Has Science Superseded Religion?

Perfect Chaos

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post. Today we’ll be shining the spotlight on the English philosopher and politician Sir Francis Bacon, who lived between 1561–1626 AD and has been referred to as the Godfather of Science.

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We all begin life as Predators

The Focused Heart

Yes, we all really do. We all begin life feeding on what mother eats, contributing to changes in mother’s body – most notably, the famous baby bump which may or may not disappear after baby is born – and, in some cases, changes in mother’s mental health. In this time of hate and chaos, if we remember nothing else, we really all do have this in common: we all begin life as predators.

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How to Produce Powerful Blog Content No One Can Ignore

images-8I haven’t written a blog tips/advice post in quite some time and I’m still perplexed as to why some blogs get these massive followings while others do not.  And because I get so many emails about this topic I find myself thinking about it-a lot!  On the surface it appears that most blogs with high follower numbers have something of quality to say or offer up great insight on a particular topic.  In short they have something unique to offer the reader/follower.  They take the time to conduct research and show an understanding of the article’s topic.  For instance, I follow a marketing blog whose author has incredible vision and insight into helping others reach larger audiences and to grow digitally.  His expertise in all things marketing make for eye-opening articles that make me want to read what he writes next.  Because of his unique perspective he draws readers.

My contemplation has led to a few thoughts on how to produce powerful blog content that no one can ignore: design specific, well-researched, detailed, personal, well-written content which helps people understand how to do something better in their lives or how to be better in their lives.  Remember all those times I’ve said “seek to add value to the lives of others”?

There are plenty of blogs which offer a nurturing, supporting voice.  And being comforted in your time of need is nice.  There are also tons of blogs which express strong, sometimes over-the-top opinions and/or criticize others in order to provoke outrage.  They stand on the porch and play the role of Captain Obvious or call your dog ugly.  Their opinions might provoke people, but they don’t really offer up a solution or help in any way other than to voice their opinion.  But the blogs I believe will always receive the highest numbers are those which specifically help others to better themselves or help them to better understand a certain topic or help people solve problems.  And I’m talking about detailed, specific help not general information they can get anywhere else.

I hope that last part sinks in.

If you create generic top-5 lists that 50 other blogs have already talked about, then your message is going to get washed out.  What if you took a specific topic and then drilled-down to cover a specific point inside that topic?  The problem with this is most bloggers don’t want to take the time to do the detailed research necessary to create their own original thought.  And it is only by having original, solution-based thoughts that will get others to buy in to what you are doing on your page, which gives you a greater chance of growing.

Imagine for a moment that you are operating a business.  If you are selling what everyone else is selling then it is going to be tough to remain viable.  But if you are smart and your business solves a problem for people then it will be a must-have product, which will help create a tribe of people who will only buy from you.  Such should be your mindset as it relates to your page.

I will offer up an example from my page.  I often write or create YouTube videos documenting how I changed my life’s direction by implementing 14 specific habits aimed at my goals of more personal and professional success.  A couple of years ago I created an entire series in which I discussed the 14 habits I implemented to help change my life.  I discussed these habits one-by-one in detail with statistics and how developing those habits completely transformed my life.  To date that series collectively still brings me tens of thousands of views every year via Google search.  There have been plenty of people to discuss those habits individually, but I’ve not seen any other blog package them together and then go in-depth as to how they have affected their life’s direction.

I believe many bloggers fail, burn out or flounder because they don’t go deep enough. They offer up opinion, but they don’t back up their opinion with factual data or cite specific research points.  Having an opinion is important, but what people are looking for are articles that help them make a decision or help them to make their lives better.  When you are able to support your view with factual data, then you make a strong and convincing argument which helps to build your credibility and makes you an authority on the subject.

“Seek to add value to the lives of others.”

I have a personal mission statement that I use as the standard for any article or video I produce: “Does this content add value to the life of someone who may read or view?”  And if it adds value: “How does this content add value?”  Then more specifically: “Could this article cause someone to think or see life in such a new way that it would cause them to comment?”   If the content does not meet these basic criteria, then I don’t hit publish.  I go back to the board and rethink, edit, add, develop, etc.

Seth Godin lays this idea out in a video he produced many, many years ago-2003 I believe-in which he stated that in order for someone to take the time to remark on your content, the content must be worthy of making a remark; it must be “remarkable”. Simply stated, your content must be good enough to be worthy of someone making a comment.  If people are not commenting it might be a sign that your content is too ordinary which means it is invisible.

