Goodbye Rhinestone Cowboy, RIP

Being Lydia!

I just saw the news the Glen Campbell has passed away at the age of 81.

When his first top ten single came out, “Witchita Lineman”, I was 9 years old. While many of my friends were into the Beatles, the Stones, and other rock music, I preferred to listen to the likes of Neil Diamond, the Beach Boys, and country artists like Glen Campbell. The latter was definitely influenced by my Dad.

I think part of the reason that Campbell’s music was so popular for so many was the fact that it really crossed all boundaries. He was a country storyteller with the up tempo of pop and driving guitar of rock.

I remember watching “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour” with my parents. Songs like “Rhinestone Cowboy”, “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”, and “Gentle On My Mind” were big favorites.

Glen was not just popular with the fans…

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Spanish Latino Music Recommendations >> Camina y Ven By David Bisbal! Lyrics and Translation

Introducing My Memoir Entries!

My Entries

I think for a couple days, this page will be covered with David Bisbal. I’m probably a fan of his, well… ok i am a fan of his, but just because his music is sooo good omg o.o just listen to this there’s no point explaining. You’ll need to login to Spotify for this and if you don’t have Spotify… omg what are you doing?? Get it now, NO no buts… seriously GET IT 😀 Just to let you know, translation will not be literal translation, may not be 100% accurate, as i will insert and delete where i see necessary, for the purposes of clarity when translating into English.

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Voy perdiendo vuelo entre el cielo y tus ojos. Atando en sueños tu piel a mi piel.  Contando estrellas al amanecer

> I am losing flight between the sky and your eyes…

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Mood Music Monday: Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Every little thing…is gonna be alright!!

Kay Morris Writes

This week’s mood music is inspired by our daughter who starts college this week. On move-in day, we arrived on campus, unloaded her belongings, and helped her set-up her dorm room. After a shopping trip to pick up a few miscellaneous items and a quick lunch, it was time for her to join her fellow first-years and embark upon her collegiate career. As we watched her walk away, we exchanged glances, wordlessly expressing the same concerns:

  • Does she have everything she needs?
  • Did she leave anything at home?
  • Will she be safe?
  • Is she prepared?
  • Have we done enough?
  • Will she remember the lessons we taught?

After she disappeared from sight, my husband and I walked back to the parking lot, our hearts heavy with worry, fear, pride, and excitement. We exchanged another sorrowful look as my husband unlocked the doors, and we climbed inside our vehicle. When he turned the…

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Mood Music Monday: Walking on Sunshine

How can you not like Katrina and the Waves. Sing along…

Kay Morris Writes

For my inaugural Mood Music Monday, I selected Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves! This upbeat, high energy song has me bopping my head, snapping my fingers, swinging my hips, and singing along, feeling mighty fine. I can’t think of a better way to start the week, and bring a little sunshine to Monday.

I LOVE this song because its message is so simple: I know you love me. We all want to be loved, and knowing that you are is something to sing (and dance) about.


Feel the love!


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