The Sword Of Damocles


Can the poet avoid the Sword of Damocles
Suspended above his head
By the thinnest thread?
His pleas
To those who he has offended
That he is merely speaking the truth
Will not prevent
The descent
Of sword from roof.

The poet’s curse
Is to write verse
That will
Sometimes chill
His readers to the heart.
They will traduce
Him for his art,
But the sword of truth
He must brandish high
Else he will die

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Still no apartment, epidural and bankruptcy

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

From a supposed move in time of March 1, no communication at all. Very frustrating. I know it doesn’t matter to them and we are just needy nobodies to them. Do they think I would put myself in this position if I didn’t have to. Very humiliating the treatment can be. I am afraid when they finally call to view the apartments I will be otherwise engaged in something I can’t change.

Still waiting for my court date for the bankruptcy. I did get the court number for my case, but still no date set.

I just had my 3rd lumbar epidural. I actually feel less pain this time. Maybe it will work this time and we can start on the neck. This time I did it with iv sedation and not a local. I never felt or knew it happened until they were waking me up. Costs more, but…

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February | Little Wins of 2018

Random Musings

I told you I was gonna write this one. Lol

  • Opened up to people who I think could be trusted about some things.
  • Galentine’s Day. Such a touching day. Empowering women all over the world. Need I say more?
  • Gave handwritten letters to my girl friends as inspired by one of my amazing best friends.
  • Oh! Oh! Oh! Sophia Bush liked my comment on her post. That was an ultimate fangirl moment! She’s the most amazing girl power role model I know!
  • And, well, Valentine’s. Thanks to friends who never let you feel alone on this kind of days. Not that it’s necessary to not be alone that day.
  • Feeling like I’ve matured over something I’d handled so poorly in the past. The operative word being: feeling.
  • Still bringing home-cooked lunch to the office!
  • Still using reusable bags in the market.
  • Oh! General cleaning, done! Been postponing that for quite…

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Take the long way home.


Oddly, last week I wrote about hitting 100—-100 “career” drives since signing on to drive via the Uber app. At that point, my longest trip had been relatively modest—about 20-25 miles, and that had happened fairly regularly. That is, until today.

I started early, forgetting that the clock had sprung forward and we had lost an hour.  The app flipped on at about 6:30 a.m. coffee in hand, SiriusXM radio playing.    The pings started right away and I completed two relatively short trips.   The third ping was from the area of a local college, but I figured on a Sunday morning at the close of Spring Break it wasn’t an airport trip, but likely a breakfast run.    Remember, as an Uber driver you don’t know your destination until you arrive and swipe to begin your trip.

My rider was streetside with bags in tow.  Perhaps I had…

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Throwing in the Towels

The Planet According to Dom

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom Have towel, will travel

The annual Halloween fancy dress ball set in a candle-lit cave in the Forest of Dean was a must-do event in the social calendar. Defined as a ‘Spice Classic’, it was a firm favourite which would sell out within weeks of being advertised.

We cannot take the credit for finding this awesome venue; by the time we took over our particular Spice group the event had been running for a number of years. Our predecessor had procured the most basic of accommodation and for the first two years of our tenure we stuck it out in a dismal, grimy youth hostel, complete with single sex dorms and chewing gum encrusted bunk beds. Most of the old school members liked its communal feel; we had the entire venue to ourselves and there was a huge dining area for breakfasts, suppers and for general chats and costume adjustments…

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Issues from the Heart

Image result for strategy

Accomplishing your goal can be done by having a strategy

Steps to be taken must be keenly outlined in a strategic plan

One by one the wheels must turn

While adhering to time or date set for the next step

However, there is one key step you must never forget

That is to put God first at the onset of each new task

As you continue you will see

The dream unfolds and realize you have in your hand the victor’s cup

All this was done because of the clearly outlined strategy which incorporated the One who always gives us the victory

1/21/2018 Dr.R.A

via Daily Prompt: Strategy

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Sunrise Sermon: Arms Wide Open

2 R Better Than 1

Ever have a bad day? I mean a really bad day? You know the kind of day I’m talking about — where so many things go wrong that this becomes your expectation. Before the day is even over, you just wish it would end. You’re frustrated and might even be tempted to cry. Bump that! You wept — weeping and wailing like Lazarus had died.

On those days, you just have to stop and check yourself. Is it really a bad DAY? Think about it. If you tell someone that you had a bad day, it’s safe to assume that every aspect of your day was crummy from beginning to end. Yes? That means there were no moments of joy, celebration, or grace. Right? Well, let’s reframe that terrible, no good, frustrating day.

First and foremost, God woke you up to experience this terrible, no good, frustrating day. You are…

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The View From My Window

All thoughts have gone amiss as the sky and water causes me to wonder

with this unforgettable moment on my mind.

(click on image to see enlargement)

Copyright 2018~The View From My Window

All Rights Reserved



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My Week 180: Star Wars Death Elevator, Purple Rain


Well, I managed to survive another week, and by survive, I mean LITERALLY not get killed. Over the course of the last few days, something terrifying happened, and something lovely also happened. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Obviously, the bad news, right? Because we need to get the sh*t out of the way so that we can celebrate the good things that life has to offer. So away we go…

On Thursday, I decided that I wanted hot chocolate. I like to make it with half hot water and half milk, but the communal milk in my mini-frig was sour (sorry, M, but we aren’t drinking that sh*t fast enough—pick up the pace!), and I decided to pop down to the store on the corner to buy a new carton. I came back into the building with my bag of milk, and some hummus and…

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It’s a love thing…

Chanty's Cosmos

So the other day Peter and I were sitting in a restaurant and I overheard a couple talking. Please don’t get me wrong…I didn’t mean to eaves drop. I just happened to hear what they were talking about. We were the only people sitting in that section so it was kind of unavoidable to hear. Plus I’ve got this ability to split my focus on more than three things at once…it comes with motherhood:-)

Anyhoooo. It was a real relaxing environment. You can’t help but to settle yourself into the surroundings so easily, so comfortably. The fact that it was basically a kids free zone made it official that couples could really just let their guards down. So there we were…just chilling on the open deck of the restaurant deliberately choosing light topics to chat about.

That’s when I heard it. The couple who were sitting a few feet away…

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