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– I hate to see you hurting, Love…

Vohne’s jaw clenched as he moved a bit closer. He desperately tried to reassure her, but every movement caused tremendous pain he could barely hide.

-As long as I’m in pain, I’m alive!

He was right. She couldn’t argue with the obvious… Cibelle kept stroking the blade on the leather strap. When the sun would rise again, she would have to take his place and provide for both of them.

She had never killed before. She had almost gotten herself killed. And Vohne had almost lost his life because of her, but she had never taken a life, and it made her nervous.

She was a child of the forest… And couldn’t fathom the thought of killing to stay alive. But she had fed Vohne everything they had left. And the ice on the lake was still too thick to even hope…

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Sweet Potato and Cranberry Hash | Sweet Sugar & Spice

Sweet Potato and Cranberry Hash 3 sweet potatoes, about 2 lb. total 3 Tbps. non-dairy butter such as Smart Balance (can be found easily at most stores.) 1 Fuji apple, peeled, cored and cut into 1/2-inch cubes 1/2 C. sliced green onion 1 C. cranberries, Sweet Potato and Cranberry Hash

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Happy 68th Birthday Tina Chow


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Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the 68th birthday of the the model/designer/style icon Tina Chow. Her mixing of high and low fashion, minimalism, and androgynous styles was one of the first examples of an influence that is still felt…



Morningdew makes flowers and butterflies even more beautiful.

I love the tiny droplets, do you?

Did you ever get up earlier to go out and admire the beautiful morning dew or take photos early in the morning?

Tell about it in the comments.

Have a wonderful day,


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Ray OF LIGHT 144


Everything in life comes to us to serve us in specific ways once it’s job is done it leaves & we have to let go of that old paradigm in order to move on ourselves. When we have re-gained our autonomy we no longer need to be served, we then get to serve life.

What is life calling in you?

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Daily Post/Crank



I’m still in shock that I’m finally at the end of my first book writing experience. I’ve been at this for almost 1.5 years and while I’m literally flipping cartwheels in my mind about the fact that I’ll be a published author later this year, the stress of writing while working two jobs, blogging, dating, and responding to life appropriately as it happens is totally overwhelming! My deadline is tomorrow, Tues April 16th! OMG! I have the meat of a second book in mind, but I will need at least a year of recovery before I start! As we speak, I’m trying to crank out at least 50 additional pages before I reach the point of exhaustion this evening, which could be anytime between 5 and 7pm! Editing will start April 24th and I will share more as I travel through the process! I haven’t decided which photo I will use…

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Popcan Dave

Whispers From The Holler

It’s funny how some memories are more prevalent than others. In my case the most prevalent memories are the ones that had the most impact on my life in one way or another, like a death in the family or 9/11.

Other memories are faded with time, kinda like looking through a sheer curtain, you can make out shapes and forms but it’s difficult to determine details.

Then there are those remaining memories that are clear that neither made a real impact nor have they faded. Like looking through old pictures or watching one of those old film reels that didn’t have any sound. My memories of Popcan Dave are of this sort.

Back in the 70’s I was just a young pup. I turned five in 1970 so I was just gettin’ started with my adventurous childhood. I wasn’t really allowed out of the yard for a couple more…

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