My Week 176: First Thursdays, Naptime at the Movies Part Deux


First Thursday

Sometime in January, I made the fatal mistake of saying to one of the Directors at the secret agency, “Whatever happened to First Thursdays?” ‘First Thursdays’ is NOT, as you may have imagined, a clever code name for a secret agent, but refers to a social event that is held on the first Thursday of every month. After work on this special day, we would all head to the nearest bar for drinks and food. It was a great way to mix, mingle, and watch senior management get tipsy. The event had fallen by the wayside over the last year, but we had a lot of new staff, and for some crazy reason, I thought I should bring it up.

“Oh yeah!” he said. “That was always a lot of fun.” Then he said the 5 words that filled my heart with dread. “Why don’t you organize it?”

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Happy 71st Birthday Farrah Fawcett


Today is the 71st birthday of the actress Farrah Fawcett. She personified the 1970s, girls wanted to be her, copying her hairstyle; and guys wanted to be with her. She was on the cover of probably every magazine at some point, her famous poster is part of the American experience. The world is a better place because she was in it and still feels the loss that she has left.

NAME: Farrah Fawcett
OCCUPATION: Actress, Classic Pin-Ups
BIRTH DATE: February 2, 1947
DEATH DATE: June 25, 2009
EDUCATION: University of Texas at Austin, W. B. Ray High School in Corpus Christi, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Corpus Christi
PLACE OF BIRTH: Corpus Christi, Texas
PLACE OF DEATH: Santa Monica, California
REMAINS: Buried, Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, CA
HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME: 7057 Hollywood Blvd (television)


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Happy 67th Birthday Charo


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Today is the 67th birthday of the bigger-than-life entertainer with the bigger-than-life given name that has shortened it to simply “Charo.” She is one of my very favorite Love Boat guest stars. The woman just delivers every…

Danny’s World: My Guilty Pleasure

Image result for better call saul

I am addicted to this show.  It is one of the few shows I watch week-to-week instead of streaming.  On an unrelated note I believe I have a stye developing on my right eye.  Yeah me!

How I Got My Body Ready for Professional Wrestling: Making the Game Triple H’s Approach to a Better Body

Looking for a good fitness book? Moore To Say has a recommendation!

Moore to Say

I spent one full year training in a gym and another in the ring and gym before I made my professional wresting debut. That was a lot of hours spend trying to sculpt a respectable professional wrestler body from an oScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.18.19 AM.pngverweight, flabby muscled, alcoholic bod. I had a lot of guidance and coaching from guys I knew that were ripped, but I also hit the books (which is what I do when researching any new project).

Making the Game Triple H’s Approach to a Better Body was leant to me by a colleague who was a pretty big fan of my goals; who later went on to become a super fit martial artist – you’re looking good buddy! It turned out to be my favourite fitness book. Both because Triple H shares some personal stories, sort of a short autobiography and because his passion for weightlifting and muscle building…

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First few steps to fight depression

Before anyone freaks out in the comment section…the point of this post is not to say that snow globes cure depression. It is to say that when you are experiencing depression, you must take action to put more inspiring activities in your life. Lying around and watching television deepens the problem. Get outside and walk, talk with a friend, exercise, etc. Do something positive.


Are you depressed?

Give us a chance to talk to you..

No more quotes, no more long advices.

You are having a problem , yes we respect that. Your problem is unique. We will not judge you.

It is your problem that is eating you. No outer world can see that. They can laugh it off but we understand that perhaps it is the biggest hurdle in your life. No other day you can imagine to live with it. We hope to provide you simple sentences and one easy thing to do. It’s your pick which is most suitable to you.

If it doesn’t we know the problem is bigger to overcome. We can still come up with a solution or reach solution step by step.

We know it is the darkest hour of your life

Please be calm

Just sit down.

We know no tears , no power in…

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