1st Jan – Numerolgy with the Angels 

Aria-Bella Rises

Woweee! First of the first packs a punch! YOU will be divinely guided to what is right for you right now and on the journey forward. This may mean stretching out of your comfort zone and letting some of the baggage go. Just know you are fully supported at this time and we will safely carry your load and help release what is needed for you to live in perfect harmony.
NEW Numerolgy with the Angels 💖😇
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Being Enlightened

Aria-Bella Rises


There can be a misconception around being enlightened that I want to clear up.

Being enlightened does not mean that the ego shit we all experience just simply isn’t there anymore. That all of a sudden the crap we used to live like is suddenly gone never to appear again. And we can float around thinking everything and everyone is just wonderful.

If anything, it can mean the opposite, as sometimes when you are on the path of evolving – Ego and all its wonderful buddies pick up their game and try even harder to keep you held back and in the old claws way of being.

The beauty of seeing past that veil though is being able to RECOGNISE that this shit is happening and being able to do something about it.

So many cannot see anything wrong in their way of being, acting, living etc. it is just…

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My own Safe Place

Aria-Bella Rises

safe place

I am my safe place and I trust my body to keep me safe”

When we stress, are anxious, panicking , worrying etc. it is because we are not trusting. We are not believing in OURSELVES enough. We are not putting any faith or trust in the universe. The list is pretty endless but it really comes down to ourselves or the trust we try to put outside of ourselves.

I made up and have been saying this affirmation to myself a hell of lot lately, mainly because I have been needing the constant reminder.

You see, when we don’t have faith in ourselves, to keep us safe, to make the right decisions, to do the right thing and say the right thing blah blah blah – that is when stress and anxiety and all those other nasty shitty things come creeping in. We may not even realise that…

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Mere Accountability – Kingdom Living (Sean Mungin Ministries)

kingdom living mungin

Accountability is something that many of us wish did not exist for obvious reasons. The main reason is that accountability exposes us and makes us vulnerable to others. With this type of exposure and vulnerability, we are granting others access into the very deep and secret areas of our lives. In addition to this, we are also…

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Keep Moving

Principle Michelle

Good morning, friends! Actually, I think it’s a great morning. You’re alive and well, so let’s thank our good, good Father for that. If you accepted my challenge from yesterday’s Sunrise Sermon, you’re focusing on all things good in your life — using all of your archaeology tools to unearth the hidden gems all around you. Two of the most powerful tools we have are our ears — tools that can go where our eyes cannot. Even in darkness, they can do good work, sifting through all those things that distract one’s eyes, in search of a message — a promise of good news. There’s nothing better than hearing an unexpected compliment that’s not meant as flattery but merely to share what’s obvious to others and to encourage you at the same time.

Sometimes, though, we close our ears to the good news and lose sight of the promise…

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finding joy

take a walk

One of my employees asked me this week, how I fortify the level of joy that I proclaim every day. My first instinct was to laugh- a short, thankful, and reaffirming one. She looked at me with such interest, a thriving life just wishing to understand something; something that burdens my heart in the fact that not everyone knows the answer.

I have a chain. It is pulled, strained, and threatened several times daily, that I choose not to count anymore- but it happens. I feel it as though it is a part of my inner body, I breathe and its tight, I move and its stiff, I talk and it is angered. Most people would say that it is normal, it’s human.

But I say, it’s called being born a sinner.

It is inevitable that mornings of strife and nights with grief will come and go; it is…

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when God strips you of comfort

Take A Walk!

take a walk

To be un-moving, idle- a pawn of my own life where routine is what I know. That is the person I don’t want to be, but sometimes don’t know how not to. I find myself, too often, unchallenged with the world around me. What I mean by that is, not being involved with God’s people. It’s a habit that I too easily fall into, choosing my comfort, my normal, my stable ways over the fearful, unpredictable, and the dubious.

My relationship with God is dynamic. He gave me a personality that can’t make up its mind, knowing who I want to be and how I want to do it is an impossible choice, and the ratio of dreaming and acting is so inconsistent its unhealthy.

So, when I need God to reach me, He does so in the most personal and intimate of ways. Where it is impossible to explain…

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I Adrift in my Ego Human self

Aria-Bella Rises!

Aria-Bella Rises

I have been,for the last week or so, allowing my Ego or my human side as I like to call it run the show. I seemed to have forgotten that strong ever loving spiritual side of me that can get through anything and instead let old reprogramming come up and seize the day. Panic attacks, low vibes, unworthiness, the list is pretty endless, have all snuck in while I sat back on the couch and allowed it. Starting the old ‘woe is me’ victim soundtrack (cue the violins).
I kept getting whispers and nudges from my guides and angels, but at first I was too far gone in struggling against it all that I refused to listen.

Then all of a sudden during each bout of nastiness, I stopped. And I listened. Really listened to what they were trying to tell me. I’d bless and thank what was happening to…

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Walk Away From The Grave

Kingdom Living!

“And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead?…” (Lk. 24:5)

In this verse, we learn that Jesus is no longer in the grave, but has arisen. As a result, Jesus has now become our hope for restoration to right standing with God the Father. In other words, Jesus is our hope. Since Jesus is alive and is living, then hope is alive and is living.

What does this have to do with today’s Scriptural text? The two men in this particular passage asked an interesting question, “…Why seek ye the living among the dead?” We have always viewed this from the perspective of Jesus’ resurrection. However, we have never looked at it through the lens of hope.

Going further, if we look at Jesus as our hope, then we can apply this question…

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