My Week 208: Alaska Is Cold, Stuffed Squirrels


The journey continues…

First, just for the record, I did NOT pull the emergency brake on Canada One.

(As a side note, I’d like to share that I finally had the chance to do the following on my regular train this week as I was sitting in a group of 3 other people by the emergency exit:

Car Attendant: So you all know what to do in case of emergency?
Me: Absolutely. I call out “Mjolnir”, the hammer inside the box flies into my hand, I use it to break the window, and I lead everyone to safety.
Car Attendant: Uh…
Other People: *stare in confusion*
Me: The hammer won’t come if I call it?
Car Attendant (laughs): No, but I enjoyed the Thor reference, ma’am.
Me: Please—just call me TrainWine.

TrainWine is my superhero name in case you haven’t read My Week 191.)

Anyway, the Canada One train that…

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Don’t Always Get The L12

Zach’s Scope


Hello again, today’s blog includes a little story about myself, as well as some sound life advice based on a recent experience of mine.

So let me start off by saying that, like most people, I am a HUGE fan of Chinese food. Fairly often my fiancée and I will indulge in the greasy and delicious goodness of the one decent Chinese restaurant in town. Every time it’s the same thing. I get a combination plate called the L12 and she gets the smaller #16.

Until recently, this has been the trend. L12 everytime without fail…. And then something miraculous happened. One night while ordering Chinese food, I made an impulse decision and ordered the chicken lo mein. I felt weird about going against the grain of my regular order, it almost felt wrong but once I tasted it, It was all over.

I think the main point here (at…

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On A Weather Break, Be Back Soon

Reclaiming HOPE

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to apologize for my absence from not only my blog, but yours. We have some family members who evacuated ahead of Hurricane Florence staying with us. They’ve been here since Tuesday, and things around here are quite chaotic and stressful. I hope they’ll be able to return home and things will return to normal soon.

I just wanted pop in quickly to explain my absence and let you know I’ve been thinking of you. I miss being in touch with all of you! I hope to be back to my regular posting schedule by next week.

This experience has really reminded me of something this week. As you know, my blog is about thriving, not just surviving, with fibromyalgia. The truth is, though, that sometimes all you can do at certain times is go into survival mode and get through whatever you’re trying to get through.


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The World Through My Eyes 🌙

20180907_205732.jpg “Blossom” – Photo by Gabriela A Tejada

You said, “It’s written in the stars.” 
as I laid on your side
and your fingers roamed my thighs
then you looked me in the eyes
and softly whispered
“I don’t know what might happen, but
this is where we belong. “

Gabriela A Tejada

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.

All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise. 

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Song Lyric Sunday – “Lead Me”

Being Lydia!

Well, having missed last week due to vacation, I am all ready for another go at Song Lyric Sunday. Dear Helen of This Thing Called Life One Day At A Time picked an awesome topic this week – picture/photograph. Be sure to click the link above and check out other offerings as well.

My choice once again is from a contemporary Christian group, Sanctus Real. “Lead Me” was their first hit and got me through a tough summer with one to two half-hour trips a day to and from the hospital where my Dad was for three months. I was having to make decisions for him (with my sister) and we wished we had some guidance because we didn’t want to do something he wouldn’t be happy with.

While the song only mentions “picture frames” once in the third line of the first verse, it is a very telling and…

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