I heard that there was a little snow down south.

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


Did ya make it to the grocery store for your emergency essentials before pandelerium set in???

Meanwhile in Minnesota, there’s a one vehicle accident on the CrossTown …

tie fighter accident

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I Need a New Beginning With My Blog


On November 26, 2014 I created my first post on WordPress and hit publish.  And 4 years later I am still at it; tired, but still blogging.  And until recently I had posted every day for over 1500 days, a streak that I am quite proud of having achieved.  I went from a daily view high of 149 in March 2015 to having days I clearly 5,000 views.  I went from 0 views to over 1 million views in under 3 years which resulted in over 100,000 comments!  I will admit that I am incredibly proud of having reached and exceeded all of my blogging goals including eclipsing 50,000 total followers.  All of these numbers mean one thing…I am tired.

Honestly, I am worn out.

So with that said some changes are coming for Dream Big.  At the end of this year I will be terminating the Partner program.  I will not be publishing a post everyday, excluding the Let Me Ask You A Question post, and I will be reblogging on a limited basis.  I need to do these things because blogging has become a habit, something I do out of routine with little passion behind it.

I will be posting my thoughts from time-to-time, but I’ll be doing it when I find inspiration or have a thought I’d like to share, not because I feel like I need to post something.  I just want blogging to be fun again and I want to control my page instead of feeling as though my page controls me.

Writing a blog is an interesting journey and it has been so much fun watching this thing take on a life of its own.  Dream Big has developed into something that I never envisioned which is a hub for others to connect.  When I first began my blog I thought I would share some thoughts on my journey from an underachieving procrastinator to an entrepreneur.  What I didn’t realize then was how many bloggers would use my page to find other like-minded people.

I might take more pride in this fact than any other.

Happy Saturday!


Doing This For the First Time Ever…

DannyFor this first time ever I am going to take a short hiatus from my blog.  I will return on Monday with new questions and posts.  I have posted something every day for nearly 3 years and I need a break.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and Ill see you Monday.


Good Morning From Athens Georgia!


Good morning all from Athens Ga!  I only have one quick thought for the day…

I’ve always had it in my mind that I would never let anyone out work me.  Someone might have more experience, they may have more resources, but they will never out hustle me.

Sometimes you have to commit yourself to out-hustling those around you.

Have a great Thursday!


Return From One Trip and Repacked For Another…


We are back from our weekend in New York and all went well.  The bride and groom are off to their honeymoon and the wedding went without a hitch.  We always have a wonderful time in NY and the wedding excitement just added to the experience.   Our flight got back yesterday late afternoon and after a round of laundry, unpacking and repacking, I am back on the road this morning!  Quick turn-around for me.

This week I will be in Athens, Ga to conduct some training with sales executives from across the southeast.  I’ll be working with my mentor this week which will be nice.  It isn’t often that he and I get to train reps together.

With that said, I hope you have a great week.  Remember to hug your loved ones and spend quality time with them!  Have a wonderful Tuesday.


A Really Quick and Easy Recipe Using Quinoa


Evelina made a dish the other night using quinoa that was fairly simple and tasted great!  She added mixed vegetables, black beans, raw spinach, raw kale and soy sauce to some quinoa and cooked it up like fried rice in a pan.

It tasted very good and was incredibly healthy.  No measuring necessary, just add to your liking.  The tricky part was learning how to cook quinoa the proper way.


I Apologize In Advance For What’s About To Happen…


I know reblogging bugs the crap out of a few of you so I am apologizing in advance for the assault on your email inbox.  I have to get caught up today on some reblogging so I am going to machine gun blast out a lot today.  Sorry if it upsets a few.