When Did I Become the Old Guy?


When Did I Become the Old Guy?

There is the funny thing that I have noticed in my life lately: youngsters are calling me “sir”.  Now some might be shocked that I have been around young people who have manners, but that isn’t my point.  I can’t believe I’ve gotten to a place where I’m not viewed as being young by someone who is young.

You see, in my mind I still view myself as an energetic 28-year-old.  Barring a few aches and pains I see myself as being instantly ready for full-court basketball.  Or possibly a wrestling match.  Or even 54 holes of golf.  I’m ready to conquer the world.  Jump in a car at any moment for a last-minute road trip.

And then my mental self-image is crushed with a “Thank you sir.”  or “Sir, would you like XXX.”

And it is at that moment that my mind begins to compare and it is in that moment that the comparison falls woefully short.  I am no longer 28 years old.  I can no longer play 54 holes of golf in one day.  I cannot play full-court basketball.  And I’m okay with that.  I’ve adjusted over the years to my life and I have peace with my life and where it is headed.

I guess it is a little difficult to admit that I am no longer young and cannot do the things I did in my youth.  I don’t have a problem with not being young so why does it sting a little to be called “sir”?

“It takes a long time to become young.”  Pablo Picasso

3 Things That Have Dramatically Changed My World


3 Things That Have Dramatically Changed My World

I remember the days of calling and waiting on a cab.  The process of calling a cab was incredibly difficult and required one to know the cab dispatch phone number and required you to be where they needed you to be or they would drive off and leave you.

The thought of calling a cab these days doesn’t exist in most people’s minds.  The cab is the modern-day newspaper or Yellow Pages phone book.  It is antiquated.  It is not user-friendly.  It is a thing of the past or is becoming a thing of the past.

Uber changed all of that a few years ago when they took advantage of the ride share concept and took paid transportation to a whole new level.  The fees are half the price of a cab.  The wait times are one-tenth the time.  The entire process is simple and convenient and effective.  I can open the app, enter a destination and I instantly know how many minutes it will take my ride to arrive and how much it will cost.  From that point on all I have to do is wait a few minutes and joila….instant ride.

The same thing happened when Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007.  They took the Blackberry and made it user-friendly which opened the smart phone concept up to the entire world.    I cannot remember what the world was like prior to having an iPhone and for most people now days, their entire life is stored on that device.  I can access the internet anywhere and any time.  I can find directions instead of using a map.  I can settle trivia disputes at dinner with friends.  I can listen to music and take phone calls and watch YouTube videos; all from one easy-to-use “phone”.

And can you remember your life prior to bottled water becoming popular?  I can’t imagine going to a store and not having a bottled water aisle with 100 selections of water!  The thought of popping in a convenient store and only having sodas as a selection is hard to imagine, but it was like that 25 years ago.  Now clean water can be shipped across the world to any person in any country.  I see hundreds of people every day with a bottle of water in their hand.  The bottle of water has changed us and changed our world.

There have been amazing inventions introduced to the world and many have changed the way we live life.  But few inventions in today’s modern world really change the world that we know.  Changing the way people live their lives is really, really difficult.  Ride sharing, smartphones and water have done just that.  Nowadays these 3 things are commonplace, but their significance should not be undervalued.

Innovation is the modern-day currency; to come up with a concept that takes something that already exists and transforms it into a world-altering reality.  Companies are paying millions of dollars in research to try to do what Jobs did at Apple.  Everyone wants to invent the next iPhone for their industry, but few will do so.

What invention do you recall changing your world?  Leave me your list in the comments!


Take the long way home.


Oddly, last week I wrote about hitting 100—-100 “career” drives since signing on to drive via the Uber app. At that point, my longest trip had been relatively modest—about 20-25 miles, and that had happened fairly regularly. That is, until today.

I started early, forgetting that the clock had sprung forward and we had lost an hour.  The app flipped on at about 6:30 a.m. coffee in hand, SiriusXM radio playing.    The pings started right away and I completed two relatively short trips.   The third ping was from the area of a local college, but I figured on a Sunday morning at the close of Spring Break it wasn’t an airport trip, but likely a breakfast run.    Remember, as an Uber driver you don’t know your destination until you arrive and swipe to begin your trip.

My rider was streetside with bags in tow.  Perhaps I had…

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