When Did I Become the Old Guy?


When Did I Become the Old Guy?

There is the funny thing that I have noticed in my life lately: youngsters are calling me “sir”.  Now some might be shocked that I have been around young people who have manners, but that isn’t my point.  I can’t believe I’ve gotten to a place where I’m not viewed as being young by someone who is young.

You see, in my mind I still view myself as an energetic 28-year-old.  Barring a few aches and pains I see myself as being instantly ready for full-court basketball.  Or possibly a wrestling match.  Or even 54 holes of golf.  I’m ready to conquer the world.  Jump in a car at any moment for a last-minute road trip.

And then my mental self-image is crushed with a “Thank you sir.”  or “Sir, would you like XXX.”

And it is at that moment that my mind begins to compare and it is in that moment that the comparison falls woefully short.  I am no longer 28 years old.  I can no longer play 54 holes of golf in one day.  I cannot play full-court basketball.  And I’m okay with that.  I’ve adjusted over the years to my life and I have peace with my life and where it is headed.

I guess it is a little difficult to admit that I am no longer young and cannot do the things I did in my youth.  I don’t have a problem with not being young so why does it sting a little to be called “sir”?

“It takes a long time to become young.”  Pablo Picasso

Education: Need for Critical Thinking

The author supports the need for critical thinking with statistics that I find alarming. I am going to do some fact checking, but they pass my eye test, meaning they seem reasonable in light of today’s youth that struggle to make change if the computer fails. Critical thinking is essential in helping to form opinions.

When They Were Still Little…

Here is a great post about motherhood and watching the little one’s grow. A New Perspective Perhaps provides a great Perspective! lol


The dog gave them away late last night. I heard the distant sound of giggling outside my door and I wondered what in the world they could possibly be up to. They were excited, silly and running around happily at the news of school being canceled because of the impending weather. Just like that, in that moment, I was taken back.

It seems like just yesterday that I was a robot moving through the hours of my day. My life had become diaper changes, feedings, sleepless nights. Bath time, play time, Barney, Sesame Street, Teletubbies, rewind, repeat. My house became a place of tantrums, and learning to write ABCs and colored bath fizzies to make bath time last just a couple minutes longer. My house was becoming smaller with Johnny jumpers, strollers, high chairs, books, toys, barbies, trains, my little ponies, webkins. The more it filled up, the smaller I…

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