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Sunday is here, and the reality that the weekend is over is somewhat sad. However, it’s not all that bad. Last Friday I wrote about how the end of the business week is exciting as its a chance to reflect and be thankful. Well tonight I thought I’d check in to see how everyone’s weekend […]

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Sexual Harassment – who’s got the power?!

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Just over two month ago the news broke that Harvey Weinstein is accused of sexually assaulting a number of women, leading to many celebrities and role models to speak out. The media and many influences started to praise the bravery of those who have come forward.

It didn’t stop with Harvey.

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These Women Have Pushed the Glass Ceiling of U.S. Politics

When Women Inspire

In her concession speech almost a year ago today, Hillary Clinton said, “I know that we still have not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling. But someday someone will.” The glass ceiling refers to that upper limit in organizations that remains elusive or difficult for women to reach. While I think we are still bumping our heads on the ceiling, these women in politics have taken it a bit further than it once was.

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It’s Going Down The Toilet!

This is The Courage To Shift!!



Although it was a vicious cycle for many years, I’ve finally learned to stop making financial decisions based on emotions, which only represented heartache down the line for me regardless of how earth shattering it felt in the moment. As I carefully weighed the pro’s and cons of the options considered for what to do with my refund (spend it all on a birthday gift for me, get a new garage door which I will need in the near future, spend it all on a birthday gift for me, get two new water efficient toilets for the home which will help save on the water bill and bring more value to my home long-term, spend it all on a birthday gift for me, make an extra payment on the mortgage to help pay my home off faster which speeds up the time frame of all other goals, or spend…

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Where are You Going? Here’s to Strong Women

This is Second Wind Leisure Perspectives!!

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

With all the turmoil and sickness plaguing us these last few weeks, I want to take a moment to celebrate my daughters’ January birthdays.

If we were having coffee today, I would invite you in for a hot beverage of your choice (coffee’s ready!) and perhaps some virtual birthday cake.

Today is my oldest daughter’s 32nd birthday. My younger daughter turned 29 on the 21st. They spent many of their childhood and teen birthdays with just me, when I was a single mom raising them with little financial help.

There is something about our children’s birthdays that incites reflection.

Two years ago I wrote a reflective piece when my oldest turned 30, a milestone birthday for the both of us. Here is that post, Where are You Going, My Little Ones.

Through the grace of God, some luck and sheer grit, I raised these incredible women to be strong and…

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Emotion Is Such A Powerful Tool


Anyone who says life is too difficult is as mistaken as the person who says life is easy.  I’ve never found extremes to be beneficial for too long.  I try to maintain myself in the middle; never get too upset, but not afraid to display emotion.  It’s not always easy to maintain perspective nor is it easy to live in the middle-ground and also stay inspired and motivated.

This is my goal-to live in the middle of emotionless and emotional overload while still keeping alive my passion and vision.  Emotion is such a powerful tool, but used incorrectly it becomes the Achilles’ heel.

Preshana’s Chocolate Ganache Truffles




200 ml fresh cream
200g good quality chocolate
Toasted nuts, dessicated coconut

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Who is Jill Abramson?? – Single Girls Rock

For those of you who aren’t aware (which up until two days ago included me), Jill Abramson was the first female Executive Editor for the New York Times (NYT). Her career started with the monolith as managing editor, a position … Read More

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