbed slowly to their deaths carrying equipment, oxygen tanks and bags of cutting tools.

They ran into danger while normal people were running away.

I will never, ever forget.