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‘Project Me’: A Month Complete and Here Are My Results



So I am super excited to share the results of ‘Project Me’ with all of you!¬† (If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can check it out here: Project Me.)¬†¬†To recap I had to make some serious health decisions back around the first week of December after a colonoscopy revealed abnormal growths.¬† I made the decision immediately that I was making changes in the types of foods I put in my body.¬†¬†

I began using a Nutribullet processor, eating a lot more raw veggies and fruits, eliminated all sugary sodas, drinks, fried foods, fast food, processed foods, etc. 

Thus far I am down nearly 2 inches in my waist and almost 8 pounds.  I now weight 180.8 pounds down from 188.

Honestly it hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be to make these changes.¬† I think the health-scare motivation was exactly what I needed.¬† I tried exercising a little, but the MS issues put that on hold although I’m thinking about new things I might be able to do once I hit 175 lbs.¬† The National Arthritis Foundation states that 1 pound of extra fat exerts 4 pounds of extra pressure on the knees so I have effectively relieved 32 pounds of pressure off of my legs and knees.¬† Another 5 pounds might relieve enough pressure to allow me to walk more and maybe begin doing some light exercise to get my body to sweat.¬†

The goal I set in November is to get to 10% body fat and to be in the best physical shape of my life.  Once I get to 175 lbs I plan to stop focusing on weight and begin focusing on health and physique. 

I have decided that I am tired of allowing myself to make excuses for my poor decisions.  I decided I am no longer going to spend time justifying my poor decisions.  I decided I will no longer accept a weaker version of myself. 

Thus far I am happy with my results and all of the veggies and fruits has infused me with energy I haven’t had in years!¬†

2019 will be the year for Project Me!   


8 Simple Tips For Living A Better Life With MS (or any disease really)



8 Simple Tips For Living A Better Life With MS

My symptoms began in 2007 while I was on vacation in Florida.  Little did I know at that time that my world would change forever with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  I have experienced an array of symptoms and have found some fairly successful habits I have used to help offset the side effects of MS.  Here are some simple tips for living a better life with MS:

 Walk every day

One of the goals I have for myself is to walk every single day without exception.¬† Evelina and I have a dog and he requires being walked which guarantees I’ll be outside at some point taking a stroll.¬† For those who cannot walk I recommend standing up and sitting down or maybe doing leg and arm lifts.¬† Even if you are confined to a wheelchair, you can do some type of physical activity.

Educate yourself on nutrition

I have found that shedding fat off my body helps with symptom flare-ups and pain.¬† So I eat a lot of vegetables, very little junk food (if any) and only good types of fat.¬† I see so many people trying to fight a disease while putting horrible foods in their body.¬† Why not give your body a fighting chance?¬† ¬†Some of the common sense things to eliminate immediately: processed foods, sugar, all fast foods, fried foods, sodas and sugary drinks. One of the most common mistakes I see being made is people who think they understand nutrition who do possess the knowledge about what is and what isn’t healthy.¬† For a small fee you can hire a nutritionist to construct an eating regimen right for you and your MS symptoms and I highly recommend you not pretend to know, but rely on an expert so you truly know how to eat; sometimes this is covered by your insurance too!

Stop smoking

Simply put, smoking destroys your body.  Smoking also causes plaque to build up in the blood which sticks to the walls of arteries making them narrower; this reduces blood flow and increases the risk of developing blood clots.  Smoking also narrows the arteries, which restricts blood flow as well as causing blood pressure problems.  Lastly, smoking makes it more difficult to exercise with a body that already makes exercise challenging.

Don’t abuse alcohol

There are a couple primary reasons why I don’t drink much alcohol: 1. it affects the central nervous system which impairs my ability to balance, and 2. alcohol and MS induced depression do not mix well.¬† ¬†Maybe a glass of wine occasionally, but don’t use alcohol regularly.

