Danny’s World: Write Your Own Song

Music is funny to me.  You would think after all the songs produced that humans would have run out of tunes and lyrics.  Or that we would be reproducing the same music scores.  But musicians continue to pump out new ideas; original ideas.  It reminds me of life.

Danny's iphone 022Just as music seems to have infinite possibilities, so does your life.  Don’t let people tell you how you need to live life to reach your goals and dreams.  It is up to you to write the score for your life; to find the rhythm which works for you.  And only you can determine the notes.

Too many of us are trying to sing our own song, but doing it to the beat of someone else’s tune.  I don’t see this ever working.  You have to come up with the tunes and the words.  Write your own song.

A Few Random Thoughts


It is just after 4:00 am and I am up early to get some things done for a few clients.  I do a lot of the creative ads for any campaigns I run digitally and my mind sometimes wakes me up with ideas.  So here I am; wide awake and typing when I might be better off sleeping.  Nonetheless here are a few of the things going on in my mind…

  1. I am currently working my way through all the season of The Big Bang Theory.  Currently I am in season 5 and so far it is hilarious.  I highly recommend it to anyone.
  2. Vacation for Evelina and I begins in 6 days!  I need this trip to recharge a little and Naples, Florida is just what the doctor ordered!
  3. I had a huge client sign with my company yesterday.  My coworker and I have worked on this for nearly a month and we got the word yesterday that they signed with us for all of their digital advertising.  When I close deals like this it is so completely satisfying.
  4. I haven’t been as active lately in my reading of other blogs, but that is going to change.  I need to refocus my energies and come up with a better plan.  Last time I looked there are approximately 6,700 blogger who follow my page, which makes it nearly impossible to get to every single follower.  I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do if I’m being honest.
  5. I went to the hospital yesterday evening and had an MRI on my shoulder.  In October 2015 I had a little stumble on the staircase and the pain in my shoulder has gotten progressively worse ever since.  The specialist thinks I either have a torn bicep muscle or a torn rotator cuff.  Either way surgery appears imminent which doesn’t please me, but I’ll be happy to have a functioning shoulder again.
  6. In preparation for Naples I have been lying out in the sun for 20 minutes each day.  It seems that I have developed an allergy to the sun!  Each day my back, chest and legs develop hives from the exposure so I think it best I get a UV shirt for my trip.

That’s all for now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!


Complete Yourself


The empty canvas stares, mocking her

fears meant to be poured out as vibrant splatters.

Beastly secrets seething in the artist’s soul gather,

pounding on the doors of Hell, summoning to be released.

Into a dream of fairy tales and lovers’ sacred decree.

The artist must choose, a life of murder or letting go.

Release the demons within, and row

the boat in a river of untouched goals.

She escapes to become one with God, her savior truly.

Takes off like a bird, and revels in the world’s trivial beauties.

Travel this game of life one place at a time,

Roll the dice and see where you go,

like a drop of rain before the rainbow.

Expand the bounds of your horizons, illuminate them with pastel.

Go conquer your fears, and complete yourself.


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Do You Ever Stop to Analyze Your Fears?

Diary of a Recovering Codependent

Where did they come from? Why are they so powerful? What gives them power?

There are many types of fears and some of them are quite valid but that is for another post. This post has to do with the silly fears developed in my younger years and are completely ridiculous for the woman I am today.

Lucy and I have had many conversations about fears…mostly mine. She seems to be afraid of nothing. Well, wait a minute; she has a fear of needles…Big Sissy! Anyway, during these discussions I realized that I use to be pretty much, afraid of breathing! Every time a subject came up, I would say, “oh, I use to be afraid…” or “I’m afraid of…” Shoot! Was there anything in my life that I was not afraid of??? These conversations sparked much hysterical laughter and endless daunting from Lucy. But through these conversations I was…

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America is not a Christian nation.

Lucky Otters Haven

I expect this post will make some people angry, but I don’t care.   I don’t care how much the modern GOP goes on about God and how America is a “Christian” nation. Trump and no one in his inner circle (or maybe his entire administration) are Christians.  I don’t care how often they say they go to church or quote from the Bible.  All that’s nothing but a sales pitch meant to deceive.  If they actually believe they are Christians, then they are the ones who are deceived.

Piety does not equal godliness.  As a friend of mine put it, if Satan were to start a religion, he wouldn’t use pentagrams and blood sacrifice. No, that would be too obvious. He would wrap his dark agenda that preaches the values of greed, narcissism, and selfishness in a shell of legalistic, punishing far-right “christianity.” He would use a few superficial selling…

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Life update

Therapy Bits

I’m having a pretty good afternoon. I’m relaxed and in a good mood.
Its nice to feel calm. It feels good.
Strange, but good. I’m so used to feeling on edge, stressed out etc that I dont know how it feels to just sit and be.
I like this feeling.
My dads getting sick. He has something going on with his chest. He is coughing a lot and he also has stomach issues going on. we are trying to get him to see a doctor but he keeps refusing. i told him he isnt going to get better by doing nothing.
Nitro is doing good. He’s happy. He’s such a cuddle bug. Always looking for pats. He has taken to licking my toes lately to show his affection for me. its pretty cute.
overall life is good this afternoon. I hope your all having a good saturday.

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Sunrise Sermon: It’s Her Day

Two Are Better Than One


From the time we were conceived, we were loved with as much strength as the human heart can muster. Most of us would do anything for mom. An even greater love comes from God our Father. His love has no limits — a love that our minds lack the capacity to understand. Would you also do anything for him — the one who loves you most?  He asks us to honor our mothers and fathers. Surely we can do that for him and for them.

That doesn’t seem so hard to do as we get older and start to appreciate our parents’ wisdom. Personally, I’d like a do over for my teenage years as I was most likely temporarily insane. I had to be hard to love at that stage, but my mom stuck it out. The incessant eye rolling and bad attitude was enough to make any mom flee…

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Today’ Featured Bolg is…Kindergarten Knowledge!!


Maya Angelou quote

We made a decision when we lost our son to not be bitter. That would have been the easy way out. He was only 26 years old. Bitterness would have kept us in one spot without movement upwards. Bitterness would have sent us downwards. Bitterness would have kept us from knowing who we are and what we can rise from.

We did not want to feel anger about the car accident. That would have been the easy way out.

We did not want to be resentful towards the person who lost control and crossed over into another lane of traffic. That would have been the easy way out.

We did not want to be sad. Little did we know that sadness is a new segment of life to someone who has lost a child. The sadness does not occur every day or even every week. Sadness just happens. Sometimes…

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First Impressions Are Hard To Overcome

Yesterday someone said to me “You seem to have it together”; I took it as a compliment and moved on.  Later I began thinking about what he said and how he came to that conclusion after being with me in a one hour meeting.  Maybe it was my appearance? After all I was wearing my favorite dress shirt.  All joking aside, how is it that we come to conclusions about people after only having met them for several minutes?


“First impressions are hard to overcome.”  Science has proven that human beings quickly evaluate a person and make definitive conclusions about the person based on our initial impression.  And that impression stays with us for quite some time until a new pattern emerges and takes its place.

I find this fascinating.

It makes me wonder who out in this world has a false impression of me based on a chance encounter years ago.

Positive Quote 10.05

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.

Jamie Paolinetti (b. 1964)

Have a blessed day all. ❤

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