This is One More Shot Please!


Don’t give up your dream because someone tells you it isn’t worth it. No one knows what destiny has planned for you, so believe. Believe in yourself for your self-satisfaction. If not for yourself, then believe for the sake of the people who took risks in life and made something great of their lives. Respect them, and respect yourself.

The hope that ignites a spark,

dies out as it fades to dark,

on hearing dispiriting remarks.

They love me but hate the art.

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Daily Inspiration: Pay it Backward

This is The Purple Almond!

The Purple Almond

Just a quick post tonight…

about the impact of

one simple random act of kindness.



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This is One More Shot Please!


Black History Month is an annual celebration since 1976 of the achievements by black Americans. They have such a significant role in the development of our country and I would like to take a moment to commemorate all the black Americans who have brought this country to what greatness is has come to. One month is surely not enough to devote to them.

Watch this video of poets describing what Black History Month means to them. 

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Product Review: Filmora Video Editing Software #Filmora

This is Life Experiment Blog!!


Hi there 🙂

Today I wanted to talk to you about video editing software. I know that quite a few of you also have video blogs  or vlogs. So I figure this might help navigate the waters a bit.

If you are anything like me, trying to find an easy to use video editing software is….nowhere near easy. So you can imagine that I jumped at the opportunity when presented with the chance to review Filmora’s video editing software!

I must admit, that when I initially downloaded this software, it was a bit challenging for my amateur editing brain to process everything. It is set up quite simply. So it does cater to those who are just starting out. The packages offered, create an entirely different realm of possibilities to the editor. I was gifted the fashion package. Which is really awesome! There are loads of templates for creating videos…

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Angelical Wisdoms for the Day 30 Sept

It’s Angelical Wisdoms time at Aria-Bella Rises!!

Aria-Bella Rises


Choose to allow to release the old dead wood that no longer is needed in your life, choose to allow the new to come in like a breath of fresh air 🙂

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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