Build your support team with positive people

When I was first diagnosed I followed the advice of a friend and I visited a support group.¬† It was awful and I stopped attending.¬† I know lots of people who join support groups, but I found them to be a “woe is me” group.¬† People sat around and talked about all of their problems and almost none of the time was used to discuss how to live a better life.¬† The sessions made more sad then edified.¬† None of the talking focused on exercise, eating better or developing positive life habits.¬† Since that time I have realized my success has come largely in part to the fact that I have had positive people around me.¬† People who really support me by carrying me when I need it, but also push me when I need to be pushed.¬† Remember, you might be in a true fight for your life so do you want negative or positive people around you in this type of struggle?

Find a great neurologist

This is easier said than done because “great” has many meanings to different people.¬† For me here are the attributes that make one doctor better than another.¬† A great neurologist must be a great listener who takes all of your concerns into consideration for the treatment plan.¬† He or she must also be focused on more than prescribing medications like acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, alternative medicines, spiritual edification and much more.¬† If your doctor focuses only on medication it might be time to look for a new doctor as there is so much more to treatment than just medicines.¬† If you need a new neurologist I would start my research by Googling “tips to choose a neurologist” and go from there.

Focus on total-body treatment mind/body/spirit

If you doctor is medicine-focused then you need to take upon yourself to focus on whole-body treatment for yourself.  A few practices that I can recommend are meditation, chiropractic, massage, exercise, Soduko/crossword puzzles, acupuncture and mental therapy.  If you only focus on your body, then you will end up neglecting the other areas of You that are crucial to keep healthy during your fight.

Don’t stop living life

I think this is one of the toughest recommendations for me because I struggle with living life.¬† I tend to not make plans with friends because I never know how I’m going to feel.¬† I struggle with social anxiety and get extremely worn-out by interacting with people.¬† I’m usually asleep by 9 pm so socializing can be a struggle.¬† With this said I realize it isn’t good for me nor is it fair to my wife to be confined to the house.¬† With all of this said I think it is important to get out of the house even if only to get to the park and go for a short stroll.¬† I think it is important to do things and push yourself instead of letting your body dictate to you that you will do nothing.¬† Take a trip to the movies or go for a walk or stroll at the park.¬† Visit a friend or go to the mall.¬† Getting outside is critical.

Living with any disease isn’t easy and a cure for MS might be near, but it doesn’t exist right now.¬† Because of this I believe it is essential to do everything in one’s power to develop habits that will make life a bit easier when living with Multiple Sclerosis.¬† Success is the accumulation over time of the effects of small daily habits.¬† I hope this helps in some small way.

Have a great Saturday!


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It has been a while since I have done this, but with a new year comes new posts.  If you would like me to reblog your post YOU must do 2 simple things:

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My Goal Is To Be Absolutely Deliberate In All the Small Decisions



My Goal Is To Be Absolutely Deliberate In All the Small Decisions

As many of you know I have restructured the way I eat over the last few weeks and I have really been taking my eating seriously.  I know some people say they eat healthy, but in reality they are eating fast food, drinking sodas, eating sugar, etc.   Following my procedure a couple of weeks ago I made a decision to eliminate all of the junk.  No more sugar, ever.  No more sodas, ever.  No more fried foods, ever.

I got a NutriBullet and I’ve been eating a great variety of vegetables each day, along with a spattering of fresh fruits, nuts, non-animal proteins and I am enjoying this new lifestyle.¬† The great thing is the transition has not been difficult at all and I’ve only had a couple cravings in the last couple weeks.

The one area I am struggling with is the exercise and I’ve found that the MS is restricting me more than I thought.¬† To offset this I have decided to take it easy on the exercise by walking and focusing more on my eating.¬† If I can get 10 pounds of fat off my body then I hope the exercise becomes easier.¬† Currently I weigh 182 lbs and I will start working out again when I am under 175 lbs believing that the lighter weight will prove to be easier on my hips and legs.

