The killer known as “Stress”.

Blissfully Informed Hippie Chick is on my go-to list for blogs I read on a regular basis. I love to read blogs where the author is not afraid to express an opinion. I love this blog post on stress!

Beginners Beware: Five Basic Blogging Blunders

This post lists some very good information about errors bloggers make. Here are a few reasons that deter me from following a blog: 1. too lengthy, 2. too mundane, 3. too prideful, 4. always trying to sell something. Any surprise all of my reasons are all listed on Feed the Monkey’s post? Don’t do these things or you will not find followers. Consider this a public service announcement!

Blogging 101: tips & things to think about when starting a blog

This is the first list of tips that I found that had some crucial information about including internal and external links in your blog.  I began using this method several months ago and am getting great results on my online rankings.  You must educate yourself about SEO and the use of internal and external linking.  Click the link below and pay close attention to #5 and #8.


Do you want to start blogging? You’ve come to the right place! Blogging 101: things to think about when starting a blog!

Source: Blogging 101: tips & things to think about when starting a blog

Blogging Series – Part IV: How to Tackle Your First Year of Blogging

I have a lot of new subscribers that are also very green bloggers. This post is for you so read this carefully and take notes! All of these tips apply and are muy importante!!

Ashley Landry

Happy Thursday, friends! I hope you enjoyed this week as I have certainly enjoyed sharing it with you. With my first year of blogging complete, I wanted to find a way to use the knowledge that I gained to help others who may be considering this process. So, I put together a few tips that I learned this year. Check out below for ways to guide you through your first year of blogging!

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Tips to make a blog popular!!

Before I started my blog I spent several months educating myself and reading about blogging strategies. The first day of my blog I had a plan to grow it and number of followers I wanted in my first year. All of these tips on nikhil palavalasa I used and still use; especially post length and networking. Some of the 100 blogs I read each day go on and on and on. Some are 3,000-4,000 words long!! And those blogs usually have low followers. I work to keep my post to 400-700 words because I timed myself and it takes less than 4 minutes to read, max!!

nikhil palavalasa

Newbies to the blogging world have this question in their mind: How to make my blog popular? Everyone likes it when their blog starts getting huge traffic! It is such a feel good moment to know that there are people out there who like to read our ramblings!

I have been blogging for more than 3 years now. I also had a chance to speak to few bloggers whose blogs get more than 1000 hits a day! So I guess I have enough XP to advise the novice bloggers. But let me confess something before I start, my blog happens to be one of the dullest blogs in terms of popularity and traffic! On a good day, I get 10 views and on a bad day, I get none!!

Without any further delay, here are the 5 tips to create a smashing blog:

1. Networking: The most important step to…

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10 Mistakes New Bloggers Make

Every morning I try to read 100 blogs. This allows me to personally contact each of my subscribers each month and a half. I see great blogs and I read not so great blogs. I agree with this post and these are very common mistakes bad pages all make. Pay close attention to #1 and #2. I am turned off by bloggers that are trying to out smart the room and by bloggers that cannot take the time to spell check. Good writers understand how to simply information into an easily digested format with words that are spelled correctly.

Beyond Bylines


When you first start blogging, it can be easy to get caught up in the newness of it. That’s when mistakes are likely to happen. Here are 10 things to avoid as a new blogger.

1) Your posts are too hard to understand.

Even the most sophisticated topics can be broken down and simplified. Your goal as a blogger is to work toward effortless reading.

Each sentence should flow consecutively with no confusion or interruption. Blogging is not a chance to show off your high vocabulary skills — save that for Scrabble!

If it’s inevitable you use unfamiliar-sounding terms, try using pictures. We’re visual creatures. Sometimes we have to see photos, charts, graphs, etc. to understand concepts.

If you’re not graphic-savvy, check out “14 Design Tools We Love for Blogging.” My personal favorite: Canva.

2) You don’t spend enough time editing.

Not taking the time to edit is…

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Chair-Falling 101: Nine Tips for Building Your Blog

Roads Diverged has nearly 2,000 followers which is something I look at when considering taking any advice. After all, I am reluctant to take advice from someone that only has 75 followers, right?! So to those that have been blogging for a while these simple tips seems common sense, but I cannot tell you how often I run across blogs that I do not visit often due to failing to follow #3 on this list. Btw, I try to follow every single tip listed in this post! Remember, once again, you’re not reinventing the wheel.

(please be mindful to leave comments here as well as with Roads Diverged. I know he/she will be grateful. Danny)

Pages & Paws

Fall trees and sky

I about fell out of my chair.  Good thing my tumble was cushioned by a wide swath of bare linoleum, or I might have hurt myself.

Really.  Last time I checked my follower stats – which I do about every time Hailey’s Comet appears – I had a couple hundred followers.  As in, bigger than a bread box but not by much.

Well, another comet just passed, so I checked the stats and found I’m well into 4 digits. And counting.  Hence the chair-falling thing.

What did I do to increase my followers?   Did I buy or import any lists?  Offer new subscribers some smoke and mirrors, a fancy floor show or round-trip tickets to Hawaii?  Did I bribe friends, relatives, Romans or fellow country men to sign up?


Truthfully, I didn’t “do” anything.  I just tried to post content that might be interesting, useful, helpful, entertaining, or otherwise…

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10 Tips on Growing Your Blog Audience…

I wanted to share Karen’s blog advice for 10 great reasons. I practice all of her tips except the last. Read this post carefully and always BOLO for advice from other bloggers. After all, we aren’t reinventing the wheel here!

(as always please be mindful to leave any comments here and with the original blogger. I know they will appreciate the gesture. Danny)

How To Grow Your Blog Audience

As a proud blog mama, creating an online haven is most definitely something I’d highly recommend to anyone. Not only is it bundles of fun but you also get to meet droves of like minded blog buddies from all over the globe. It’s therapeutic, creative and oddly addictive (in the best kind of way) however when starting off it can be a little frustrating pouring all your creative juices into great features but not having an audience to fully appreciate your hard work & efforts.

Although blogging should never be solely about the numbers, it’s still incredibly fulfilling when your readership expands & the support rolls in to reflect your passion. So if you’re new to blogging or just simply want to learn more about growing your audience as organically as possible, then check out these handy hints and tips that have really helped me along the way…



Unless you’ve hours to burn each day, keeping a proactive presence on…

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Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?

If you don’t follow Harsh Reality then do so now. This is the site that I used as my blog “Bible” when I first started. I read every single article Jason wrote about blogging and I followed his instructions and advice to the letter. And the results show. I have over 6,100 subscribers in 10 months of operation. Read and follow what this man’s says!

4 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog!

Introducing Michael’s Origins!

Michael Rios

We all want to increase our follow count and see the traffic views explode, I will get to that in a moment. But, first!

I was left with a lovely comment from Noorain that I want to share with everyone, and what better way to thank her for her kind words then to put her in the spotlight. Thank you Noorain I appreciate your heartfelt kind words of encouragement!


I would like you to read KatieB comment that was left for me. I do hope that she gets the follow back from everyone that she followed. I applaud you.  Katie! 🙂


This is working!


I really have to hand it to Haylee, she keeps me informed on how well this is working for her. Thank you for the comments Haylee!

Please Leave me comments on your success!

Gain more followersOn your right side of the screen, I added a clickable image that is…

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