Disconnecting 📵

Sometimes disconnecting is necessary. We must be certain that those in our lives are supporting and promoting us instead of causing drama and stress.


Since this summer I have made many new changes in my life. For one, I’ve lost 9 pounds since May. Going back to the gym was hard at first but after a while I began to enjoy. I even started to look forward to it after work. It is an excellent way to relieve stress. I’ve also cut some people out of my life. I don’t feel the need to hold on to friendships that are OBVIOUSLY not working. It becomes unnecessary stress to constantly invest time in someone who cares nothing about me. Yesterday I decided to disconnect from Instagram and SnapChat. My Facebook is deactivated currently. The only social media that I’m on right now is Twitter. Twitter is so different from all the other social media sites. It’s more about text than visuals. I’ve gone 8 months without social media before and I must admit, it’s quite…

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Why Mentoring Matters…

Why does mentoring matter? Read this post!

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For many, many years of mentoring, I’ve witnessed the changing of lives both young and old. Because of mentoring received throughout my young and adult years, it has allowed me to grow, learn, step outside of my comfort zone and reach for the stars. It has truly impacted my personal and professional life. Everyone should have a mentor or two. The role of a mentor is to encourage the personal and professional development of a mentee through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience.

Mentoring is giving advice or direction to someone using your own experiences to provide guidance. It also involves tutoring, skills training and coaching. Research shows that young people showed an increased belief in their abilities to succeed in school and felt less anxiety related to peer pressure. Your setbacks or struggles, where you have succeeded or failed is the best form of…

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