One of Those Days

This is a very interesting post on telling ourselves lies and telling ourselves truths.

Awesome By Association


Had one of those days when the truth would have made us all feel better if we had heard the lies than the truth, because the truth was too brutal. Because the truth sounded exactly like what I told myself when I was left alone with my thoughts and the voices in my head; the voices that reflect my own thoughts about my own self. Because the truth made me feel like I wasn’t nearly good enough, or pretty enough, or thin enough, or loved enough. Because the truth made me feel like I wasn’t smart enough… smart enough to admit it to myself and stop the imminent train of pain that would crash into my body of emotions, crushing each and every figurative bone in that body to smitherines. Because the truth made me aware of the fact that I lack honesty with myself. Because the truth unveiled my…

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