Danny’s World: Old Boy Is Worn Out

Yesterday I helped a couple coworkers in Shelby which meant I spent the day walking around the uptown area speaking with business owners.  It was hot and incredibly humid and we were out walking for 5 hours or so.  When I got home last night all I wanted to do was eat dinner and veg; which I did!

I also slept in this morning until 7 am to give my body some recovery time.  Living with MS demands that I pay close attention to the temple.  When it says it is time to sleep, I sleep.  I hope all of you out in the blogosphere are preparing your minds to have a great day!

…by the way, how do you like the mug???

Danny’s World: We Arrived Safely

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I have good news!  The beach is still here and it is well.  We arrived last night and being the party animal I am, I crashed out around 9:30.  But I was able to rise early and catch some walking time by the ocean.  Now my mind is purged and I’m ready to get sunburned!

Danny’s World: I Got A Feelin’, That Today’s Gonna Be A Good Day…

I love my neighborhood early in the morning.  The birds are chirping and the animals are getting things done before the heat hits in the afternoon.  The moon is still out and the humidity is low.  Oh, and did I mention we are leaving for the beach tomorrow night?!  I think it’s going to be a good day!


Cyranny's cove


Ok, put an X on your calendar. I am about to talk about politics, and that’s not something you’ll see often.

Nikki, from Flying Through Water has chosen the theme independence for her fourth week of Penguin Prompts… I am guessing it has to do with the fact that Americans celebrated Independence Day this week. Happy Holiday, a bit late, to you all… But I am going to go a little bit further back for my independence prompt.

June 24th is St-Jean Baptiste day in Québec. As in many countries, this holiday was originally one to celebrate Summer solstice. St-Jean Baptiste was first celebrated in 1834 (guess the date!), when Ludger Duvernay organized a large buffet, to unite French and English Canadians… The party was a big success, and it became an official holiday in 1926.

For many Québécois, St-Jean Baptiste is a yearly reminder of the two referendums that…

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This Girl😁

Who's My Favorite Today?

This girl……. : )  She makes me smile!  Avery, Brooke and myself just got back from a mission trip to Ecuador.  It was fabulous and such a blessing to us all (I could go on and on and on…..).  Avery and I had been there 3 years ago, but this was Brooke’s first time going.  I thought she would do well, but I was impressed as to how well she did.  She immediately embraced these children who were strangers and from a different culture.  It’s such a good reminder that no matter where you live, what language you speak, or what you have or don’t have,…. we are all just humans.  We all love our children and want to live a happy life.  All over the world.

This experience did have its surprises for Brooke.  In the Quechua culture, young girls typically get married in their early teen years.  One…

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Shine Bright

Peace from Panic


I smiled when I saw this quote. I pictured my daughters and their friends playing with glow sticks when they were younger. I’d buy them for the kids to have at parties, in shapes of necklaces and bracelets. It was fun to bend and snap the dull-colored sticks, and watch them magically light up.

But this quote has a much deeper meaning. It reminds me of several of my family members who are in the military. In boot camp, they were broken down before they were built back up. It took years of training to develop them into the brave soldiers that they’ve become.

When I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, it nearly broke me. I had panic attacks every time I drove, went to the grocery store, or the mall. It got to the point where I worried every time I had to go out. I was afraid…

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All Their Faces…

Cyranny's cove


All the people
all their faces
shapes and sizes
ways of speaking
outward appearances
part in hair
earrings, tattoos
fashion of dress
styles and colors
smells and sounds

All the people
everyone else
I’ve met over time
each and every person
my entire life
every waking moment
every breath taken
every thought

How can you be
so different
so unique
think so differently
see me like no others

How can you be
someone who makes
someone who says
someone who can’t

can’t seem to live
without me?

How can you….

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Danny’s World: I Slept Better Last Night


Last night I made sure I went to sleep a bit earlier and I actually slept well.  This morning I feel rested and ready to go.  I’m headed to Shelby to help a funeral home with their Google My Business page and then back to Charlotte to help a client shoot a short video for their Facebook page.  I have such a cool job!  I hope everyone has a great hump day!

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