The Loneliest Road in America

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On our way home from Reno on our road trip this past July, we ended up taking a road I had never heard of before. We saw that we were going to be taking a route called Highway 50 for a few hundred miles. At first, I honestly didn’t think twice about it. I thought that this would just be another road, same as any other.


Highway 50 actually stretches across the entire United States, from California to Maryland. It is 3,008 miles (4,841 km) long. As we were entering the highway, we saw a sign that said “Highway 50, The Loneliest Road in America.” This was a little unexpected to see, but I was excited to see if it actually lived up to the name. It turned out that this “normal” road just might turn out to be another highlight of our trip.


The stretch that we were on…

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Terror at the Camp Out (Halloween Story)

A Halloween story from Nutsrok!!



The backyard campout was all Billy and his friends could talk about. My cousin Sue and I furiously watched them build a tent out of old quilts stretched over the clothesline, furious we couldn’t camp out with them. No girls allowed!

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It Is There

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It Is There

by Daniel Ray


No matter where I go it is there
Stalking like a predator
I run, I sit, I ignore
It is there

In the wilderness, all alone
It sees me through the thicket
it crouches, it waits, it watches
It is there

In the palace, surrounded by many
It sees me through the throng
I die, I live, I hate
It is there

For years it has tracked me
Waiting for its moment
Anxious, lonely, troubled
It is there

Finally I stop, exhausted
I run no longer
I plan, I dare, I measure
It is there

Now face-to-face I glare
Into the eyes of my enemy
Looking, wondering, petrified
It is there

Astonished to see myself
For fear is me and I my fear
Confused, relieved, conquered
It is there

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