Danny’s World: Today’s Going To Be a Great Day!


Today is going to be a great day!  The weekends seem to go by so quickly with Friday afternoon turning into Monday morning in the blink of an eye.  I’ve got a couple appointments today that I have been looking forward to for some time now.  I have to take life and grab it by the tail, then hang on for dear life. I hope you have a great Monday also!

2 Things That Have Made Me A Better Person


Danny's iphone 022If you have followed my blog for any length of time you will know that it wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t have much focus.  I was floundering, lost, disorganized. I longed to tap into my greater potential, but couldn’t escape the feeling of being an underachiever.

Then in 2014 something clicked and there were two things that made me a better person: paying attention to details and becoming more organized.  The simple fact was that of all the successful people I knew, not one of them was disorganized.  And every single one of them paid attention to small details.

Till this day I pay attention to small details like doing exactly what I say I’m going to do.  Returning phone calls in a timely manner (within 1 hour), answering emails immediately upon receipt, showing up to appointments 10 minutes early and taking detailed notes are a few of my “best practices” that have allowed me more success.

I truly believe that success in anything is found in paying attention to the small details.

Today’s Featured Blog…Exploring Consciousness!

exploring conciousness

I’ve realized that life can be pretty simple. It’s usually (not always) as hard as you make it. Many aspects of life work this way – relationships, “success”, self-acceptance, etc.

A major part of living a simple life is having basic principles that guide you. While I definitely don’t have the entire key to a good life, I can share some insight that I’ve gained from experience, and some that I’ve stolen from various other smart people over time.

DSC_0044 This dragonfly lives simply. It striked some fab poses for me as well. Be like the dragonfly.

This will likely be a multi-post series, because that’s only necessary for something of this nature. Life is always changing, and I definitely don’t wish to impose any of these ideas on anyone. If anything, I hope they can inspire you or make you think at the very least.

(hold your applause…)

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Danny’s World: Rain, Rain Go Away!


This is the current view of downtown Charlotte.  Rain, rain go away!  Today I have a couple of appointments and then I’ll be doing my physical therapy later this afternoon.   I gotta keep up the hard work on this shoulder to get back on the course!

Six Simple Steps To Help Find Your Passion

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures”. – Joseph Cambell To have a passion, is to live life to the fullest. With the energy and the zeal to fully enjoy each day. To wake up and do what you love and what motivates you. But sometimes we can feel like…

Source: Six Simple Steps To Help Find Your Passion

Danny’s World: Sometimes It’s Not About Finding the Right Path, But About Finding the Right Person

Danny's iphone 009Sometimes success isn’t found when you find the right path, but in finding the right person.  For me this was definitely the case.  I spent many years throwing ideas against the proverbial wall only to experience failure after failure.  I lacked focus and ambition.  I was a wisher, not a doer.  I saw things I wanted, but was not able to construct the path to get to the goal.


All of that changed when I met my wife Evelina.  In her I found my focus and successes would soon follow.  I cannot explain why this happened except that she believed in me more than I believed in myself and she did not allow me to make excuses.

All those years I was looking for the right thing to do, when all along I needed the right person.

Danny’s World: 11 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Danny's iphone 022

I have added quite a few followers since my last “facts about me” post so I thought I’d tell you all a little bit about me (check out my bio page for more):

  1. I tend to order the same thing every time I go to a restaurant.  Mexican: taco (soft) & burrito combo with refried beans and rice…Chinese: chicken and shrimp fried rice. I’m not exactly sure why I don’t venture out more, but I don’t.
  2. This is going to come across as weird, but I’m sharing nonetheless.  I prefer to eat with satin finished silverware and do not enjoy drinking from plastic glasses if I am eating off of a proper plate.  It sounds bizarre saying it out loud.
  3. I hate spending money for any reason.  I would live on a $50 per week budget if I had my way.
  4. My happy time is lying on the floor playing with my dog, Bentley.  Bentley
  5. I am currently binge watching Entourage and it is awesome.
  6. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip!
  7. I hate eating leftovers unless around the holidays or slow cooker meals.
  8. I don’t like shirts that feel weird on my skin.  They must be a high-quality soft cotton.
  9. I love the beach, but I’m not a huge fan of sand being on my body.  I have to wash it off almost immediately.
  10. I get emotionally exhausted if I am around too many people all at once.  I avoid large crowds of people because my energy levels plummet.  It’s like I get sensory overload if there’s too much going on all at once.
  11. My feet are constantly numb and cold which is why I wear socks around the house even in the summer.  It’s a result of the MS.


I enjoy these types of posts and hope you enjoyed learning a little about me.  Have a great week folks!


Danny’s World: It’s Time To Re-Write My Goals

Danny's iphone 022I have written goals.  I believe those with written goals achieve more than those who do not.  I also know that my friends and associates who have written goals make more money than those who do not.  Simply put…people who have a plan are more successful than those who don’t.  Some will argue against this statement, but that is not the point of this post.   My point is that I need to re-write my goals for my professional life.

I’ve gotten a bit lazy in my professional life.  Now this is not to say I am lazy as I probably work harder than most people in sales.  But my goals are not to be life everyone else; I want to be elite and elite status requires elite effort.  Lately I have noticed my effort has been ordinary and complacent.

So I will spend the next week rethinking where I want to be and how much I want to make.  The most important reason I have written goals is to make sure I am comparing myself to my potential and not comparing myself to others.  I must aim for the highest bar and lose sight of what others are doing.

I’d be curious to know your thoughts on written goals.  Why do you or why don’t you write goals down?

Why It Is Important To Plan Your Disconnect Time


Danny's iphone 022This weekend Evelina and I decided to unplug and disconnect a bit.  She was on-call yesterday for work, but other than that slight inconvenience we decided to have some planned time away.  For me this was perfectly timed as I needed time to recharge following our vacation.  I know that might sound a bit ridiculous considering we returned from vacation on Tuesday, but the truth is the driving time zapped my energy.

I believe it is important to plan time away from technology.  It is important to plan time to decompress and do absolutely nothing.  Remember, life isn’t about working the hardest all the time; it’s about working the smartest all the time.  And sometimes the smart thing to do is…nothing!