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This is at the condo in Naples when Evelina and I got engaged in 2012.  We began our trip at Disney, but Hurricane Debbie rained us out.  We decided to move farther west and pass Debbie as she moved east.  It worked the first day, but this video shows you how day 2 turned out!

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If you currently do not utilize the free social media services I would encourage you to rethink your strategy.  It’s not only a great way to connect, but search engines give your page more credibility-SEO.  So here are mine, just click on the link in red and it will take you straight off to my pages:










Danny’s World: Up and At It

I’m not sure why my body wakes me up so early sometimes, but this morning I was awake at 4:30 am.  So instead of tossing and turning I got up and started responding to comments.  One of the things I do is schedule posts for the overnight period as a way to keep views coming in while I sleep.

It’s one little blog “trick” I learned from a buddy of mine a couple years ago.

Summer Lookbook + Catching Up


I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! This summer has kicked off to a great start, with Ramadan already half way through and a looming internship in the big apple. I know it’s been a while since I posted here so I promise I am going to get back into it.

Filming this lookbook took a great deal of work, but boy was it worth it. I really do hope you enjoy it and maybe even end up buying some of the statement pieces. The looks were meant to be as diverse as possible, with different styles and color schemes.

The trends this season are definitely florals and the flared sleeves, as you notice in the lace detail of the green dress and in the striped top as well. A pop of color definitely transforms the looks from “mehh” to “woah,” so don’t forget your Taylor Swift classic red lipsticks…

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Did you know…

The Purple Almond

Yes, as it turns out, the stickers on produce, 

as well as the adhesive, are regulated by the

FDA and deemed safe for consumption.

Considering what else the FDA 

deems as “SAFE”, such as

saccharin or aspartame

I’m not sure that’s very comforting. 🙂

For other interesting facts about

these “stickers” watch this video:

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Stop Waiting For Life To Happen


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You Won’t Believe What I Found While Cleaning My Bag

One More Shot Please!


Hello blogger friends! I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. I used a YouTube video as an excuse to clean out my bag. Don’t judge me 🙈
Is it just me or do you have a lot of trash at the bottom of your bag too? Comment below some of the most interesting things you’ve found! Subscribe and like please!

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