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I make my own coffee every morning.  There are days I like to treat myself.  Being in Northern California, there is an amazing coffee company called Dutch Bros.  If you’ve never heard of them, or worse yet, haven’t tried their coffee, you’re truly missing out!

There is a Dutch Bros. near my office (about 5 minutes away).  What sets this coffee stand apart from the (self-dubbed), ‘Evil Empire (the coffee joint that must not be name – but has a celestial sign + a word meaning money), is it’s product and staff.

While, you can’t go inside, sit down at a table and suck up free Wi-Fi, you can order at the walk-up window or pull up to one of two drive-thrus.   There you can order an assortment of coffees, teas and blended drinks.

As a coffee purist (also self-dubbed), if you’re among the few people who don’t need coffee…

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Fearless Friday


Every month or so, I write a blog listing the personal reflection questions I  have at the end of each chapter in my book to stimulate inner contemplation and maybe even healing.  I will post them periodically for your use only.  I am not asking that you share them with me or others, unless you desire to post thought provoking revelations you have received.

You can find my book on WestBow PressAmazon, or Barnes and Noble.

My first chapter is called Life Before MS.  You can find those questions. here.  My second chapter is called Enter MS.  Those questions are listed here.  The third chapter is titled Shaken Up. My next chapter is Living Well. The fifth chapter is Life Abundant.  Next are the questions from Chapter six–God’s Love.

The last chapter in my book is titled Going Forward.  Here…

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Alistair and Alexis and the Christmas Countdown

Biff Sock Pow

vintage-christmas-cards 1

Episode 1

I was in my den, recumbent upon my dear old recliner and with my feet up on the coffee table (in direct defiance of house rules).  A fire crackled in the fireplace.  Soft music tinkled on the hi-fi.  In short, I was the very picture of serenity and relaxation.  And why not?   I felt I deserved a little quiet time to be alone with my thoughts (such as they were) and to recover from the lunacy of the past week.  Chaos had finally packed its bags and vacated the premises (and good riddance!).

I sighed happily.  What better place for a man (this man specifically) to escape from the trials and tribulations of the world than into my den, my man cave, my sanctum sanctorum?  In this room I am I master and commander.  I am lord of this modest realm; laird of this estate.

My absolute monarchy…

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I’ve Been Scolded – Mrs. Completely


I hate lectures that revolve around bad habits and lack of effort. Okay…….to be clear, I enjoy listening to lectures that involve other people’s bad habits and lack of effort, just not my own. I would find it…

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Cyber Stress

Peace from Panic

Image result for images of christmas salesFeeling anxious at this time of year is nothing new for me. I start getting nervous by the end of November. Every holiday season, I promise myself I’ll make it simpler. For the most part, I have. We’ve cut back on our gift list and social obligations. But still… I want to help make Christmas extra-special for my family and friends.

Part of doing that is finding just the right presents. It makes me feel good to give, it brings me joy. The problem is there’s added pressure, not to mention time and money.

For guilt-free holiday wrapping, check out our creative reuse ideas for pretty holiday packaging that will save money—and the planet. | Photo: istockphoto.com | thisoldhouse.com

This is the first year I’ve done the bulk of my shopping online. I’m happy to avoid the crowded malls and packed parking lots. But I wouldn’t say buying items online is completely stress-free.

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday. Lots and lots of online deals. My email account has been flooded, absolutely…

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Orphan Sunday and its MAJOR problem.

Lifting Taboos


As an orphan who has found a home, I am greatly offended by those people and churches who celebrate this thing called “orphan” Sunday.

I am deeply bothered because the “so-called” orphans, are actually no longer orphans. So why are we celebrating something that no longer is part of the child’s life?

Also, keeping in mind that at least 80% of children who are deemed “orphan” are actually not orphans but the Western World bends the rules to satisfy their need for a child….not the child’s need for a family. 

As an adoptive parent, I would NEVER subject the child I am raising to a day where she legally lost all of her connections. Thanks to the fact that her adoption was more of a kinship adoption, she has a very open and free relationship with her family. She has access to them just like they have access to her…

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Happy Thanksgiving.

Lucky Otters Haven


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today, I am thankful for my friends, my family, good food, animals, nature, music, laughter, God’s grace, WordPress, and last but not least, Robert Mueller!

I’m also thankful I still live in a country where freedom of speech and a free and open Internet is allowed.   Who knows how much longer we will have them? If you’re as thankful for those things as I am, join the fight to save them!

Appreciate all the good things you have, no matter how small.

If you aren’t working today, relax, eat much, and enjoy your day!

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Happy 105th Birthday Doris Duke


This gallery contains 9 photos.

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is Doris Duke’s 105th birthday.  She was in the newspapers from the day she was born, her every move chronicled and scrutinized.  Her art collection, the house she built in Hawaii, her love life, she did…

365 Challenge: Day 254 – Glutton

This Is My Truth Now

Glutton: an excessively greedy eater


Thanksgiving is at the forefront of my mind today for a few reasons. It’s this week. It’s my favorite holiday. I am thankful for all the book reviews and ratings, which led to a special announcement on my author website (2018 GLASS Family Short Story Collection) for today’s final blog tour post. After I published the post, which I’ve been planning for a while, I kept thinking… “Jay, you’re glutton for punishment.” Seriously, I keep taking on more and more without any real desire or intelligence to stop myself. That said… being a glutton is usually associated with over-eating too much… and for many of us, that’s coming down the pike, barreling 60+ mph in less than 48 hours. It’s TURKEY day… well, I mean Thanksgiving, in the USA. I’ll post more about that on Thursday, but for today…

The 365 Daily Challenge…

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