My Daily Observation: 12/14/17


The world is changing rapidly.  Just when you think you have the latest television technology something new is released.  Mobile phone technology is advancing so quickly that soon we will not actually have to have the device on us to call others.  We get news at the moment it happens.  We are connected more than ever before; and yet humans have never been more depressed.

Change is not always a good thing, but it is the only thing that remains the same.  We can fight it, resist it, deny it, doubt it, but change is happening regardless.

My Daily Observation: 12/13/17


Staying “busy” is one of the biggest distraction on the planet, but it doesn’t always mean one is doing their best or being productive.  And many wear “busy” like a badge of honor all the while failing to realize they are stuck in the same spot; like a car spinning its wheels stuck in mud.

I get a lot done in a week, but am cautious not to fall into the trap of running around doing extra stuff just to feel busy.   I also avoid using phrases like “I’ve just got so much to do” or “I’d love to but I don’t have time”.  I’m not a fan of the “no time” excuse.  When I sense I am struggling with time, I take a moment and conduct a process check; basically take a time out.  Then I look at how I’m using my time and most often I find that I am not working or scheduling my time effectively.

At any rate, if you struggle with being “busy” I encourage you to conduct a process check on your use of your time.

Learn to protect it like gold.

Be a better scheduler.

Get a touch more organized.




My Daily Observation: 12/12/17


Getting criticized isn’t easy, but if it is constructive it can help you be better; that is, if you are open enough to hear.  There are times when Evelina will challenge me with constructive criticism and my first reaction is to defend.  Isn’t that normal?  Don’t we all react defensively when faced with criticism?

I think the key is to take some time and consider the merits of any criticism to judge it objectively.  If you put your ego to the side you might learn something about yourself.  After all, others might not see you in the same light that you see yourself; and that’s not always a bad thing.


PS this post is intentionally disfigured in honor of Break the Internet.



My Daily Observation: 12/11/17


I like helping others although I will admit I don’t always like people.  For the most part I don’t like crowds and it seems that our society is becoming more self-absorbed and selfish.  I know there are a lot of quality people in the world, I just don’t see a lot of them on a daily basis.

I have a personal mission statement that states: “seek to add value to the world around me.”  This means each day I work to be patient, teach, lead by example, practice generosity, etc.  I don’t always achieve this mission statement, but it is usually at the forefront of my mind.

Do you have a personal mission statement?  I’d love to read your comments if you do.  Also, in a general sense, do you like people?


My Daily Observation: 12/10/17


One of the joys of blogging is it serves as a source of therapy.  I’m able to purge out things that I would normally hold in. To me it has always been a little weird that I share things on my blog for all to read that I don’t share openly to people who I know in the “real world”.

To continue the practice of transparency, I wanted to tell you guys and gals that I have started seeing a therapist.  I’ve been kicking the idea around for a couple of years, but finally found a practice via Google that I felt comfortable in seeing.  My first appointment was this past Thursday and it went well.  I will admit that the dynamic of telling a stranger my inner thoughts is a bit uncomfortable, but I think it will be great for me in the long run.  In its basic form therapy is simply talking and I love to talk!

To protect identities I will call my therapist Dr. Kate as I’m sure I’ll refer to her here-and-there.  Our first session was a get-to-know-you type talk about what I hope to achieve through talk therapy and a little bit about my background.  My goals are to understand how to be a better husband to Evelina and to work through some of the root causes for some of my more neurotic behaviors.  I’m laughing as I type this because I didn’t realize how much I hold inside that I don’t say out loud.  The vast majority of our thoughts never leave our mind; a fact I had not ever considered until this session.  Most of us live a life in our mind that others never, ever see.  No wonder there is so much depression in the world.

At any rate I’ll be documenting my journey and some of the things I learn about myself.  Hope you enjoy the ride.



My Daily Observation: 12/6/17


Quite a few of you have emailed me asking about the post I wrote a few days back about Seth Godin’s concept of building a “tribe” and engaging with people who care.  One of the toughest things to do in life is to get an idea or thought or invention to spread through a population.  As bloggers this is a common goal: “I want to get my page to more people.”

But what if this is the wrong goal?  I’ve always said you don’t need everybody, you just need the right bodies.  If you manage to find the right group of people to connect with AND they buy-in to what it is that you are doing, then they will do most of the work for you.  Ultimately what you have to do is lead them.