And it is this idea that I try to convey to people when they email me asking for help growing their blog.  You must take the time to prepare your content.  You must pay attention to small details.  You must learn to get a strong point across in a short article or video.  If you are throwing together posts and saying something that others have said a thousand times, then people are going to move right past your post and move on to the next option.  If your content is ordinary, then it is invisible; never forget this fact.

With all that said, maybe you need to start taking more time to produce specific, well-researched content that has some originality.  Generic, ordinary content will produce generic, ordinary feedback.  And if your goal is to draw more eyes to your post then it might be time for you to start putting more thought into what you publish.  Develop a set of criteria, a checklist that your post must pass before hitting publish.  Learn how to develop solid SEO titles, use quality pics and then publish well-planned content.

When your message is powerful there is no way people will ignore it!

Arrogance and Closed Mindedness

This post is why I love WordPress! I am able to find so many different views on our topics. Here is a discussion about being open v closed minded as it relates to theism and atheism.

Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.

For many of us, achieving a fresh start starts with a renewing of the mind and fresh new, positive thoughts!

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Emmagc75's Blog

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Food for thought

Do you take time to consider how others view the world? Or, do you dig in to defend your point of view come hell or high water? I’m not saying one way is better than the other, but I sure learn more when I consider the validity of the counter-point.

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Yes, Your Opinion Can Be Wrong

Just because you have an opinion, doesn’t mean you are right. It is imperative that you inform yourself and develop a well thought out and educated opinion. DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE RIGHT, ASSUME YOU ARE WRONG!! Then develop your opinion through research and information.

(Do yourself a favor and watch the TED video)

Call Me Maggie

The worst phrase to show up in any discussion: “It’s just my opinion.”

Is your opinion informed with cogent facts? It could very well be right. And more than likely, you will not preface the statement with “It’s just my opinion…’

Is your opinion something you pull out of your ass in a fit of emotional apoplexy that someone else sees the world differently than you? You more than likely will be wrong… and saying, “It’s just my opinion” does not change that. Moreover, if you are right, it is a complete and utter accident that had nothing to do with your stating the point… at all.

I spend far more time arguing on the Internet than can possibly be healthy, and the word I’ve come to loath more than any other is “opinion”. Opinion, or worse “belief”, has become the shield of every poorly-conceived notion that worms its way…

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Failure Is Forerunner of Success – A Conceptual Critique

Meet Effective Thoughts!!

Effective Thoughts


Two words which haunt and attract all and sundry, day and night, are failure and success, respectively. We proposed that failure is not fate; rather, a perishing scene and success is not a destination; instead, a continuous journey. Moreover, the two wings of a successful flight of human struggle are a positive mindset and wise working approach. By following these effective attitudes, one can achieve the highest level of success i.e. good health, inner satisfaction, recognition and position.

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How Do You See Yourself?

Look inside and find your true-self…

Karen Grace

Perception!!! This is probably something everyone struggles with at some point. Whether it’s your perception of something or someone or everyone else’s perception of you.

I’ve realized that how we perceive things, also effect how you actually react to situations and people. Why do you think we have identity issues? It has a lot to do with perception. We somehow let the rest of the world dictate how we see ourselves and how we should see everything around us. This doesn’t happen over night, No. It’s gradual, very gradual and that’s probably why it’s so much harder to change perception. Most people don’t ever realize that the way they think and feel about things have changed, and that makes me sad.

You see, I’ve struggled with my identity for as long as I can remember. Yes, I was different as a child in more ways that I can pen down. I may never…

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Wolf In The Fold

A Writer’s Life has a very thought provoking post…

A Writer's Life

“Oh, but you must travel through those woods again and again… said a shadow at the window… and you must be lucky to avoid the wolf every time…

But the wolf… the wolf only needs enough luck to find you once.”
Emily Carroll, Through the Woods

Isn’t this just the way it is?  We have to navigate endlessly through the woods of life, rising to the varied and sundry challenges on a daily basis.  But the wolves, the bad things that happen to us, need only find us once.  Seems unfair. The wolves should have to work equally hard to spread the bad around.  They shouldn’t be so favored. If anybody is favored, it should be us, right?

Maybe not. Think about life.  Is your life good or bad?  Abundant or lacking? Rich or poor?  If you said your life was good – what makes it good?  Abundant…

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