Sometimes You Gotta Put Your Head Down and Work Hard(er)


I am a hard worker.  By this I mean that I develop a plan, analyze my progress, challenge myself daily and put the time in; basically I show up every day to succeed.  I know not everyone does this because I watch people’s actions.

Living in the world of sales and marketing affords me the opportunity to watch a lot of business people and compare and contrast.  Living in the world of sales also allows me to watch other sales people and compare and contrast what I do against what they do.  I have learned that if you aren’t doing it, then one of your competitors is doing it; so get busy!

Image result for how many everest attempt have been made

I see a lot of mediocre habits.  I watch people go through the motions every day.  I hear people talk as if they want to be the best, but then watch their actions say otherwise.

Hard work.

I’m not so sure people these days want to work hard.  I’m not sure people in our age understand what working diligently means.  I am convinced that people have tricked themselves into believing they are doing their best when in fact they are operating at 60%.

The vast majority are coasting; flying under the radar.  They live in a world below the top 10%, but above the bottom dwelling 10%.  Flying under the radar isn’t a compliment. It means you put effort into not being noticed; going undetected.  Those living in the world of the 80% do so because they are comfortable there.  The expectations are lower when you live in the middle.

The funny thing is those who live in the top 10% never think about it because they are too busy working.  And most times those who think they are a top producer are not and make excuses.   Those who say “I’m an asset to the company” or “they couldn’t run this place without me” are the ones who have tricked themselves into believing they are a top producer when in fact they are not.

They are living in the realm of “good enough”.  I’m not sure what “good enough” is, but it isn’t okay with me.

The real question is where do you stand?  Have you tricked yourself into believing you are functioning optimally when in fact you are coasting at about 60% efficiency?

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The Courage To Shift!



I’ve never been interested in climbing the Corporate Ladder. It’s not that I’m unmotivated, fraternizing with the enemy has never appealed to me.  I dislike the image of trying to pry the grunge from my soul at the end of each day, only for it to resurface on next. For me personally, the amount of money received is not always worth the emotional investment. Don’t misunderstand, I know management is often forced to make decisions they might not necessarily agree with, and often have no choice but to be the conductor of bad news. The longer I live, the more I value the presence of peace in my life and as such my decisions are shaped with that goal in mind.


There is, however, a thrill associated with climbing my own personal ladder! I’d been marinating in the same position for a while, afraid of the unknown and the…

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Today’s Featured Blog is…Janice Davis!!

Janice Davis!!


Years ago when I started the office career I envisioned myself a proud owner of a Gucci suit and stilettos that screamed “I’m in charge!” That was when I was 21.  I was making it in the business world and thought my seriousness of any business matter would rank me among the many to get promoted or even to make a better salary. I never made enough for the Gucci suit and could only afford new stilettos if I worked overtime. I was passed over for promotions but not because of my abilities.( We are passed over for promotions for other reasons that have nothing to do with merit). My dream was crushed and I decided to be who I was. The funny, yet serious when needed, Janice.

I love business concepts, ideas, and creating businesses. Sounds completely boring to some, but for whatever reason I’m hooked on the problem…

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Daily Dose of Goodness – 4/7 – Success

Flying Through Water!

Flying Through Water


Well…this is chock-full of goodness today. Grab a tissue.

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No Whining Wednesdays

Pearls Before Swine!

Pearls Before Swine

Welcome to Day One of No Whining Wednesdays! A new segment of The PBS Blog.

The No Whining Wednesday Badge The No Whining Wednesday Badge

What is NWW?

No Whining Wednesdays is something coined by Iyanla Vanzant that I decided to adopt into this blog. It means that for the entire day today you CANNOT do the following:

– Whine
– Complain
– Criticize

Here are some definitions:

To Whine – give or make a long, high-pitched complaining cry or sound; to grumble, murmur or complain in a feeble way.

To Complain – express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event; state that one is suffering from; state of grievance.

To Criticize – indicate the faults of (someone or something) in a disapproving way; to condemn, attack, discourage.

OK, now that we all know what whining, complaining, and criticizing is, there is only one rule: DON’T DO ANY OF THIS…

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All Is Not Lost…

Kingdom Living!!

Kingdom Living

It is seriously easy to be taken away by the busyness of life. For instance, this morning for me was pretty much a carry over from yesterday. I worked late. I brought work home with me (something I have been trying not to do), and I awakened early this morning to complete what I had started yesterday. My plan was to not go into the office today, but to spend some time with the family. Needless to say, I am typing this from my office as I have just finished the work which began on yesterday.

What am I trying to say? This happens to the best of us. It does not matter how much effort we put into not doing some things, there will be those times wherein our efforts will be in vain. What is most important is that we do not sit back and wallow in pity…

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No Security Without Trust.

Horse Addict!


This weeks Word Press Photo Challenge is the word  “Security”. How does that relate to riding a horse?  How “secure” do you feel on a horse?  Can you be secure if you do not trust the horse? Let’s face it, riding horses is dangerous.  People can die riding a horse. Well,to be precise they usually die or are injured when they come off the horse.  It can happen even to the best of riders.

Horses are prey animals. They have survived the millennia by being aware of potential dangers and being ready to flee in a heartbeat.  In my experience there are two types of horses. There are horses that perceive a danger and decide they must flee, immediately, and they must get rid of that person on top of them to do so. The rider is seen as an added danger.

The other type of horse is the one…

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Today’s Featured Reblog is…BRAINY VERSATILITY!

Today’s Featured Reblog is Brainy Versatility!

Brainy Versatility




What that means is that I am going to RE-BLOG the latest Post of any of my Subscribers on WordPress and Other Social Media Sites. This is also a way to interact with one another to expand and grow. Let’s learn from one another to succeed as bloggers and on. Multiple Heads are better than one.  There will be a lot of RE-BLOGGINGto pass around so you guys can get some more exposure to your site.

Everyone will get a chance for their Post to beRE-BLOG eventually. EVERYONE WANTS MORE EXPOSURE NO MATTER HOW BIG YOUR SITE IS ALREADY! THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FROM IMPROVEMENT. Anyone can help you get that extra exposure either the upcoming bloggers or established blogger. It is a way to get the audience of a particular group…

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I Hope For a Greater Later (Daily Word Prompt is Later)

My Loud Bipolar Whispers.

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

What is later?

Later is not right now.

Later is the future.

Later is a dream,

a dream of hope,

a hope that I will wake up in the morning

a hope I will be healthy and happy,

a hope that I will have a good life,

a hope that my children will be safe, healthy and happy,

a hope I will make a difference in people’s lives,

a hope that I have a purpose,

a hope that I matter,

 a hope that someone loves me,

a hope that I will always be a good person,

a hope that I will have a later

a hope that I will be here tomorrow.

I hope for a



Do not be a



I hope for a



Later is a dream,

a dream of hope

for a better now.

We do not know if we have a later

 so we need to enjoy now.

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