Halloween TV Havoc!: Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett does “THE MONSTER MASH” on American Bandstand (1964)

What would Halloween be like without the Monster Mash??!!

cracked rear viewer

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without listening to “The Monster Mash”! Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett hit the charts multiple times with his novelty song tribute to Frankenstein, Dracula, and all things monster! From 1964, here’s Bobby (and AB host Dick Clark) with THE MONSTER MASH:

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what the Halloween Candy you give out says about you – Infographic…

Haunted Decorations (Salem, MA)

This is New England Nomad! I was born in Holyoke, Ma and have a few friends from Salem, so seeing these pics brought back some great memories of trips in New England!

New England Nomad

There’s something magical about Halloween.  It’s a time when adults can still pretend to be a kid again, even just for one night.  Even the most mature, sober person can forget their responsibilities and relive their carefree days just a little.

For the remainder of the week, I will be posting the remaining photos from my trips to Salem, MA.  In this edition, I am posting photos of the various decorations, some other miscellaneous things and, of course, a few dogs from my travels in Salem.

Salem is known world wide for getting into the spirit of Halloween.  Everywhere you look, there are decorations of the season.



Besides the vendors selling merchandise there are also games and other fun types of activities.  This particular activity was meant to see if people could maintain eye contact with a complete stranger and possibly make a connection, even on just a platonic level…

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10 Mistakes New Bloggers Make

Every morning I try to read 100 blogs. This allows me to personally contact each of my subscribers each month and a half. I see great blogs and I read not so great blogs. I agree with this post and these are very common mistakes bad pages all make. Pay close attention to #1 and #2. I am turned off by bloggers that are trying to out smart the room and by bloggers that cannot take the time to spell check. Good writers understand how to simply information into an easily digested format with words that are spelled correctly.

Beyond Bylines


When you first start blogging, it can be easy to get caught up in the newness of it. That’s when mistakes are likely to happen. Here are 10 things to avoid as a new blogger.

1) Your posts are too hard to understand.

Even the most sophisticated topics can be broken down and simplified. Your goal as a blogger is to work toward effortless reading.

Each sentence should flow consecutively with no confusion or interruption. Blogging is not a chance to show off your high vocabulary skills — save that for Scrabble!

If it’s inevitable you use unfamiliar-sounding terms, try using pictures. We’re visual creatures. Sometimes we have to see photos, charts, graphs, etc. to understand concepts.

If you’re not graphic-savvy, check out “14 Design Tools We Love for Blogging.” My personal favorite: Canva.

2) You don’t spend enough time editing.

Not taking the time to edit is…

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What is your favorite part of fall? I will leave comments open today to read what you guys like about this time of year.

Fantastic Em

Welcome October! My favorite month out of the year. The leaves are changing, humidity has dissipated, and it is prime time for cider mills. I absolutely love going to the cider mill, and in Michigan there is no shortage of amazing ones to check out! Our all time favorite is Westview Orchards, located in Romeo, MI. I remember we discovered it when I was about 11 years old, before it became super popular 🙂

Unfortunately, we may not get to do our annual cider mill day this year. things have been tight financially, we have something going on every weekend this month, and I am about to start my job which I am VERY excited for!

So, if we don’t make it, here are a few photos showing why we love Westview and all of the goodies they have to offer 🙂 (2012)




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