It Is Important To Take Stock In How One Acts

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I believe it is important to take stock in how one acts.  It is easy to continue on as you have always done, oblivious to how it impacts those around you.  Some will even justify their actions with statements like “that’s just the way I am”.

For me, that is not good enough and I expect more of myself than that.

The wise person doesn’t continue on as they always have.  The wise person evaluates their actions and changes when they realize they need to change.

Danny’s World: It’s So Peaceful Early In the Morning

I like getting up early because most people are still asleep and the world is so quiet and peaceful.  It gives me a few moments to appreciate the beauty of the world and think about life.

To add or not to add?

Getting Fit For Forty!

Getting Fit For Forty

If you had taken the time to read my last post you will have seen that I had decided to attempt to write a “Bucket List”. This is something I haven’t done before and also when considering what to include in it, I realised I wasn’t sure even how to get started.

I mean, writing a “Bucket List” is a personal list of things to achieve before you die. A list of things that are seemingly unachievable during your daily routine but are things you aim to have achieved should you be given the opportunity. This therefore should be fairly straight forward right? Then why am i struggling to come up with some of them?

I believe the majority of people who take the time to read this post will have agreed with my last statement and will naturally be sat there thinking, yeah so what…Why cant you get…

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Be open-minded

Do not limit your experiences by limiting your thinking. Open your mind, open your world!


Maybe I’m particularly open-minded when it comes to my circle of friends… I have gay friends, lesbian friends, black friends, Indian friends, colored friends, rich friends, poor friends, you name it!!! But it goes beyond “not seeing in color”, I see my friends for what they are, but I ‘accept them for who they are’, and whatever other clichés you wanna chuck in there…

How can you not be that open-minded though?! Like, older generation I understand, but as a young South African, how can you admittedly say you only want to interact with about 2% of the population?! How boring!! Stop mingling with people who think the same as you, study the same thing, come from the same wealth-class, from the same culture… Open your eyes, open your mind, and you’ll realize you can learn a shitload from “different” people.

Further than interacting how do you ever expect to…

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New 7 Wonders Of The World

7 new wonders of the world…

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On 11th November 2011 in 11 hours and 11 minutes the New 7 Wonders that are admired around the world were announced by the Foundation “New7Wonders” as an act of preserving heritage and stop the destruction of nature.

  1. Amazon rainforest, South American countries

2. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

3. Iguazu Waterfalls, Argentina, Brazil

4. Jeju Island, South Korea

5. Komodo National Park, Indonesia

6. Puerto Princesa Underground River, Philippines

7. Table Mountain, South Africa

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I Respect Everyone’s Views and Opinion

Have an opinion but fight being opinionated…

Thoughts and Views

I respect everyone’s views and opinion. There are so many people who are rude, they like to tell others what views or opinion matters but in a disrespectful way. Where are the manners? We write for a reason, to spread the word that comes into our minds at a split of a second. The views are different among the people in all types of society and culture. It is our responsibility to program into our minds that people have feelings. Let’s make society a better living place with less attitude and more respect for others.

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Are you okay?

Introducing A World of Freedom Filled With Oppression!


This is a bit different from what I’ve written previously, but in my first blog I said I would be writing about anything and everything I felt like!

So look, I know it’s a day late posting about this topic, R U OK day, but in order to commemorate the day I’ve written a little something.
Also, in America and in other countries I’m still on time!! (Although it’s a day generally recognised in Australia, but that’s besides the point).

R U okay day was created so we can all be connected and prevent suicide.

There is a high prevalence of depression, bipolar disease, mood changes, anxiety and panic attacks that can result in suicide. Although not many people will talk about it.
If you are going through any of these issues, you are not alone.
It’s time that the facts were known.

A few facts:

Did you know: According to…

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Give a Little Time

Get out of your corner of the world and help change another’s world. Seemingly small acts can change the life of someone in need!

Pale and Pink

I had the opportunity to go volunteer at St. Mary’s Food Bank with the Midwestern University Medical School class of 2018’s Psychiatry Club. I love being able to give back and what a cool group to do it with!







Giving back is such an important piece to life and personal fulfillment. I have been fortunate to have met some incredible people and so many times they have been willing to help me and Caleb, support us, cheer us on and pick us up or lend a listening ear when we have struggled. I feel very blessed by the people who I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with. Sometimes people don’t think they can give back because they don’t have enough money or connections to make a big dent in causes, but the reality is that time is the most precious thing that you can give.

We don’t have to be Mark…

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I love the imagery of the ripples caused on the water from throwing pebbles. If you cannot throw a boulder, simply throw one pebble. Awesome stuff!

Seedlings for the Spirit

Seedling:  “One act of mercy is a perpetual act.”  ~Maximilian Kolbe

Imagine the ripples caused by throwing a stone into water.  This is a familiar concept for us – that our good deeds cause a ripple effect of good.  But imagine ripples that never end – that are “perpetual” – never ceasing and far reaching.

Anthony DeMello says, ” In every word I say, each action I perform, God intervenes in human history.”  Could we dare to believe that?  If we did, oh how that would change what we say and do.

We want boulder sized ripples – but most of us can’t toss boulders.   Instead of being content to toss the stones we can have, we give up.  Mother Teresa said “If you can’t feed one hundred, feed just one.”  Toss your boulder, if you can – otherwise, toss your stones.  Because  “One act of mercy”,  whatever the…

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Make the most of the influence you have

This is a great perspective on the influence each of us has day-to-day!

Becoming Healthy

Since we are either just arrived or nearly arrived home after a long weekend away I thought I would schedule this blog and share with you a great blog post from Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist.  Apologies to those of you who get both blogs….. then again maybe not as this is a message that we need reminding of everyday.

Influence. You Already Have It.

Posted: 25 Aug 2015 by Becoming Minimalist 


“You don’t have to be a ‘person of influence’ to be influential. In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they’ve taught me.” —Scott Adams

Our lives matter. This is indeed life-giving news to each of us.

We all want to live lives of significance—lives that make a difference in the world around us. We were designed to live for something greater than ourselves. And each of us were born with an ingrained…

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