Please come check out my new weight loss blog, follow me while I try to shed the pounds

Therapy Bits

I am working really hard at losing weight. I want to shed the pounds so badly!
I have made a new blog just for talking about weight loss related issues, like recipes, counting calories, emotional eating, coping while on a nutrition plan, how much I weigh, stats etc.
Please come join me over at

I’d be so grateful as I could use all the encouragement I can get!
thanks guys,

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I have issues

I have issues on Multiple experienceS | My daughter stepped on the scale and was 5-6 pounds lighter. My daughter, who is normal and not obsessed with the…

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Oh no! I can’t fit into my dress!!



I am SO MAD at myself right now! It’s been 6 weeks since major surgery and I am still not allowed to do anything. Seriously, nothing. At least until my physician gives me the green light. And with 6 weeks of minimal movement & the food that accompanies, I’ve gained at a rate of 1 kg (about 2 lbs) per week. 6 kg’s total. I cannot fit into my dress. My beautiful dress.

I spent almost a year last year, fighting to slim down and fit nicely in my swimsuit. Which I finally did, thanks to David. (who is going to be sooooo disappointed). If I could exercise, this would go away, I know it. But what does a person do when they are unable to run, lift, stretch, squat – and the like? I don’t want to go all eating disorder diet, but that…

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The weight I am

The weight I am on Multiple ExperienceS | I battled with my weight my entire life. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998. My neurologist’s letter…

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Healthy Living Update – 11/12/16


For those who have followed me since the beginning you know that I once posted every week about my transition to a healthier lifestyle.  After a while I became bored with posting about health so I continued to live my lifestyle, but stopped posting.  Now I have been inspired to post each week about my progress as I aim to reach a new goal of 165 pounds.

Last week I weighed in at the doctor’s office at 185 pounds and set a goal for yesterday’s weigh-in at 183 lbs.  I am happy so say I recorded a weight of 181.6 lbs.  I did a good job of watching my calories, walking Bentley a couple of times at night and did not drink my calories.  Honestly I believe eliminating calorie drinks made a huge difference.  Needless to say I am thrilled!

So this week I am setting my goal at 180 lbs.  I understand that it is not the healthiest thing to lose a lot of weight each week so I will make sure I eat 2000 calories each day and drink plenty of water.  Plenty of calories will ensure my energy level stays high and remains consistent.

How is your healthy living going?  Nonexistent?  Remember you only have one body so try to take care of it!

Healthy Living Update – 11/5/16


A few weeks ago I updated everyone on my current healthy living progress, which has not been the greatest.  I have decided to post my updates on Saturdays instead of Tuesdays so here goes…

I weighed in at the doctor’s office at a 3 pound loss over the last two weeks; I currently stand at 185 pounds.  I have been keeping my strategy simple by logging and tracking my calories.  I have yet to begin any type of exercise other than walking Bentley due to dealing with allergies.

My goal for Friday, 11/11, is to weigh-in at 183 lbs.  I know this is an aggressive goal but I have a good amount of fat on my belly which should burn quickly.  I have introduced more fruit and veggies and reduced sugars.  My overall goal is to be under 178 lbs. by the end of 2016.

Day 3 Done!!

Courtney’s blog is a new page I have been following because I love the fact she is taking control of her life by implementing habits that will help her achieve her goals. You cannot continue to do the same old things and expect to get brand new and awesome results. Something has to change!

I'm Done Being The Fat Girl

So Day 3 of my 14 Days of Low Carb is done. I was at 37 net carbs by the end of the day. I know I can do better after Saturday because I actually go grocery shopping, lol. I decided to do this challenge on a whim and was not prepared.


My net carbs look like they’re at 33, but they’re actually 37. Somebody put the atkins bar I had in as net carbs, not carbs minus sugar alcohol. That’s the one thing lacking in MFP….you can’t put sugar alcohol in anywhere, so for things that contain it, you’ll have to manually enter and subtract the sugar alcohol from the carbs. I don’t like putting total net carbs in MFP because I’d have to manually enter everything, lol…it’s much easier to just do carbs minus fiber at the end of the day…but you definitely have to watch anything with…

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7 Tips to Getting Motivated Again When You’re in a Rut

I know many of us have tried and tried and tried with no success to lose weight. But here is a post to help get you motivated when you just can’t seem to get going.

healthy. hapa. chick.

weight-loss-motivation-tipsTrying to get your motivation back to lose weight can be one of the most difficult things to do.  I know, because I’ve been there.  Several times.  In fact, my longest rut was probably 2 years long (between 2013 and the start of 2015).  I was up and down the same 10lbs and I just did not have the motivation to do anything differently.  I found myself feeling terrible about myself and often times in tears on the way to (and even during) my WeightWatchers® meetings.  It was terrible.

I have put together some helpful tips to help you find that motivation again and hopefully kickstart your weight loss efforts.


I am my harshest critic and having been around a number of people trying to lose weight, I know the same to be true for them.  The way we…

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These four breakfast mistakes may be behind your failed weight loss attempts

Breakfast is the most important meal for people who are trying to lose weight. And eating the wrong type of food for breakfast is digging a hole before the day even begins. Don’t make these common mistakes!! Give yourself the best opportunity for success. Read this article and educate yourself, don’t assume you know it all.

Love, Cands

Is your excess weight just not budging, despite your hard efforts? The reason for this might be because you’re making mistakes at breakfast. A morning meal kickstarts your metabolism for the day, so you don’t want to mess that up!


Here are four common breakfast mistakes people make that prevents them from reaching their weight loss goals, and how to fix each one.

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Four common breakfast mistakes and how to fix them

#1: You skip the meal as a whole to save calories

Forgoing breakfast may seem like a calorie-saver, but it can actually be a fat trap (gasp!). Researchers at Imperial College London found that when people went without a morning meal, their brand reward centres lit up when they were shown images of high-calorie foods. That means turning down treats becomes harder, and you’re likely to make up for the missed calories with junkier choices later…

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Fat Loss Diet Tips from Expert Dietitian in Delhi

You might think these 9 weight loss tips are too simple to make a difference but I am here to testify to using every one of these, excluding the walking 1 mile. My MS makes walking a mile nearly impossible, but I do try to park a ways from the door of stores to force myself to walk more. This post is great!!

NutriAdvice by Nidhi Sawhney

Losing weight has become a very big issue in every individual’s life. As dieting is the most difficult task for a foodie. Many of us are deeply concerned in losing weight and some of us are even started working. People feel happier when they lose weight and look perfect. We try to find out easiest ways to lose weight faster. Some of us start with high intensity exercises while others start with a new diet chart. We feel more disappointed and irritated if we do not lose weight.

Weight Loss tips

It is important to lose weight as it can directly affect the body. Most of the problems arise due to extra fat that is present in the body. There are many problems that arise due to fat i.e. heart problem, kidney failure, stomach cancer, thyroid, diabetes etc. unwanted fat that is collected in the body can create many problems. One’s overall body…

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