You Could Get a Reblog If You Leave a Link!

images-16Here’s the idea:

I am going to recycle this post from day-to-day and allow readers to leave links to their post in the comments.  I’ll be using this in 2 ways: 1. create link share posts, and 2. each day I’ll randomly pick one blog and reblog it to my readers.  

Here are the basic rules:  

  1. Leave a link in the comments
  2. The time stamp on the comment MUST be for that day.  So you have to leave a comment each day!
  3. It’s that easy!

I’ll pick each day based on the time stamp with the daily winner reblogged the following day.  Be sure to check back and leave a link daily!

Good luck!



***Please no sexual content, profane language or graphic content.

Meet and Greet Link


Happy Easter Monday! to all my Christian friends out there!  The Meet and Greet continues today and will conclude tonight so be sure to jump in and have some fun!

And don’t forget, you can leave your link multiple times!!

Meet and Greet Link

Meet and Greet Link


Happy Easter to all my Christian friends out there!  The Meet and Greet continues today and will conclude tonight so be sure to jump in and have some fun!

And don’t forget, you can leave your link multiple times!!

Meet and Greet Link

Meet and Greet Link


The Meet and Greet continues today and will conclude tonight so be sure to jump in and have some fun!

And don’t forget, you can leave your link multiple times!!

Meet and Greet Link

Why I Blog the Way I Blog: The Method to My Madness

I thought it would be nice to provide a little information structure for those that are new to DBDO as we have added a lot of new followers and readers to the blog in the last couple of weeks.

I focus our conversations around 4 basic topics, all of which have to do with personal development: living a healthy lifestyle, living an organized/goal oriented life, living debt-free and living a life of charity.  I call these the 4 Pillars of Successful Living.  I not only espouse these, I live them.

I focus on these 4 because my research has revealed that these are the 4 basic areas that were common among people who considered themselves unsuccessful or under-achieving.

Along with these 4 topics I believe in and use a 6-step formula for helping me to achieve my goals:

  1. determine what it is that you want and state it
  2. determine what you are willing to sacrifice to get what you want,
  3. develop a persistent attitude,
  4. have faith,
  5. develop organized planning and
  6. execute.

Because of this formula I will often discuss desire, developing persistence, having faith (which happens to be yesterday’s TOTD) developing a plan or executing the plan.

I post a Dream Big Original each morning at 6am est.  I then use reblogged articles to provide supporting material for the Topic of the Day.

After 4:30 pm I conduct an Open Blog Night for reblogging which allows me to share random reblogs I have enjoyed reading during my early morning networking session and from those that have requested a reblog.  Each morning I read 100 blogs from those that follow me and note which ones caught my eye and then reblog them at night.  Not only does this provide me fun reblog material, but it also allows me to keep in contact with all of the bloggers that follow me throughout the month.  I wish I could get to everyone more often but I simply cannot.

Also, on the 2nd and 4th weekend of every month I conduct a Meet and Greet which allows all bloggers the opportunity to leave a link on my page and meet and find new followers.  This is a great way for others to gain exposure for their page.

I hope this helps some of the new folks to understand my blogging strategy.  I believe every blogger needs to have some type of formula that works for them other than “build it and they will come.”

Blogging Series – Part IV: How to Tackle Your First Year of Blogging

I have a lot of new subscribers that are also very green bloggers. This post is for you so read this carefully and take notes! All of these tips apply and are muy importante!!

Ashley Landry

Happy Thursday, friends! I hope you enjoyed this week as I have certainly enjoyed sharing it with you. With my first year of blogging complete, I wanted to find a way to use the knowledge that I gained to help others who may be considering this process. So, I put together a few tips that I learned this year. Check out below for ways to guide you through your first year of blogging!

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Is Your Blog Getting The Attention You Want?

Michael’s Origins and Mostly Blogging are teaming up to help you gain more exposure for your blog. I talked to Michael earlier today and I told him I think this is a great idea. If you want more views and followers then read this post and respond to them via the information provided! It is an easy and effective way to grow!

Michael's Origins

Is Your Blog Getting The Attention You Want?

Yesterday I announced that Janice and I have formed an alliance in efforts to help promote your Blogs! You can  read more about that here with the following links: Note: Last night and this morning I did add more links in the Follow to Follow Directory!

Announcing Mostly Blogging & Michael’s Origins Unite!

Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #56

I was recently left with a comment by The.Richard.Braxton, the comment is as follows, “Have you tried this yet? Does it work? And if you are caught colluding like this will you get banned from Reddit or StumbleUpon?”

That is a good question and I thank you for the comment. First these sites StumbleUpon and Reddit advocate the promotion of others and not your own. On Reddit, you can get away with submitting your own work however it is tricky and…

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Recalling the past in beautiful prose

This is Celenicearth!


tree-615663_640I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and I think it will happen sooner than I anticipated. For many years, people that have gotten to know me, and learn that I had written over 500 poems in my teen and adolescent years, have often asked to read these sacred tomes. I always promised to type it up for them, as the originals are old and therefore I am terribly afraid they could get damaged.

Well, the time has come to do just that. I will be blowing the dust off the old volumes and be releasing in a
“re-mastered” edition, namely e-book. If I get enough interest from readers, I may decided to have it printed, but right now the market only seems to lean towards e-books.

My collection of poetry is mainly a diary, a journey through my early life, so it may give you more insight…

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Leave Me a Link if You Want a Reblog

6If you have a post that you would like to me reblog for you then leave a link in the comments and I will go down the line and reblog this weekend.  There are only a few rules: one link per post, no nudity, no over-the-top language, nothing off-colored.

Other than that, leave a link and I’ll reblog for ya.


The Fascination Of It All……

I would like to introduce everyone to Spiritual Dragonfly!!
(remember to leave comments with the original blogger, they did the work, I only hit a share button.)

Spiritual Dragonfly

This weeks installment ofThe Sandbox Writing Challenge 11is to write about what fascinates you………I decided instead of just making a list of things that could possibly go on and on and on, I’d just list a few things that jumped out at me when I first read the prompt……

Please forgive me this one…as a rule, I NEVER post anything political, I usually stay away from it. With that said, it’s hard to overlook what’s going on in the political arena these days. It fascinates me to think that our two ‘front’ runners are an accused liar…

….and an egotistical bully….

Really?! I keep waiting to hear Rod Sterling and the opening to The Twilight Zone….

Mother Nature…The Four Elements….and how connected we are to nature…

Dragonflies…..this beautiful little creature who is associated with water, with air as well as earth…who symbolizes change and renewal…living in the…

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