Life – A Precious Jewel

The Daily Stroll

Twilight melted away, colours spread across the sky, red orange glow seeping over the horizon as if the light itself was being poured from the molten sun. The lines of glares that shot on my eyelids awaked me.

I have been waiting for this morning for so long that I barely believed my eyes when the shadow of that castle of my own fear starts to fade diluted by the onset of daylight.

I was engrossed in the web of my own thoughts when I heard a shrill sound of a gentle knock at my door, and I leap out of my bed faster than a gusty wind from a window. I opened the door and it was mom standing with the mix expression of excitement and fear before I could have said anything she spoke,”Avanti, your dad and me are waiting for you downstairs yours results are going to…

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My Week 197: The Joys of Gardening, Plants I Hate


“What the f*ck is up with raspberries?!” I asked Ken in the car yesterday. Ken looked simultaneously taken aback by the question yet somehow not very surprised at the way it was put to him.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Isn’t the whole point of fruit, of virtually EVERYTHING alive on this planet, to procreate and spread in the most efficient way possible? Like cherries, for example. Birds and tree-rats eat them, then they poop out the pits somewhere else where a new cherry tree can form.”

“I’m missing the point,” Ken answered. “Why are you so mad at raspberries?”

“Because they’re f*cking stupid! AND passive-aggressive. The berries are on top, all beautiful and beckoning, and then you get in there and it’s like being attacked by a school of piranhas. No wonder they’re almost extinct.”

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s true,” said Ken.

“Well, they should be! They’re…

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Beautiful Scars

Issues from the Heart

Image result for beautiful scars

You look at me but what do you see?

Pain,  ashes, fear, shame, mourning, regret, mistake,  failure, and lost identity

You assume that you have the 411 on me because of what you heard on the street

When I pass by, you blatantly stare disdainfully with the intent to intimidate

Sorry to inform you that your information has been outdated

As a matter of fact, it is ancient history

And to stay with the current then you need an upgrade and an update

You see the scars you see is only skin deep

And there are deeper dimensions lying beneath the surface

You think the scars have disfigured and completely deformed

But you cannot comprehend just how beautiful they truly are

As all these scars have been transformed

You see my pain has been enveloped in joy

My ashes has been exchanged for beauty

Strength has replaced fear, gladness has been traded…

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Inner demons.

Fearlessly Making Sunshine Through The Shadows

If I were sitting at a fold out table, covered with cloth, flowers and plastic pearls as a center piece, in a banquet hall…

And if I were to see the girl that is my mirrored reflection walk in and sit across from me…

My soul would say:

She’s so pretty. Is she lost?

No, she sat down, she’s meant to be here.

If a man walked in, a man of my husband’s mirrored reflection, my soul would say:

Is she alone? Oh, her ring, she’s waving him over – that must be her husband.

A hand squeeze as he sits beside her…

They’re so cute! I bet they go well together.

Are my husband and I cute? We fight sometimes… we have such heavy issues and they look so happy! I’m so jealous.

Her eyes are so blue! Almost grey… quite clear behind her glasses – of which, I…

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Serious about negotiating fair and square? Then read this.


All too often negotiators end up like the proverbial children who quarreled over an orange. After they finally agreed to divide the orange in half, the first child took one half, ate the fruit and threw away the peel, while the other threw away the fruit and used the peel from the second half in baking a cake.

depositphotos_84856838-stock-photo-tasty-orange-cut-in-halfHow-orange-peelsToo many negotiations end up with half an orange for each side instead of the whole fruit for one and the whole peel for the other. Why?

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Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The Purple Almond

Through prayer…

we love…

through love…

we forgive.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s evening quotes

based on “LOVE”!

God bless and good night.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

Until next time

Namaste my friends


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Write Anything Wednesday


I told you yesterday the husband was going to do a sketch for me of Anne Frank.  He did this on the train last night on his way home from work.  This is why I love him so much, he’s always been such a great husband and he’ll be my best friend forever ❤   


I’ve put up some of his latest work.  It’s a great website with a lot of amazing pictures.  I hope you will go take a look ❤  Y A Y it’s hump day and almost friyay !!!!  It’s going to be a great weekend.  Father’s Day, my #3 son’s 30th bday.  Yes he was born on Father’s Day and time for vacation.  I’m going shopping on Friday, Y A Y to a really great open air mall.  Haven’t been shopping in along time so it should be fun.  Of course it will probably remind why…

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