Ultimately I do not have a weight goal, but I do have an image goal and I have a body fat percentage goal.  I want to get as close as I can to 10% body fat and I have an image of what I might look like when I hit that goal, which keeps me inspired each day to make better decisions.  I imagine 10% will put me in the 155-160 lb range, but I could care less about weight.

In the end this type of battle is won by paying attention to the smallest of decisions and being absolutely deliberate in those small decisions.¬† I see people wishing for change, but when it comes down to winning the war they aren’t willing to win every small battle.¬† I want to win every small battle understanding that the accumulative effect will be powerful over the long haul.

For me it is a big deal to “reward” myself with something fried.¬† It is a big deal to sneak that Snickers bar.¬† It’s a big deal to eat that Big Mac.¬† It is a big deal to drink that soda.¬† And being hyper-aware of what I am putting in my body will give me the greatest chance to live the healthiest life I can live.¬† All of these small decisions I make throughout the day aim me toward my goal or they aim me away from my goal and I must make choices which aim me at my goal.¬† I choose to make better decisions every time.

I am tired of settling and compromising and rationalizing my poor decisions.¬† I am tired of making excuses for my willingness to accept “less than” health.¬† It is my opinion that too many people are quick to rationalize poor decision-making and dismiss it as not being a big deal when in fact it’s a really big deal.¬† I don’t want to be that type of person any longer.

I’ll keep you guys updated as I progress.¬† Have a great Saturday!


Extremes Can Be Wildly Entertaining, But Not Really Practical



Extremes Can Be Wildly Entertaining, But Not Really Practical

In 2010 I went on a backpack trip to the Caribbean with my buddies Clarke and Galen.  It was such an amazing experience and a trip that I will never, ever forget.  On this trip we befriended a guy named Vinny who owned a bar on Jost van Dyke.  Vinny also owned a boat and we signed up for a day-long excursion to Virgin Gorda, which by small boat is a few hours away.

Our trip there was fun and Virgin Gorda was amazing.¬† Insert camera noise now…




This is a photo take at Virgin Gorda.¬† Left to Right: Galen, myself, Vinny, Clarke and Clarke’s friend Nick (I think)

As fun as the trip TO Virgin Gorda was, the return trip was the opposite.  To get to this island from Jost you have to traverse a channel between Tortola and St. John and then Tortola and Peter Island.  For some reason on our return trip the seas got bad.  We were in a 20 foot boat which is small for the open ocean and the waters became extremely rough, probably 6-7 foot seas.  This might not sound so bad unless you are on a small boat that is struggling to keep its head above water.

We spent a couple of hours¬†battling the waves to get that little boat safely back to the dock on Jost.¬† The waves beat the bow of the boat and tossed us around like a rag doll.¬† Vinny was on the throttle working to keep the vessel steady.¬† Every second felt like an eternity.¬† When we got tied up Vinny looked at us and said “Boys we escaped death today.”¬† We all laughed and joked about it, but later that night while sitting at the bar in Corsairs (Vinny’s bar) the reality of what we lived through hit us all.¬† We actually lived through an exhilarating and scary situation.¬† It isn’t something I ever want to experience again.¬† My adrenaline was pumping.¬† My fear was elevated.¬† My senses were on high alert.

I am not built for extremes and I don’t believe living in the extremes is a healthy way to live.¬† Yes the extremes might be fun for a bit, but I have found extreme highs come with extreme lows.¬† I work to keep my mind out of the extremes and more in the middle.¬† I try not to get too excited when times are good and I don’t like to get too down when times are tough.

I developed this mindset through learning to play the game of golf.  I am currently a 2 handicap and what allows me to keep my scores down is keeping my mind calm when under pressure.  It is essential to avoid the emotional roller coaster of highs and lows in order to remain calm.

This mindset of living in the middle does not mean that life is dull and boring, but it does mean that I take things in stride.¬† My view is that you can’t spend every day on the mountain top celebrating and you shouldn’t spend too much time in the valley wallowing in misery.

Just a thought for a rainy Saturday…