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Being Lydia!

On Friday, April 6th, the Humboldt Broncos hockey team set out in a bus bound for a playoff game in another small Saskatchewan (Canada) community. It was a routine trip for them and their driver, who had been bussing junior hockey league teams around for many years.

However, this trip would be like no other. It would end in tragedy of a magnitude so high the whole country is still reeling over a week later. The bus collided with a fully loaded semi truck killing 16 of the 30 people on the bus and injuring everyone else. The exact cause of the accident has not been determined as yet, though they are looking at the fact the truck driver had only been on the job a few weeks.

To make matters worse, because most of the players were between the ages of 16 and twenty and had dyed their hair blonde…

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6 Ideas on How to Use Emotion to Help You Change Your World

I did not post my thoughts on Friday for the 9/11 memorial.  Every year I have paid my respects to the men and women that lost their lives that day by watching the replay of that morning in its entirety.  This past Friday was no exception.

It always brings back the emotion in its exactness and always puts life in perspective.  Life in the United States has changed dramatically since that day and I am sure will continue to change for quite sometime.  I hate seeing the people jumping from the Towers, I hate seeing the people running for their lives, I hate watching the buildings collapse.  It makes me sad, angry and motivated.

Featured Image -- 5816Many times in life it takes some type of ultra-emotional event to prompt us to take action.  Whether it is a heart attack that convinces us to finally shed a few pounds or someone we love breaking off a relationship which causes us to see we need to work on our interpersonal skills.  Emotion is a great starting point for achieving a goal or making changes in our lives.  It can prove to be an incredible force that can alter the course of life.

Here are a few things that came from my 9/11 remembrance this past Friday:

  1. Take advantage of each day and give life the best effort I can.
  2. Forgive more readily.
  3. Be more compassionate.  See the struggles of others and do something to help.
  4. Take time to participate in activities that bring me joy.
  5. Be sure to show my wife that I love her every day.
  6. Practice a life of consideration and kindness.

So many people died that day leaving kids, wives, brothers, sisters, moms and dads all alone.  I am certain they would trade anything to have a few moments with their loved one; to hear their voice or see them smile.

I encourage each of my readers to keep life simple and remember what is truly important.  Your bills will get paid at some point and I would hate for you to miss the last moments with a loved one because you were too busy fretting over trivial things.

Life will take care of itself; it is up to us to take care of each other.

Farewell My Love

A thoughtful dedication to Allison Parker and Adam Ward the two reporters that were shot and killed in Virginia…

Michael Rios

In the shadow of the night

I fear you might

A candle lights

Hopes, dreams of futures past

Fade away like a distant memory –a cast away

I see you blow affectionate kisses

Night has fallen

I hear you calling

Faint cries rattle on the window pane

Covers donned while you toss and turn

Tears of tomorrows sorrow fill night’s air

Soft warm hand pressed on cheek

While you squeeze the very essence of me

Gentle whiffs of past scent remain

Hair tangled –drenched from somber moans

There is no wrench

Our time was brief

Though life can be cruel

Our love was true

Stronger than all the rivers

And when you shiver –know it is I blowing you a kiss.

Farewell my love

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Good Night All

I want to personally thank everyone for their condolences.  The funeral was beautiful and we had an 8 car police escort to the cemetery.  I have never seen such a sight, police cars racing ahead to block intersections, sirens blaring…I am sure my Grandma was looking at the whole event and wondering why such a fuss?!   She didn’t like people making a big deal over her.


The flowers we ordered were stunning which made me happy.  My mind is tired and my emotions are spent so I think I will keep this post simple and short.

Thank you so much to those that emailed and commented.

Now I guess this old rock gets back to spinning and we get back to living. Maw Maw is gone, but I will not forget all those things that made me love her so much.  Until we see each other again…

Good night all,


A Tribute to my Wife

Enjoy A Tribute to my Wife!

Minister Is A Verb

While I know that other married men will dispute the claim, I have the most awesome wife in Memphis.

For those who are not familiar with how we came to be a couple, ask me some time why the phrase “Women and hair are not subject to logic. Now shut up, Tim!” was involved.

From that auspicious beginning, how could we fail to have the sort of relationship that makes people wonder if we are arguing when they hear us talking together?

Seriously, she understands me better than I understand myself and she calls me on my B.S. more than all the other people who know me combined. (That last bit is much more important to men than we like to admit.)

I don’t tell her nearly often enough how much I appreciate her and how much she has helped me to be a better person. So, this tribute is…

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