I see 2 common mistakes among bloggers who desire to grow: they don’t find their tribe and/or they don’t lead their tribe.  Topics on which one could build a tribe could be: golfing with hickory shafted clubs, love for a particular genre of anime comic books, a fan club for a specific race car driver or the love of a particular band.  In my opinion the passion needs to be specific, not general.  iPhone enthusiasts stand in line, in the rain, all night to be the first to have the latest Apple phone product and then tell everyone in their life what they did and how awesome the new phone is.  No one forced them to do anything, they choose to do it of their own freewill because they have passion for the latest Apple smart phone innovations.  Their passion is much more specific than technology in general or mobile phone technology for that matter.  The passion comes from their love of Apple and more specifically, the iPhone.

Do you see my point?  Sometimes bloggers spin their wheels in a mud pit of frustration because no one will listen to them all the while posting content that is incredibly similar to what thousands of other bloggers are already posting.  The fact is that if you are ordinary (too much like everyone else), then you are invisible.  Maybe you need to get more specific and say something that no one else is saying and then get that message out to the right group in order to begin building your community?

My Daily Observation: 12/1/17


Bloggers email me asking for help.  They either want to figure out a way to get more people to follow their page or they want more interaction.  I think bloggers who want to grow their page are missing one crucial fact: they fail to build a tribe.

What does this mean and why is it important?  Building a tribe is a concept first introduced to me by Seth Godin.  If you are unfamiliar you can find plenty of great content on YouTube and I recommend you doing so after you finish reading this post.  Building a tribe means you take the time to associate your page with people who believe the same things you believe or care about the things about which you also care.  Basically it’s a way of bringing like minds together.

One of the challenges of building anything successful is to get others to care about what it is that you are doing.  If no one cares then your efforts could flounder which is the case with most bloggers.  My view is you don’t need everybody, you just need the right bodies.  Make sense?

Why is this important?  Many bloggers spend their efforts trying to appeal to the masses and for some there is nothing wrong with this strategy.  But when people simply aren’t engaging I think it is important to ask yourself what it is that you believe.  What is it that you care about?  Are there others who will care?  Are there enough people caring to help you reach your goals (if you have goals)?

You don’t need millions of readers to be successful.  Sometimes a tribe will be small, but effective.  I recommend spending time finding and connecting with people who believe in the same things in which you believe and then building a community of those types of people.  When people care about what you are doing, then and only then, will you find power for your cause.

Simon Sinek references this basic notion in explaining his Golden Ring concept.  People don’t buy, engage, follow, like for any other reason other than they buy-in to what you believe.  They believe the same as you.  And when people believe the same as you they don’t show for you, they show up for themselves.  They engage because they get something out of the relationship that helps them or reinforces their passion for what they believe.  It’s not forced labor, but a situation in which people will give their blood, sweat and tears.

The key is that in the situation I just mentioned, it isn’t about you, but about them.


My Daily Observation: 11/28/17


Why does it seem like life knows exactly what my weakness is and puts me under constant testing?  Do you ever feel this way?

I am not a patient person; I want everything and I want it now.  I like the process of success, but I don’t like having to wait.  And because the universe seems to understand I don’t like to wait around, it is as if I am constantly tested with situations that require the most patience.  I want to yell at the world sometimes.

I wonder how I would be tested if I were a patient man?  Typing that last sentence made me laugh for some reason.

So even though I don’t like to wait around, right now I am being tested to the utmost with a situation that is contingent on other people making things happen for me.  It is out of my control.

I sure hope there is merit in the old saying “good things come to those who wait!”

My Daily Observation: 11/27/17


Yesterday was 3 years since I began this blog and what an incredible ride it has been.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this ride would end up how it has ended up.   Blogging is such a huge part of my life now and I cannot imagine waking up in the morning and writing a post or reblogging someone to help spread the love.

When I first began I didn’t realize the personal fulfillment I would receive in return.  I’m sure most bloggers can say the same.  I cannot believe 3 years went by so quickly.

Well, here’s to another 3 years and more!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.  I’m out sick from work today dealing with the remnants of a cold and sinus headache so I’ll be around to talk.


My Thanksgiving Day Observation: 11/23/17


I want to wish everyone in the U.S. a Happy Thanksgiving!  I have been on vacation for the last week and haven’t been posting as much of my original stuff so I thought I’d pop in and say Thank You to all of my blog friends for supporting me and allowing me to be a small part of your life.

As a blogger I understand that no one owes me a view, share or like so when they happen I am grateful.  The last 3 years (November 26) have been amazing and I cannot believe the community we’ve built here on WordPress.  It has added so much to my life and I love the arguments and conversations.  I love the diversity of thought and I appreciate learning about other cultures.

So to all of you I say a huge “THANK YOU!!”  Happy Thanksgiving!