Make Peace With Where You Are

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Insane Roots

One of the biggest challenges I have faced over the years is making peace with where I am, truly embracing the power of NOW. It was not until I began my journey on WordPress in the brainstorming of my novel that I was able to understand just how important this is.

Appreciation is one of the most fulfilling feelings anyone can feel. And for me it is the easiest to reach for in a moment of struggle. I didn’t realize I was doing it at the time, but as I wrote my story, I noticed the constant repetition of this behavior during my early childhood. When the world around me was falling apart, gratitude was always my guiding light.

Now, as I begin writing the next chapter in my story, I am noticing a very significant change in myself during that time. In my early childhood, I always seemed to…

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Reblog: Mini Moments of Spring


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Joy! Cheer! Spring is here! Do you feel the new life growing around you? Is the warmer weather a welcomed change? Or is the reopening of farmer’s markets your heart song? Whatever piece of spring speaks to you…

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