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The Danger of “Friday” Mentality (and Why It Robs You of Time)


One of the things I have noticed working for a large company is that many of the employees-present company included-live for Friday.  It is as if each employee has a built-in timer which informs each one exactly how many minutes remain until Wednesday…then Thursday….and finally FRIDAY!

I am aware of  the dangers of “Friday” mentality and why it robs you of time so I am careful to not allow this mentality to consume me and I’ll tell you why.  I have learned that living life looking forward robs you of years of your life and this fact reveals itself when I look back on my retail career.  In retail it was a season-to-season approach; we were always preparing for back-to-school, then Black Friday, then Christmas, then inventory, then springtime, then back-to-school, etc.  The cycle was never-ending and before anyone could realize 3 years of life had passed by and we all stood in shock.

You see when you spend your days focused on some point in the future you fail to appreciate each day.  You miss out on how blue the sky is each day.  You miss out on how beautiful chirping birds can be.  You miss out on your mate talking too much.  You miss the sunsets and sunrises.  The fact is you simply miss…everything.

Here is my plea: stop living for tomorrow and begin taking a few individual moments each day and pause.  Take a look around you, take a deep breath, exhale, open your eyes and see the world.  Time will pass on its own and it will naturally feel as if it passes too quickly.  Be cognizant to fight the passing of time at every turn by paying attention to the “right now” moments.

Just a thought for a Friday.

How to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship Vibrant



My mind was inspired yesterday by a post I read on A New Perspective Perhaps.  Sometimes I get overly focused on the goals I want to achieve.  What I mean is that I get so focused on the goal that I forget about the reasons behind the goal. One of the reasons behind everything I do is my wife, Evelina.  Too often, I am networking on WordPress or making a video or speaking at an engagement or volunteering or generally developing the Dream Big brand.

And my work takes away from my relationship with my wife.  This is not a good thing and many of us do it.

Life balance is not easy for me and never has been.  I am very type A and become very single-minded, zeroing in on one particular task and zoning out.  Have you ever done this or been guilty?

My thought today has been about how many of us commit ourselves to our profession or occupation and neglect our families. I am guessing this attitude contributes to the 50% divorce rate in the U.S.  Many of my friends that I’ve asked about their divorce say the same thing: “We just grew apart.”  My guy friends that are honest usually site working too much or never being home due to business as a contributor to their failed relationship.

Any successful relationship takes a tremendous amount of work.  I am not an easy person to be around so my wife has to work overtime!  All jokes aside, relationships will die if not nurtured and cared for and that is where we most often fail.



To combat my inability to multitask Evelina and I have decided that we are going to our local park and walk every day.  It is a great way for us to spend time together, get out in the fresh air and exercise a bit.  Mostly though it is great to get out and hold hands and walk together.  We talk, laugh, wonder, reminisce, anticipate, love.  And it is nice.

My challenge for you is to take a few moments and think of something you can do today to surprise your significant other. Maybe flowers, a hand-written letter or note, a visit to the park, a surprise date or maybe all of the above!

Love those in your life and appreciate having them.  Tomorrow could see things change.

Just a thought for a Saturday morning…

10 Great Places to Donate Your Time

IMG_7127I will keep “preaching” the good news of volunteering until the day I take my last breathe.  I hope one person takes up the challenge and goes out into this world and makes a difference in another’s life.  If so, every second of work was worth doing.  You can change someone’s world if you try:


Biting off more than you can chew…

Getting ahead sometimes requires us to bite off a little more than we think we can handle. Maybe going back to school while working. Or taking on another part-time job. “Whatever the it takes” should be your mantra!