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Avon 365

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Spring Break Getaway OOTD


During spring break a few weeks ago, my family decided to go on a mid-week getaway at a secluded resort in Austin, Texas. Barton Creek Resorts was beautiful, surrounded by flourishing plants. Greenery pervaded the acreage as we had a front-view of the golf course from our window. This technology-free vacation was exactly what I needed to reconnect with my family and take my mind off of worldly stress. I left that back at home. There was a cute nature trail and mini-golf course right by the outdoor pool on the cliff overlooking the large bodies of water and surrounding mansions. The sight was breathtaking. I finally had my chance to eat out for almost every meal, trying new varieties like Vietnamese Pho and Japanese California rolls.

There was a serene “tranquility room” by the spa and gym area, which was essentially where they found a cave while constructing the resort…

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Just Saying 21.04

Blog of a Mad Black Woman!

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.

Ed Cunningham (1969)

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You Won’t Believe What I Found While Cleaning My Bag

One More Shot Please!


Hello blogger friends! I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. I used a YouTube video as an excuse to clean out my bag. Don’t judge me 🙈
Is it just me or do you have a lot of trash at the bottom of your bag too? Comment below some of the most interesting things you’ve found! Subscribe and like please!

Follow me on Instagram @rafafarihah for fun updates on my life and clumsy moments you won’t want to miss.

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Feels like a Dear Diary entry

Aria-Bella Rises!

Aria-Bella Rises

I am a Guardian Angel and part of my ‘mission’ is to talk about Angels, yet if you were to look at my posts and so forth – you may be hard pressed to know that about me. Don’t get me wrong, I still, I guess bring that Angelic energy of mine to anything I write and say but it isn’t always the same.

I sometimes look to those that are known as the expert and I kinda non angelically say to myself, Hello, you want an expert (while waving my arms in the air) but how the hell is anyone to know??? Face palming at its finest.

The last couple of days, I really got to thinking why or what is lurking in the background to stop me from jumping into my full potential…

To start really delving into the topic of Angels means that I am doing part…

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Positive Quote 01.04

Blog of a Mad Black Woman!

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

Life is short, fragile and does not wait for anyone. There will never be a perfect time to pursue your dreams & goals.


Go for it!

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Screening Mammography – A Little Squeeze Goes A Long Way

Being Lydia!

breastCancerOkay, this subject might be a little uncomfortable for my male readers but it shouldn’t be. It is no different to a prostate exam. Both are a little uncomfortable but very important to keep us all healthy.

Today was my annual appointment. I was supposed to go a few weeks ago but caught a cold and I don’t go to public places when I am sick (especially medical buildings) because I just get worse thanks to my immune system. So, even though I got zero sleep last night I knew I needed to get it over with.

Hubby dropped me off and then went on to pick up our gluten free bread order for the next couple of weeks across the river. I figured I would be in and out and waiting for him, but that was not the case. God had something more in mind for me, as He…

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One year ‘Blogiversary’!

Happy Blogiversary to Jen over at Tripping Through Treacle!!

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Tripping Through Treacle

I can’t believe it, but a whole year has gone past since I first started blogging.  I initially started writing as I was (and still am!) dealing with a lot of struggles and emotions in regards to my multiple sclerosis.  I am pleased to say that blogging has not only become very cathartic for me, but it has also given me the opportunity to ‘meet’ others who also enjoy writing, some with chronic illness, and to follow fabulous bloggers with stories to tell.  Here’s to the next year!  Please find a link to my very first blog post, below, for anyone interested in having a quick read.


Jen 2

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The guys guide to female communication: what she says vs. what she means

This is Life Experiment Blog!

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In today’s age of gadget driven communication, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to social and physical cues to decipher the message. There are countless books out there which tackle this message, but sometimes its so blatantly obvious that one must chuckle at the inability to take a hint. *Guys, ladies hint… A LOT!

As my significant other has sucked me into the world of youtube, I have witnessed some absolutely cringe-worthy tutorials on what women want. (Usually by young men who have not had the life experience required to even take a guess)

So, I figured we’d have some fun and I would write my own little list of  what she says (does) vs. what she means. I hope you either have a good giggle, or maybe get that codex in your head once and for all 😉

*When you ask what she wants for dinner, what…

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