Gift Bows on My Bathroom Mirror (Daily Word Prompt is Glitter)

This is My Loud Bipolar Whispers!!

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

When looking at yourself in the mirror I want you to know

that what appears on the outside is beautiful and will show

the reflection of your inner beauty radiating out through you

with each day enhancing your beauty like the morning dew.

Each day you are growing, changing and improving fast,

becoming more special as you were the day before last.

Forever attached to my bathroom mirror will always be

beautiful gift bows that glitter and shine for you to see,

as forever reminders that you are a gift for you and me.

Created by God.

Designed by God.

Protected by God.

Loved forever by God.

God created us as beautiful, special and unique gifts for us all,

with a diversity of looks, colors and sizes from large to small.

We are all uniquely gift wrapped in our diverse beautiful outer layers that store

and hold who we truly…

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Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/20/17


Let me ask you a question:

If you were to plan to do one intentional good deed today what would it be?

Where There Is Smoke

This is Being Lydia!


Daily Prompt – Blur

We were moving my ex out of the house we shared. Finally, I was going to get all of my belongings, which would hopefully give me some closure. The only reason I offered to help was I wanted to make sure I got what was mine, including half of the damage deposit.

I worked hard at cleaning each room as we emptied it. The huge window in the living room took awhile but I got it sparkling, at least on the inside. We loaded up his truck and my car once more for his new place before we would load my car with my stuff and call it a night.

When we got back to the house I thought something was wrong. The window I worked so hard on was once again dark and blurry. As we came up to the door we could see the smoke…

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Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/18/17


Let me ask you a question:

My personal mission statement is: Seek out ways to add value to the world around me, every day.  

Do you think it is important to be intentional about your daily interactions with other people?

Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/17/17


Let me ask you a question:

If you could do one thing today to make someone’s day, would you do it?   If so, why are you waiting?

Daily Post

This is The Courage To Shift!!



I have to admit, I REALLY, REALLY hate squats! Exercise wasn’t in my vocabulary at the time, but I eventually accepted it as a necessary evil (along with a weekly support group for my food addiction) when I re-joined Weight Watchers over thirteen years ago for the last time! I was tired of starting over and finally ready to lose weight, by any means necessary! I can be very dramatic so should clarify that “by any means necessary” really only meant following the program the way it was designed, not just the parts that didn’t require sacrifice (like tracking what I ate or drinking water).

Yesterday after the gym I saw this post on Facebook and had a really good laugh! Today is the perfect opportunity to share it! I’ve grown to love Body Pump, (weight lifting to music) because the music drowns out the screams in my head!. The routine…

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Rich people see the world differently.

Meet Lucky Otter’s Haven!

Lucky Otters Haven


I’ve long noticed that middle, working class and lower middle class families seem to care more about each other and show more empathy and generosity to each other than upper middle class and wealthy families, who often seem cold and unsupportive, even to their own. Many upper middle class families, including my own, seem to take the “sink or swim” attitude even to their own children. They refuse to offer either emotional or financial support when you fall on hard times. Their attitude is, each man or woman is an island and no one is responsible for you but yourself. They don’t seem to believe in lending a helping hand when one of their members falls down or is having difficulty. In fact, too many seem likely to kick that person when they’re down and blame the victim for their troubles. “Well, if she had only done this or that,”…

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Expectation–Daily Prompt

This is Fearless!!


I used to have really high expectations of other people. I think it was because I knew what I would do in that situation, and therefore thought everybody should think the same way. Since my father has passed away, my mother expects me to do everything he did, without being asked. They were married for 67 years, so it would be impossible for me to know everything that he did and in the same way for my mother. I have to remind my mother about that often.

I have learned that my expectation for others is unrealistic. I’m not sure how the switch happened, but I think as I draw closer to God and rely solely on Him, I am not so wrapped up with what others do or think.

I know that He will never leave me or forsake me. I know He is for me. I know that…

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Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/16/17


Let me ask you a question:

Please take time to think before you answer this one…What is the best/right moral system?