Social Media in the New Year

Making Time For Me

Every January 1st I go through my Facebook friends. I “unfriend” anyone who isn’t in my real life, I haven’t engaged in real conversation with or hasn’t added something positive to my life.

Family is trickier and for those people, I unfollow. Life is too short to get bogged down on all the negative.

Facebook doesn’t seem to irritate me for this very reason. I’m not afraid to eliminate. I’m honestly only friends with like 10 people from high school and I went to 2 different ones. Only 4 people from my 7 years of college and a handful of old coworkers. Why?? Because, that’s not real life. It’s the past and even though memories are awesome, I’m living in the present ❤

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Stressful Day | Sunday Sonnet

Written Word

A world of shattered dreams,
That comes to sit upon my head;
I’m busy tearing at the seams,
Instead of sleeping sound in bed.

I’ve too much time to waste on you;
I’ve got my bills to pay.
I’ve got to find some pleasure too,
To end my stressful day.

Instead of sitting still, I’m lying down,
But do not count me out.
When you expect me least around,
You’ll drown in all your little doubt.

I cannot fear; Don’t waste my time.
I’ll beat you back with fist and rhyme.

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